How Lingerie Brands are Using Social Media to their Advantage

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2 years ago

Social media seems to have grown astronomically within the last decade. Now, there are a number of platforms that people use for business and leisure. Some companies, including lingerie brands, may find that social media can help them to make additional sales, and also inform more potential customers about the different products they have to offer. In fact, a good social media strategy could make quite a large difference to a company’s accounts on a month-to-month basis.

One of the benefits of using social media, especially for a lingerie brand, can be that it allows you to give your customers more information regarding your products, and even how to order the right one for you. As an example, when purchasing lingerie, you may want to have a look at ThirdLove on YouTube. Among their videos, they also include information regarding how to best figure out your bra size. This can help to save a customer time and money from ordering the wrong size and needing to make a return. By doing this in a video format, it can also allow customers to be able to see who they are purchasing from, which can be an added bonus.

Running competitions could also be a great idea, especially if you want to try and grow your social media presence quickly in a short period of time. This can also be a good way of advertising without paying for an ad itself. Offering some of your products to the winner could also be good for building up a reputation. When hosting a social media competition, it can be a good idea to put certain caveats in place to benefit you even more. This could include requiring participants to follow you, share the post, comment, or even tag a friend. This way, you may be able to become trending on the platform, and improve your level of viewership.

Another important aspect can be the ability to share media within posts on social media. While customers may already be able to find products in-store, or on a company website, they may initially not consider certain items. The use of social media, and some professional-looking imagery, can help to make customers consider more products. This could also be used as a platform to showcase customer photos. In fact, some buyers may look kindlier upon a company that shows ordinary, everyday people, and how they look in a particular lingerie set, rather than a famous model.

Social media can have a number of benefits that a lingerie brand might want to consider. It may be able to help them get closer to customers and even respond to queries in a more friendly, relaxed way. At the same time, it can also enable customers to take advantage of some social media-only offers, take part in competitions, and build up some level of rapport with the company itself. By showing the range of products within real-life pictures, rather than basic stock images, a brand might be able to gain more positive feedback and even increase sales.

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