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The 5 Greatest iPad Apps For Taking Notes

Not your default, built-in, notepad app.

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Humans born in the digital age have got a lot, and I mean, a lot of thoughts literally running through their heads 24/7, almost guaranteed during their sleep too. Most people are also familiar with the need to work creatively, be it professionally or as a hobby, they constantly come up with ideas on the fly while doing pretty unrelated stuff.

In the past, you’ll carry with you a stuffy agenda with a pen and start writing down whatever came to mind. Thanks to technology, you’ll only need an Ipad and your fingers. Granted, the built-in notes app has the basic features you need. But it is not even remotely the best thing you could be using to store your potentially million dollars ideas, these are. Check the best note-taking apps for IPad.

#1 Notes4Me

Who suggested this product?
The Notes4Me was recommended by Diane Hamilton from Binary Formations. You can find out more about Diane Hamilton here or read their product recommendation below.

We’ve gotten really good feedback on our note taking app Notes4Me. It’s designed for short, quick notes to yourself. It’s available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac and syncs using iCloud.

#2 Bear

Who suggested this product?
The Bear was recommended by Dary Merckens from Gunner Technology. You can find out more about Dary Merckens here or read their product recommendation below.

The reason I love it is because it’s simple and elegant. It’s also got a tremendous array of organizational functions. It’s really a joy to use.

#3 Heuro

Who suggested this product?
The Heuro was recommended by Akshay Bansal from Heuro. You can find out more about Akshay Bansal here or read their product recommendation below.

We have all sorts of notes app, from very well designed app like bear to utilities note app like Evernote, But note is the interdependent utility of other activities, right now we have to switch the app to create notes which is very anti cognitive and can Detroit the quality of your instant ideas, And for this reason I want tot suggest an app Heuro, which is a super app and have the one click sticky note feature, which you can drag and drop with the iPad and make note while you consume the information.

#4 Evernote

Who suggested this product?
The Evernote was recommended by Jennifer Harder from Jennifer Harder Mortgage Brokers. You can find out more about Jennifer Harder here or read their product recommendation below.

Evernote is an absolute must. There is a free version and then a premium paid upgrade depending on your needs. Not only can you keep your notes, but you can scan documents, make to-do lists, add graphics or pdfs and everything can be organized in albums and with tags for easy searchability.

You can also connect it to your email, and share or collaborate your notes with coworkers or your spouse. It syncs across multiple devices as well so you’re never without something important. Evernote helps me keep my personal and professional life organized and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it now!

#5 Simplenote

Who suggested this product?
The Simplenote was recommended by Ollie Smith from Energy Seek. You can find out more about Ollie Smith here or read their product recommendation below.

Simplenote app is the best note taking application for iOS on the market. This intuitive application enables you to capture and store plain text notes whilst taking up very little space on your device. Everything is saved in plain text and the highly responsive nature of the software means that you can map, preview and display the text with little delay.

Additionally, the system of tags that is embedded in the program makes recalling important information possible at the push of a button. This is a must have product for both business and personal use alike!

Who contributed to this article?

Diane Hamilton from Binary Formations

Dary Merckens from Gunner Technology

Akshay Bansal from Heuro

Jennifer Harder from Jennifer Harder Mortgage Brokers

Ollie Smith from Energy Seek

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