5 Great Ways To Improve eCommerce Product Pages

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2 years ago

It feels like most companies don’t put too much effort into eCommerce product pages. Look at some of your favorite power tools, which usually cost hundreds of dollars. You hardly learn anything about the products.

Modern businesses with cool products try harder, but it’s still not enough. If you want to guarantee someone buys from you, it’s important to start doing better. Here are a few ways you can jazz up your product pages.

1. Talk To A Specific Person

Before you write your product descriptions, it’s worth creating an avatar of your ideal customer. Write like you’re talking directly to them. I know it feels like you’ll improve your conversion rate by talking to everyone.

Unfortunately, when you talk to everyone it dilutes your message. Imagine you’re selling the best shoes for men who love trail running. A great product description will entice anyone who wants to use them for exercise.

2. Offer A Few Good Upsells

If you look at the Walking on a Cloud online shoe shop, you’ll see they have great shoes on their website. Start clicking on a few product pages. The company offers you upsells to improve your purchase.

You’ll be able to buy products to help keep your shoes looking brand new. Think about upsells you can use to help your customers. You’ll make a lot more money, especially if you have higher margins with those products.

3. Show How The Product Works

It’s not enough to use standard photos if you want to stand out. You’ll need to start producing great videos to showcase your products. Someone who wants to buy a pressure washer will probably want to clean their deck.

Do you think they would appreciate watching how fast your pressure washer cleaned a dirty deck? It’s better than using words to explain how well it works. You’ll be able to shoot videos no matter what you’re selling.

4. Use High-Resolution Photos

Anyone who sells products online should be able to afford a great camera, which will let you take high-resolution photos. Would you buy something from a website that doesn’t let you zoom in to study it in more detail?

You can also post as many photos as you want. Let potential customers see the products from lots of different angles. Once you start bringing in lots of money, ask a professional photographer to upgrade all your old photos.

5. Advanced Customer Testimonials

Websites usually have a few basic customer testimonials on their product pages or reviews that could be manipulated. If you want potential customers to trust you, ask past customers to send in videos.

When someone watches a video from a past customer talking about your product, it will feel more genuine. Nobody will trust you because you’re trying to sell them something, but they’ll trust people like them.

It’s Easy To Double Your Revenue

If you have bad product pages, it’s easy to double your revenue. Your conversion rate could easily double once your product pages are perfect.

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