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Wayfinding is a technique used to make the visitors plan their destination and places they want to reach, avoiding confusion or hassle. Traditionally, the locals knew directions by asking other people on their way. However, time has evolved. And one can read digital wayfinding signage in almost every location.

For making digital wayfinding easier, kiosks are installed at different locations to give any visitor directions to reach their destination easily. The signage functions similar to any other wayfinding technique but works digitally. It functions like digital maps and directories.

How Do Digital Wayfinding Signage function?

Nowadays, technology has evolved in every dimension and simplified a lot of tasks and day-to-day issues. Digital wayfinding is a technology that operates through digital signage operating systems and software. A screen shows the content derived from the software, which is already fed into the system. They have advanced features in it, such as touchless systems and interactive maps. At times, wayfinding comes with QR code scanner technology, which enables the visitors to carry maps on their devices.

What are the Different Types of Wayfinding Signages?

There are mainly three types of digital wayfinding signages. They are:

  • Digital Wayfinding Directories – This technique is mainly used in buildings and residential areas where tenants and visitors must find directions to their destination. It is a type of static wayfinding technique that is inexpensive to guide the visitors in the building. You can add a building layout highlighting all the facilities and departments. It is also used in various company buildings.
  • Digital Interactive Wayfinding Solution – This technology interacts with the user and provides a clear idea of going from point A to B. It is possible through touch screen technology. You can also personalize the experience. When the user clicks on the location or search and types, they will get a visual demonstration of how to reach the place and show the exact location. You can also customize a video of the route.
  • Portable Wayfinding Signage – It is one the coolest ones because it is portable and can be carried anywhere, making digital wayfinding easier and simple. Many cities install it on roads to let tourists know how to get to the tourist destination. By simply scanning the QR code, the user can follow the map and reach the desired location.

What are the Uses of Digital Wayfinders?

Digital wayfinding signages are used in many places, and it is the best way to make your visitors feel welcome. However, the most important advantage is that the digital signs help avoid confusion, especially in large buildings and complexes.

There are many locations where you can find digital wayfinders. Such as:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Healthcare sectors
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Airport and Railways
  • Educational and Government Spaces
  • Convention Centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Stadiums

If you run a business, you should invest in a digital wayfinder at your location to give the place a modern look and provide convenience to people. It is one of the best technological innovations that provides information and directions.

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