Trending Features That Make Gambling Markets Flourish

Trending Features That Make Gambling Markets Flourish
2 years ago

The high pace of gaming industry development gives birth to lots of solutions and tools, and this process seems to speed up. One of the most significant sectors there, according to experts, is the online gambling market. The Zion Market research states that it was valued approximately USD 61.5 Billion in 2021, USD 67 Billion in 2022, and is projected to reach at least USD 114.4 Billion by 2028. The new casinos start working all over the world, and you shall consider visiting CasinoLuck to learn more about new Canadian online casinos. There are 5 features to be generally highlighted while trying to make an analysis on the online gambling industry success.

1. Cryptocurrencies

We are already getting used to BTC, ETH or LTC as a legit and safe currency. Online casinos and crypto are closely related due to the anonymity of a crypto payer. They are impossible to trace, and it also unleashes a gambler from the countries where gambling is banned or strictly controlled. As new cryptocurrencies become more and more popular, they are being supported by casinos as payment mode, and it makes both sides to develop with the help of each other. However, the licensing of online casinos means the obligation of certain KYC procedures for customer’s protection, and it makes the question of anonymity to be controversial, as well as cryptocurrency safety is questionable after there appeared several ways for crypto to be hacked.

2. Esports Betting

The huge leap in Esports betting industry development during the pandemic divided experts into two camps. While the first are sure that Esports shows a systematic increase over recent years and the pandemic was just one of the factors, leading to the market’s growth, others claim that the main reason of its recent growth was exactly epidemiological, and Esports betting just replaced betting on traditional sport while it was struggling. An alarming frequency of corruption scandals in Esports also makes the industry to be described as uncomfortable for bettors.

3. VR

Virtual and augmented reality, gesture-control and smart devices – all of these tools grant deep immersion into the gaming process. As for gambling industry, the choice of casinos that offer a gambler to play using VR and/or gesture-control devices is constantly growing, and you can find the best one for you on the OnlineCasinoGo website.

Despite a lot of things have already been said about VR, and the multiple gadgets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or many others already exist and are pretty affordable for people, there are certain limitations that cannot be avoided yet. The VR headsets are still quite massive themselves, and usually using them you literally have to sit and look around, so this cannot be called truly “full immersion” into gameplay.

The technological progress is unstoppable, and, if in the early days the VR or gesture-control devices used cameras and multiple devices for action, very soon you wouldn’t even need to use a massive headset or a controller. The further development of the most popular gadgets like Project North Star that allows its users to combine motion-control, VR and AR simultaneously, promises gamers to experience even more comfortable and immersive gameplay very soon.

4. IoT

The Internet of Things is a very trendy innovation. To tell a long story short, the things will be able to connect to the world around you. For example, we will be able to connect our smartphone to the PC or a gaming console and check its current graphic card temperature on the phone screen, or to turn on the lights at home or the cooker without any upgrades that are needed today. Many casinos are already contacting software providers aiming to bring IoT features to gamblers as soon as possible. The only thing we can state on the IoT and gambling today is that the outcome there is limited with our imagination only, and the ways of cooperation via IoT are going to be sometimes very unexpected.

5. Emergence of large entertainment companies

Despite some gaming companies like EA might be called giants today, the true big fish is on its way to the gaming industry. The recent experiments in creating games by Netflix made experts discuss if there will be more entertainment giants to try out something new for them in that industry. With the expansion of Amazon and its livestreaming projects, the online betting feature is told to be very important for the company to develop. Rumors say that Disney was also recently looking for partners on the betting market.

To sum everything up, there are lots of features, related to each other, and they form a chain that drives the development of the online gambling industry to break the current limits and create new solutions for the best possible gaming experience. We hope that new technologies will emerge soon.

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