Why Mobile Retargeting Is Worth Investing In?

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2 years ago

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and more and more people have stopped buying from stationery stores because they can do it online in a faster way. However, not everyone is able to make purchasing decisions so quickly, and often when checking something out, they get distracted and leave it for later. Or they don’t trust a particular brand and want to dig deeper to find others. For this reason, it is a good idea to remind people about yourself and your product and to build brand recognition. But how can this be done? The best way is through mobile retargeting!

What is mobile retargeting?

When approaching the concept of mobile retargeting, firstly, we need to learn what the term retargeting even is. By definition, we can say that retargeting is a way to re-approach a customer of our store and remind him of our offer. This can apply to people who have already bought our product, and we want them to consider further purchases, or to people who have only visited our site without ordering anything. Mobile retargeting refers to people who are users of mobile devices and it deals with advertising in the mobile environment in general. Retargeting on desktop and mobile devices works similarly but with subtle differences when using mobile apps. 

How does retargeting work on mobile?

We can say that there are two ecosystems in mobile retargeting – by browser and by apps. In the case of a website, it works the same way as on a computer. The simplified scheme is as follows:

  1. User visits a client site on a mobile device in a browser 
  2. When entering the site, he leaves behind a trail of cookies
  3. The stored cookies track his movement around the Internet, thus providing information about his current searches/needs
  4. When the user visits servers where ads are published, the cookies are identified and personalized ads are shown based on them 

In the case of apps, there is no such thing as cookie identification. Data reading and tracking is done with an individual advertising ID, which varies depending on the operating system. So it will be different for Android and different for iOS.

Pros of using mobile retargeting

Nowadays, most young people use their phones and mobile devices on a daily basis, making it a great opportunity to collect data about their needs and shopping preferences. Using mobile retargeting, we have the opportunity to reach a large number of people who have a high potential to convert from browsing products to buying them. This is because we are reaching people who have already taken an interest in our website or app for some reason. Of course, there is no single rule as to why these people did not purchase our product or service, so there is no certainty that retargeting will end in a conversion. However, without a doubt, it offers tremendous potential for understanding consumer needs and building brand image – which is often just as important as the sale itself. 

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