Shein Vs Temu: Comparing The Two Online Shopping Heavyweights

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1 year ago

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, online shoppers have an abundance to choose from. Every site brings a unique feature to the table in the hopes of providing the best online shopping experience possible. Whether a customer needs clothes or kitchenware, the digital landscape offers many possibilities.

Examples of these e-commerce platforms would be the fast-fashion giant Shein and the newest online marketplace Temu. While both are designed to meet the constantly evolving demands of eager consumers, Shein and Temu both offer unique features that set them apart from each other.

What is Temu?

Temu is the US-based sister platform of social commerce pioneer Pinduoduo. Both platforms are part of PDD Holdings, the Nasdaq-listed multinational commerce group dedicated to bringing more people and businesses into the digital economy.

PDD Holdings is a multinational commerce group with an extensive network of global suppliers and logistical partners. The Nasdaq-listed group serves 900 million consumers worldwide. In 2021, it handled 61 billion orders and generated $14.7 billion in revenue, $2.2 billion in net income, and $4.6 billion in net cash from operating activities.

Despite its very recent launch compared to other bigger names in the e-commerce industry, Temu managed to rapidly climb the charts and became the number one most downloaded online shopping app on the market within a month of its launch, beating out other competitors that have been in the game for much longer.

What Does Temu Offer?

Temu is filling a major gap in the retail industry, offering wholesale prices on a wide range of merchandise to individual buyers. Unlike wholesale clubs that require joining fees and bulk purchases, shoppers can enjoy the wholesale price regardless of the quantity they buy. As a digital marketplace, Temu is also not constrained by shelf space and offers an extensive catalog of products in every major category.

The e-commerce site uses the PDD Holdings-pioneered Next-Gen Manufacturing approach, a model that uses consumer preferences generated through a digital marketplace to create better products. With insight into what users want, manufacturers can fine-tune their designs to develop products that closely match the market’s needs.

Some consumers unfamiliar with the markup strategies of full-price retailers have expressed astonishment at the attractive prices on Temu. The online marketplace can offer a wide array of products at wholesale prices because of its access to top-tier international suppliers and manufacturers and expertise in order management and logistics fulfillment.

What is Shein?

As one of the largest online fashion retailers in the world, Shein has been around since 2008 (and was formerly known as SheInside). The app became famous in 2020 through numerous posts on TikTok and Instagram highlighting their affordably priced women’s wear.

While the platform has other product categories, such as household items and pet supplies, it is still primarily known for making stylish clothes more accessible. Shein also often partners with influencers and celebrities in the promotion of its brand.

What Can Shein Offer?

Shein is unique in that it is able to quickly offer the trendiest selection of designs at any given moment. The variety at which these are offered is vast, with over 700-1000 products added to the site per day. In conjunction with the fact that Shein’s clothes are generally low in cost, customers are able to enjoy buying as many items that they want from the platform.

Shein’s delivery window for packages is between 5-8 business days. The processing time for an order adds another 1-3 business days to that time. General updates on the whereabouts of packages are provided to customers, as well as free standard shipping for orders over $29 and free express shipping for orders over $129.

In terms of environmental impact, the company has said that it is “committed to lowering emissions and reducing waste.” This was in response, however, to many criticisms regarding its business practices.

Synthetic material is frequently used in the creation of Shein products, posing a hazard to oceans through the release of plastic microfibers. In terms of workplace environment, Shein has yet to disclose detailed information about its labor practices.

Final Verdict

When compared to each other, Shein and Temu each have their own distinct strengths. Given the scale of their operations, it is no surprise that both companies are able to help customers fulfill their needs. Be it first-rate goods at wholesale costs, or reasonably-priced fashionable clothes, it is the consumers’ initiative to judge whether one platform is better than the other.

If you’re looking for a wide range of affordable products all in one place, then look no further. Check out Temu’s official website or download the mobile app today to find the best deals on the market, or you can visit Temu’s official Youtube channel to get inspired for your next purchase!

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