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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Home Office Desk. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Mobile Desk

This product was recommended by Nicole Mcpherson from Ergotron

Move to work or learn anywhere you find inspiration, from individual workspaces to conference rooms to classrooms. Sit or stand to instantly collaborate with your peers with a height-adjustable maple worksurface. Create a flexible movement workplace where you can feel your best and drive meaningful connections.

Label 180 Custom Classic Desk

This product was recommended by Brooke Rinehart from ann magnin, inc.

Work from home but make it stylish. Label 180 offers custom desks for at-home offices with your selection of style, length, depth and gorgeous fabric or leather. Pick a pattern or color that matches your home style for a completely unique llook.

Small L Shaped Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Marina Vaamonde from PropertyCashin

L shaped desks are so convenient because they provide quick access to whatever you may need at hand, but don’t want in your direct line of vision. They also help to maximize space by fitting in snugly to the corner of a room. This unit can be installed with the side desk to the left or the right, depending on your preference. It also comes with adjustable shelves and a really useful side-storage box which helps to keep my desk clutter-free.

Cora Standing Desk Converter

This product was recommended by Logan Mallory from Motivosity

A standing desk converter is a great alternative to a standing desk – it gives you the same benefit without having to replace your existing desk. It’s got a big enough surface to comfortably hold a laptop and mouse, and it’s nice and sturdy with no wobbles when typing. It’s also great for raising your computer to eye level for Zoom meetings.

Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk

This product was recommended by Anton Giuroiu from Homesthetics

A home office would not be complete without a desk, of course. When choosing the right home office desk, you should put functionality over design, if you should choose. However, it is best if you’d be able to get the best of both worlds. This office desk combines functionality and design, which is why I recommend it. The minimalist design will blend well with any theme you’re going with. It has just the right height for adequate legroom, making sure that you would be in your best working posture all the time. This desk also has plenty of room for the storage of your documents and other personal effects, ensuring that you’d have a neat working area all the time. Lastly, this desk has a hole for your cable management needs, so you’ll not have to worry about your monitor’s wires showing up where they shouldn’t be.

Modern L-Shaped Desk

This product was recommended by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect

This is a gem that I found on Amazon. This costs under $100 so this is such a steal for its size. It has a wide space and a lot of storage below it so you can organize your things and other office stuff. The top surface is wide enough that it can suffice two monitors and still move freely. This is one of my great Amazon buys.

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

It is not ideal for your health to sit at your desk all day when working from home. That is why I recommend going for a height-adjustable desk for your home office. It allows you to alternate between sitting and standing positions with just a push of a button. Also, the spacious standing desk provides a roomy set up to accommodate two monitors and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This product was recommended by Tricia Montano from Pain Free Working

This award-winning, eco-conscious table is one of the best and highest-rated standing desks in the industry. With Fully’s commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability, the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is one everyone should want to have. The Jarvis guilt-free, incorporates beautiful bamboo desktop materials, and most of all, won’t wear over time. If you’re looking for form and functionality in a single package, this Jarvis desk is the most suitable option and is one of the best standing desks to purchase. This height adjustable Jarvis desk also has a few customization options, coming in two shapes and seven sizes so each consumer’s needs are met with ease. Its high rating comes as no surprise, because the Jarvis is packed with intuitive features. Indeed, there’s a lot to love about this desk from its sturdy electric motor to its industry-leading 348-lbs. or 158 kg. weight capacity that is almost unheard of for such a sleek, lightweight design. It has a height range that goes from 24.5” at the lowest and a maximum height of 50 inches. The tabletop is measured at around 72 x 30 x 0.8 inches. The Jarvis also comes with a sleek adjustment panel that is easy to use.

IKEA Pahl Desk

This product was recommended by Lynda Fairly from Numlooker

IKEA Pahl desks are designed to be adjustable and can accommodate almost any workspace. Constructed of high-quality steel, it is an alternative to the built-in desks, which often lack style and function. It has a sleek and modern look, easy to assemble, and can be customized to fit your needs. It comes with two long narrow drawers, giving users the ability to store and organize office supplies such as pens, binders, paper, cables, and chargers. It is also a great option for those who need a completely different design in their office space or home study.

ApexDesk AX7133AW Elite Series

This product was recommended by Paul Strobel from ERideHero

The ApexDesk Elite is an excellent home office desk for people who need flexibility and plenty of desk space. The ApexDesk Elite is a motorized adjustable-height desk that allows you to find the perfect sitting or standing position for each individual user to promote good posture and health. The minimalistic and well-constructed ApexDesk Elite comes in a wide array of colors and finishes to match your home office environment seamlessly and it is available in both 71 and 60 lengths depending on your needs. With a load capacity of 235 lbs and a huge work surface, you can easily have multiple monitors and heavy objects on it without worrying about it giving in. As an added bonus, the ApexDesk Elite now comes with a full-size cable management tray to hide cables away from the desk and/or floor so you can keep things tidy in your workspace.

Topsky Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Todd Bissell from RideFAQs

It’s stylish, durable and affordable. This home desk is easy to assemble and gives you ample desktop space to place your devices and other stuff you need for your workday. It has a storage shelf and a cable gommet too. All of that utility and quality for the price is a steal.

Molblly Home Office Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Brent Thurman from Bear River Mutual Insurance

“I wanted a desk that was simplistic, average size, and sharp looking, but also provided me with everything I needed in my home office. It had a clean, smooth top that allows me to arrange as I please. I loved the two shelves most of all. They are open shelves and can hold lots of things, so I am able to fill it with papers, files, gadgets, and more that I use regularly. I enjoy how it was opened up to the room so it can hold more things. I also enjoy the slim, but sturdy, metal frame that the desk sits on.”

Frunimall Small Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Eden Cheng from PeopleFinderFree

Frunimall provides the best home office desk at a meager rate, which serves as a valuable tool in setting up an ergonomic and comfortable, and productive workspace. This 39.7” size desktop allows you to capitalize on edge space well, and a sufficient height of 29.5” also provides ample leg space. This sturdy home office desk has durable anti-scratch surfaces due to its P2 grade MDF laminate board, which is waterproof, easy to clean, and heat-resistant. Moreover, its adjustable footpads have height-adjustable feet, which increase additional stability for the desk, safeguard your wood flooring from scratches, and can be easily adjusted even on an uneven floor.

Sauder Carson Forge Computer Desk

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from KCAutoGuard

This traditional desk features a rustic wood finish and wrought iron hardware that fits into various home office styles. If you need storage space for your work-related accessories and files, this desk provides just what you need. It has a drawer designed to hold hanging files, another drawer for accessories, and adjustable shelves. The most convenient feature is the lap drawer that’s perfect for pens, paper clips, and all the other essential odds and ends.Assembly is straightforward with clear instructions and labels. It takes some time to put it together, but the finished product is sturdy and durable.

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