Top Trends Of E-Commerce Website Design That’ll Help Generate Leads

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2 years ago

As the use of eCommerce platforms is increasing, customers have started to expect more from online business owners in regard to website design and current user patterns. According to reports, there are more than 26 million eCommerce websites around the globe, with a few new websites adding to the count every day.

To thrive in this highly competitive era, it is critical that you make efforts to grab the customers’ attention and generate potential leads. One way to do so is by improving the website design.

Your website’s design is one of the key factors that’ll help customers make purchase decisions. If they do not like the layout and design of the site, they are likely to shift to your competitor. Obviously, you don’t want that. Therefore, you should learn about the top trends in eCommerce website design and implement them on your own site.

Make Shopping Interactive Using Animation And Motion Picture

One of the few things that a customer notices when they visit a shopping website is how interactive or engaging the layout is. Adding pictures, animations, or even GIFs makes the brand interactions with customers innovative. They help grab the user’s attention and provide useful information related to the brand and product.

In simple terms, to improve a website’s curb appeal, especially the home and product pages, you must use different animations, videos, or micro-interactive elements. In fact, it will also help you add a custom touch to the site and revive it.

Embrace HTTPS Encryption

Malware is one of the most common cybersecurity threats that businesses worldwide face. It poses a great risk to company and customer privacy as attackers can collect different types of data and contact details from the site. Therefore, it is important that you use HyperText Transfer Protocol or HTTPS encryption for your eCommerce site.

HTTPS ensures that all the information shared from your web server is done with strong encryption, restricting third-party from accessing the data. HTTPS is particularly critical for online retail stores and shopping platforms as they contain log-in information and other sensitive data.

Engaging UX Design

Another trend of eCommerce web design this year is quality user experience (UX) design. It basically involves the design of the entire site, ranging from branding, usability, and functioning of the site for users. In fact, when you are looking for a designer for eCommerce website, you should scroll through their website to learn more about their services and understand their UX. Some websites also provide the option of custom design to help you outshine competitors.

It will help bring attention to your strengths and increase the chances of turning visitors into potential customers. Some of the features that you must include in your website for excellent UX include fast loading time, high-quality images that load quickly, powerful search functions, and a strong, secure, and reliable payment system. So, discuss the same with your website designer.

Smart AI And Chatbots

Apart from improving the user experience, you must also look for ways to reach out to them and help them make the right decision. In simple terms, you must provide them with a personalized shopping experience with the help of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI).

Stating the obvious, the use of AI and chatbots is also increasing with the advancement in technology. It helps customers make better purchasing decisions, get relevant answers to their queries, get discount codes, and much more.

Interactive Product Visual

When you are operating an online retail business, the product images displayed can help make or break the game. High-quality images are likely to attract customers and influence them to make the purchase. In this technologically advanced world, many eCommerce websites also use 3D imaging, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to make visuals more interactive.

It helps better understand the promoted products and leads to better leads and repetitive customers.

Catchy Typography

Last but not least, it is important that your website provides accurate information in a crisp manner. What type of typography do you use while utilizing how much space plays a critical role here. The latest typography or design trend is using bold and bright colors for an eye-catching website. It helps in creating a positive experience for the customers and also conveys the brand’s message. But at the same time, there should be adequate spacing so that the design sticks with an aesthetic.

To Sum It All Up

These are a few eCommerce website design trends that you should consider working on. It will help improve the overall customer experience. And when a mere visitor engages with the site, it is likely to become a profitable lead.

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