Best Python Certifications To Have In 2022

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When you are looking to become a Python programmer, you will see that Python certifications are the way to opening job prospects and lengthening your career path.

Python certification is important because every certification is a credential that tells your future employers that you have a mastery of critical concepts needed for the job.

While you will get on-the-job training with every problem you solve and program you debug, you can’t do it without Python certification. There are many levels of Python certification, and the benefits are tremendous.

Learn more about the best Python certifications to have in 2022, and the many benefits of that training here.

Why Learn Python?

Python is an important programming language to learn if you want to be a programmer. It is the fastest-growing programming language in the world, and it is also one of the easiest to learn if you are motivated to grasp these skills.

Every major company is using Python today. This is a programming language that you can use across multiple industries and fields, from health care research to entertainment data science. The skill is versatile, and talent is needed everywhere. At every level, the benefits of getting certifications in Python are tremendous.

PCEP – Certified Entry Level Python Programming

The first rung on the ladder of Python certifications is PCEP, where you will need to begin with standard procedural programming knowledge. Before you enroll and prepare for exams, Python books and online tutorials can introduce you to the fundamentals. If you have flowcharts and an understanding of algorithms, even better.

A number of Python courses online can help you get this certification in just a few months. This provides the skills needed for entry-level positions in programming.

PCAP – Python Certified Associate Programmer

The Python Certified Associate Programmer certification is the second step to earning your Python credentials. At the associate level of Python programming, you tell potential employers that you have confidence and talent for enterprising coding tasks.

With this certification, you solidify your knowledge base of basic formatting and compilation techniques, while also advancing your skills in the fundamentals of deep-dive coding.

Here you will learn firsthand that once you choose programming as your career, you are always working on the learning curve. It’s an exciting step in the life of a Python programmer to master this certificate, as you see an exciting path ahead.

PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming

The PCPP certifications come in two steps, with PCPP 1 and PCPP 2. These both are advanced certifications. To be able to attempt these certifications, you need to have at least three years of experience in Python programming, some of which you will have by attaining the first two levels of certification. You also need to understand Python basics and core principles.

Both levels 1 and 2 will build on your previous learning, while bringing you closer to concepts such as metaprogramming, programming libraries and modules, and importing complex data sets using principles of math and science.

The benefits of this credential are significant. This is a credential that is recognized around the world, in every field where programming is needed. Bringing this to a job interview sets you apart from others that don’t have it. Here you tell future employers that MySQL database management is something you can do in your sleep. That’s just not something every programmer can say.

PCPP 1 is a lengthier certification compared to previous certifications in Python, and is broken down into five sections of expertise, each with its own weighting. You’ll learn everything from polymorphism to sockets and XML, along with understanding CSV and how logging works in a programming environment.

With PCPP 2, you take those skills up a notch with more intense training that includes understanding how to distribute and create design patterns, network programming, and MySQL database access.

CEPP – Certified Expert in Python Programming

This is the holy grail of Python certifications. You are set in the programming world when you reach this step. Prior to this certification, you might be viewed as a great programmer, but this one makes you an official expert. Doors open here for you, and you are going to experience the rewards of knowing Python at a depth that few others in the world can understand.

Additionally, not only will you be a Python expert after this certification, but you will have an intensive understanding of other programming languages and applications necessary for the title of an official coder. Here you will dive more into development and project management — skills that a senior Python programmer requires.

Begin Your Python Certification Path Today

If you want to be a Python programmer, the field of opportunities can be endless. Python programming is found in every industry. The journey is long to reach the certified expert stage, but motivated programmers can and will do it. Start your journey today.

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