9 Copywriting Tips To Engage Your Social Media Audiences

9 Copywriting Tips To Engage Your Social Media Audiences
1 year ago

Is no one clicking ‘like’ on your social media posts? Are they not sharing your posts or commenting on them?

If your social media is as silent as the grave, there can be several reasons. The two most important reasons are the use of unattractive visuals and content not tailored to the specific needs of the audience.

For the first reason, you must use original pictures and ensure they are relevant to the copy you are uploading. You can also try to come up with innovative visuals like GIFs and videos. You can also conduct surveys and contests to engage your audience.

The second reason is the copy, and this article focuses on how you can improve your copywriting skills to engage your social media audience. Here are some tips for you. Use them wisely!

  • Sharpen your copywriting skills

First and foremost, you must work on honing your copywriting skills. Since the industry is forever evolving, you must be updated with the latest writing style and trends. It is essential to know what works and what does not. You must know the difference between the kind of language that will appeal to your audience and the one that will send them packing.

How can you improve your writing skills? One of the ways is by reading interviews with renowned copywriters as you will gain valuable tips and insights to sharpen your writing skills.

  • It is always better to keep it simple

There’s no point beating around the bush because social media users don’t have enough time and patience. Therefore, ensure the message you want to convey is in front and center.

Keeping your social media posts short is one of the best ways to improve user engagement and boost the click-through rate. For instance, announce the product and its best features if you are launching a new product. Then, you can add a link to the product page so people will get more information about your product.

Since people skim social media, avoid complex and long-winding posts. You must ensure your post is easily understandable at a single glance so more users can engage with your post.

  • Tap into the emotions of your audience

Evoke emotion in your writing if you want more engagement. For example, you can try and evoke positive or negative emotions.

Some brands use emotions to evoke positive responses, while others thrive on controversy. Whichever you select, you must ensure it fits the tone and image of your brand. Your posts must remain approachable, simple, and conversational.

However, don’t stir up the hornet’s nest too much.

  • Remember to use a CTA

Whether you are writing email copy or social media posts, you must not forget to enter a call to action. If your audience is reading and seeing your post with interest, you must tell them what to do next.

If they scroll through your posts without taking any action, it will be such a shame. That’s why you must always include a CTA, and it is best to include it at the end of each post.

The CTA must notify the readers what they must do after reading the post. So, mention it clearly whether you want them to like, comment or subscribe.

  • Use relevant hashtags

To use hashtags or not is always a question that social media marketers and copywriters ask themselves. Largely, hashtags are misunderstood, and most people end up using too many of them.

The function of hashtags is to indicate what the topic of your post is about. If you use hashtags, it will make it easier for your audience to find your post. Therefore, use relevant hashtags. But make sure not to put 30+ hashtags in your post.

  • Speak in active voice

It is always best to speak in an active voice when writing social media posts. In active voice, sentences are generally shorter and much easier to read. On the other hand, passive voice produces longer sentences, which sound evasive.

Furthermore, speaking in active voice sounds much more personal than in passive voice.

  • Be careful of spelling and grammatical mistakes

Reviewing your copy before uploading or publishing them across social media channels is a no-brainer. And yet, many copywriters and marketers fail to take this into account. If your copies are filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, they will reflect poorly on your brand.

Hence, you must always ensure to review and correct spelling and grammar.

  • Don’t forget to practice!

Nobody said you would get the social media posts right the first time. So the best you can do is keep practicing.

Remember to research the wants and needs of your audience. Then, personalize the posts according to your audiences’ requirements. You can also use keywords to optimize the posts for search engines.

Final Thoughts

Keeping these hacks in mind will surely help you write excellent copy to engage and excite your social media audience.

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