5 Ways Improved Financial Leadership Can Change Your Business

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3 years ago

The ability of a business to remain viable, resilient, and relevant in today’s highly competitive marketplace is primarily determined by the quality of its leadership. According to leadership expert and trainer Dr. John Maxwell, ‘everything rises and falls on leadership.’

Due to the critical role leadership plays in business, business owners consistently evaluate the leadership level being exercised across the various segments of their industry.

While leadership essentially has to do with people, it’s not limited to leading people. Several dimensions of leadership are required to keep a business sustainable and succeeding, one of which is financial leadership.

Financial Leadership: What Does It Mean?

Financial leaders are those individuals or teams within a business organization who channel their financial knowledge and expertise towards creating financial success for the business. These leaders often have an in-depth understanding of business models, financial reports, and relationships with banks and investors. They set the company’s financial policies and oversee cash flow.

Financial leaders provide financial leadership by performing in ways that give the business a competitive advantage financially. They offer examples, recommend models, integrate systems, and recommend solutions that keep the business finances in good and growing shape.

As financial leaders play their role within the business, it’s essential to seek their improvement consistently. The fierce nature of today’s marketplace can render the best economic models and policies obsolete in a short period. Hence, business leaders need to come up with better financial decisions. The financial leaders mostly facilitate these decisions.

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How Financial Leadership Changes Your Business

With improved financial leadership, your company stands to enjoy many benefits. Here are five major ways improved financial leadership can change how you do business:

1. Increased Technological Aptitude

Today’s businesses are impacted by the various technological inventions and digital disruptions rocking the business landscape. Business is no longer business as usual. Tech tools are changing how businesses operate on a large scale. Critical aspects of businesses, such as how finances are managed, are also affected by the evolution of technology.

Financial leaders who respond proactively to the new technological demands will provide improved financial leadership, increasing the business’s technological aptitude. By understanding how to operate basic finance and accounting tools, they can better and more efficiently manage their financial processes. More so, with specialized tools, they can access robust metrics that enhance their business operations.

2. Better Strategic Planning

Improved financial leadership will help businesses develop better strategic plans. When financial leaders can utilize financial information more intelligently, they’ll be better positioned to architect plans, policies, and models to make the business operate more effectively and generate more profits.

Also, great financial decisions inform outsourcing planning. Financial leaders tend to outsource jobs more strategically to drive sales and profits based on their target audience. For instance, if you’re looking to outsource tasks to a regular-sized audience, you can visit this CFO service for small business owners to save costs and time. If the audience is large, you can visit agencies that cater to large customers.

3. Effective Cost Control

High business profitability is linked to effective cost control. A company makes more profit when it can maximize its operations costs without compromising quality.

Financial leaders who can use analytics to understand the spending direction of their business can effectively figure out the areas where they need to implement changes. These changes could range from increasing, maintaining, or decreasing the flow of resources towards certain business operations, goals, and projects.

They increase the company’s performance by leveraging data analytics to acquire information about the business’ expenses and convert them to actionable steps.

4. Optimized Risk Management

The uncertainty of the global economy has made a lot of businesses wary of taking risks. Nonetheless, managing risk remains a top priority for businesses. And the optimized risk performance process can help a business take the risks and improve its performance significantly.

When finance leaders become more aware of the risks their business faces, they can develop more options for dealing with problems long before they encounter them. Their ability to manage risks more effectively will also help the business act more confidently when making business decisions.

5. Increased Investors’ Confidence

Before any investor decides to invest in your business, they have to see your numbers. Investors always look out for proof of security within an industry, and one area they analyze critically is the business’s financial state.

Businesses that perform poorly financially will find it extremely difficult to earn investors’ confidence. However, with improved financial leadership, a company can achieve a good level of financial efficiency, which will make investors want to let go of their money.


Finance teams are working harder in recent times than ever before. The global demands on businesses have increased and diversified the core responsibilities of financial leaders. When financial leaders play their roles more efficiently, businesses achieve exceptional results. The importance of improved financial leadership within a business cannot be overemphasized.

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