How To Target The Right Customers For A Tech Launch?

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2 years ago

The process of an app or gadget launch begins much before the end stage of the product development phase. For starters, it is necessary to figure out the user base in the conceptualization phase, which makes the development process much more accurate. When you know the audience of your brand, selling and marketing become several times easier. So how do you get the basic aspect of choosing your target audience? Lean on customer demographics! What exactly do we mean by customer demographics? Read this blog to find out!

Are you paying attention to customer demographics?

Customer demographics refers to all the features that make them fit the bill of your ideal user. Many organizations and marketers refer to it as the customer avatar, linking to the image of how your average user would look or behave. Customer demographics has several aspects to it, which covers everything about their life and habits. These metrics may consist of the following features:

  1. The age of the customers
  2. The educational background
  3. Present employment field
  4. Income level and purchasing capacity
  5. Geographic location
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Gender identification
  8. Hobbies and interests
  9. Religious and political views

Here are the four types of audiences to target

To make this blog simpler to understand, let us contextualize our tech launch. Say, you’re about to release the beta version of an app or a gadget that needs initial users for the first round of feedback. Who will qualify as your audience based on customer demographics? Let’s take a look.

  1. The youth generation: The younger segment includes the college-going generation and working youngsters up to their early thirties. Not only is this the biggest point of influence for tech brands, but this is also the group that influences where technology flows. If you’re creating a technological product or service that is targeted toward a generalized audience, conducting surveys or advertising to these age groups would give you the best results. While the college-going group can offer you the budgetary perception, the latter can help you understand the functionality aspect of it.
  2. Avid tech geeks: This group of people comprises those who are enthusiastic about exploring the latest gadgets and applications or even emerging technologies. They make up a substantial part of the audience because of their receptivity toward new launches. If you’re releasing new technology, targeting this section of the population will receive a positive response if you meet them in their comfort zone while challenging them to step into better.
  3. Online lifestyle app users: this part of the target audience is highly enthusiastic about using different lifestyle apps for their entertainment. With a refined taste, these are the audiences you can entice with promotional offers to join your app initially. They are also great for surveys based on UI if you wish to make your app’s browsing experience more sophisticated.

Wrapping Up:

Not only does knowing your customer base streamline operations, but it also impacts the rest of your marketing and customer experience positively. We hope that this blog was able to provide valuable information that you can use in your next big launch!

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