Top Features to Look for in an Ideal Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Top Features to Look for in an Ideal Ecommerce Payment Gateway
3 years ago

In order to run a successful online business, business owners must understand and master the payment gateway. The payment gateway is one of the most important parts of online sales since it facilitates all currency transactions that take place on your e-commerce website.

What is the payment gateway exactly?

A payment gateway is the service software that enables transactions that are made using credit and debit cards, digital wallets, UPI, and other similar methods. It is primarily responsible for the transmission of transaction information to receiving banks and the receipt of answers from issuing banks.

Due to the abundance of payment gateway alternatives available on the market, it may be difficult to select the most appropriate one. In order to select the most suitable payment gateway, you need to conduct some preliminary research and examine several factors that are important to your company’s requirements.

Choosing the Best Ecommerce Payment Gateway

In this post, we will discuss some of the most significant factors to consider when selecting a payment partner.

Pricing and Fees

If your company model is particularly price sensitive, it is critical that you understand the pricing structure of your payment processor. Most Fintech firms fall into this category, and even a minor change in pricing may have a significant impact on their revenues, and sometimes, even cause them to lose money. That is why prices can be volatile. So, it is important to look for a payment gateway company that has a straightforward price plan so that there are no surprises later on.

Simple Integration Process

Ecommerce stores are always linked to a financial procedure that accepts payments through a variety of different methods. As a result, it is critical that your company’s website has payment processing capabilities. In such instances, a payment provider that directs your consumers to a 3rd-party website where they may enter their credit card information is the best choice. In addition, after the transaction is done, the service provider redirects your buyer back to your online store.

Payment Method Variety

As the globe has increasingly moved away from cash-based payment methods, retailers must provide consumers with a variety of payment choices such as digital wallets, different money transfer integrations besides wire transfers or banks. Limited payment alternatives might cause clients to abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process, resulting in a loss of revenue for the firm.

Payment Gateway with Multi-Currency Acceptance

Because we live in a world where trade is freely conducted on a global scale, it is extremely probable that a payment gateway with multi-currency acceptance will be picked above others. As e-commerce enterprises may be forced to settle overseas transactions in their home currency, multi-currency capability is an essential consideration when selecting a payment processor.

Payment Optimization Options

Online users want rapid, convenient, and secure services that are increasingly suited to their requirements and preferences. Payment service providers play an important part in this context. A successful payment system may aid in the optimization of income and the delight of customers. Ecommerce businesses that are successful collaborate with payment processors to ensure that the checkout experience for both guest shoppers and account holders is as seamless as possible. When dealing with heavy traffic, accepting money from a variety of sources, managing downtimes across various payment channels, chargebacks and fraud detection are just a few of the challenges that payment providers need to tackle if they aim to maximize their merchants’ earnings (here is how you can optimize revenue on online payments)

Processing Speed

Aside from the fact that you’re selling things or services online, there are other considerations, such as the processing time. In addition, the speed with which money transfers from your customer’s bank account to yours occurs is critical. The same is true at the customer’s end. As a result, by selecting the payment gateway, you can ensure that your clients do not have payment issues during the process.

Success Rate of Gateway

One reason why businesses have been selective in their selection of a payment gateway is because of user dropouts and unsuccessful transactions. For every company owner, the success of a transaction, as well as the ease with which they may complete it, are the two most important considerations. They should select a payment gateway that provides simple administration choices for payments, such as payouts, refunds, and disbursements, and that is straightforward to use.

Security Measures

It’s critical to secure your customers’ safety and security when they make purchases online. Most fraud occurs when your consumers attempt to make payments online.

Are they PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, and if so, to what extent? This guarantees that payment information is held and safeguarded by third parties independently.

Is 3D Secure used by them? If yes, then, to allow the transaction, the customer must provide a onetime code.

Besides, what kind of fraud protection and detection tools do they have?

Customer Experience

Ensuring that customers have a smooth payment experience is extremely crucial. Because of the inability to process payments quickly, the entire shopping experience might be spoiled, which can have a direct influence on sales by pushing people away from your site. It is quite probable that customers will leave their carts if they are not confident in your payment options or if the checkout is suspicious.

The Bottom Line

The payment process is so crucial to your company’s operations that you can’t afford to take a hit-and-miss approach to managing it. When deciding on the ideal payment gateway for your online store, remember your company’s requirements, your customers’ requirements, and critical security requirements.

Following a thorough procedure to limit down your selections can assist you in identifying the greatest one that is currently accessible to you. However, be assured that it is worthwhile to go the additional mile in order to discover the correct payment partner, since making the wrong decision will not only cost you money, but it will also cost you clients as well.

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