WMS Systems

WMS is an essential part of any warehouse and distribution centre. It controls, manages and monitors all the major functions of a warehouse. It is a different software application that might be complicated in usage but is vital for any center’s business. WMS serves as a warehouse control centre that connects everything in the warehouse. It is the main measurement tool for improving and optimizing warehouse services. It collects, manages and processes data about all the products in the warehouse, lists orders of products and notifies the availability of inventory. WMS monitors the productivity of the warehouse staff and equipment and displays statistics for efficient decision-making. WMS is different from ERP systems because it keeps track of the warehouse’s current inventory. ERP, on the other hand, manages inventory according to the business plan. WMS also offers the capacity to compare actual sales and inventory levels at all times. A WMS is a warehouse management system developed to support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management. These systems are usually delivered with different modules and cover a variety of functions, such as:

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