8 Python Modules For Full Stack Automation And Testing

8 Python Modules For Full Stack Automation And Testing
2 years ago

When talking with software developers, many of them call the Java language optimal for automation and testing. But if you are a Python software engineer, then you simply need to use modules to automate and test the full stack of this language. Therefore, we present to you the most popular of them.

Robot Framework

This platform will be useful for those who want to test automation processes using Python. Tests with Robot Framework are easy to create and read. Also, this platform is suitable for testing Android, MongoDB, FTP, and many others.


This is an environment for automation in different languages. It is quite popular among Python developers. The service is as concise as possible and this allows you to test with high efficiency. The platform is also suitable for the implementation of other processes. Fixtures are designed for reuse and also process scaling.


If you are interested in Python automation testing, then you are probably already familiar with this platform. The tool was developed specifically for Selenium in Python. It is free and open source. Its main purpose is application testing. Splinter is most suitable for automating browser operations, as well as automating its interaction with other elements.


This is a popular package among Python developers. It is used by many developers around the world. Selenium is designed to automate Python testing and has a wide range of functionality. Most often, the purpose of using the platform is to automate the processes of interaction between the site browser and Python. Therefore, Selenium is considered the standard for browser-based automation.


If you need a platform whose functions are the opposite of the previous one, try Pywinauto. These Python modules are designed to automate the graphical part of Windows. This kind of automation handles operations of increased complexity.


An excellent tool that allows you to significantly speed up all processes in the development of a software product. It is most often used to transfer cross-platform operations to automatic mode. At the moment, among the platforms of robotic automation, this is the most popular.


A PDF testing tool, PDFMiner gives you the ability to test any PDF files. When used correctly, a significant number of complex processes can be automated.

Locust Framework

With this framework for load testing, you can check the product for the maximum number of users in the system. The interface is simple, but don’t be fooled by it. Locust is a framework with great functionality.

You can use your tools to automate routine tasks, but be aware that all descriptions of remote Python developer jobs include requirements for proficiency in automation and testing tools. Their use, both separate and combined, greatly simplifies and speeds up the work of a Python developer.

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