The Most Controversial Video Slot Games of All Time

The Most Controversial Video Slot Games of All Time
5 months ago

Over the current decade, the virtual gambling industry has grown dramatically, having registered an annual growth of 11.7%. And the choice of slots is, first of all, based on how appealing the theme behind it is. People love to be amazed, amused, and shocked–something that a modern slots developer can definitely provide!

Considering the enormous diversity of slots nowadays, leading PayID withdrawal casino payments cover the best of them. No wonder that iGaming software developers do their best to cater to the preferences of ever-demanding gamblers. And the existence of slots designed based on every popular concept, whether it’s a TV show, a film, or even a sportsman, can no longer surprise a modern player. There are even some fantastic music slots that went viral in Australia and have kept their popularity for pretty long.

However, as people can never lose the ability to amaze or even shock, some video slots appear highly controversial due to bizarre themes or odd histories behind them. So, let us introduce the most controversial video slots ever available online.

5: OMG! Kittens

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Slots that are associated with something cute and sweet always gain popularity among the adult audience. And the OMG! Kittens slot from Eyecon is a perfect example! Around a decade ago, the developer released the slot with innocent, pretty kittens all over the reels. The game became instantly famous and loved. But it was a bit too cute and attracted kids’ attention, too. Many cases were registered when kids managed to spin reels using their parents’ credit cards!

4: Bible Slots

Most religions don’t welcome gambling, considering it a sin. Therefore, the appearance of slots with Biblical themes is highly controversial anytime. An application named Bible Slots was released in 2014. It incorporates several thematic slot machines and can be downloaded to Android devices right from the Amazon Store for Android. These games are available both in demo and real money modes up to this day.

The suggested slots are Adam & Eve, Trials of Job, Noah’s Ark, and The End Days from Super Lucky Casino. All of them have religious symbols like numbers and letters from the Bible and thematic icons like the Snake or the Apple, Adam, Eve, baby Jesus, and others. However, you cannot find such games in all casinos as they are not among the most popular themed ones.

3: Trump VS Hillary

It’s no wonder that major political events are a part of our daily life. However,the idea it would become part of our lounge time. The video slot Trump vs. Hillary with all relevant imagery via symbols, like Trump, Melania, and Hillary, as well as the White House and Trump building, perfectly renders the theme. Meanwhile, the cleverly crafted banner with “Make slots great again!” adds a fun tone to it.

In all cases, the video slot from Super Lucky Casino is still provocative to plenty of people. What makes this slot so controversial is its date of release. Megarama Games launched it right on election day — November 8, 2016, causing real hype around gamblers who were also passionate about politics.

#2: Planet Exotica

Aliens is not a new theme for slots. And yet, the sexual innuendo via alien strippers appears to be too much. The Planet Exotica video slot from Microgaming, released in 2010, shows an intergalactic strip club with strange-looking critters in sexy outfits. Once you get a win, you are awarded with a show from a hot alien babe.

During the bonus round, you get to choose a set of lips to kiss a half-naked space girl, while the Sneak a Peek feature implies matching clothing items on the reels. All this looks weird, to say the least. That’s why Planet Exotica is definitely a controversial game, which, however, doesn’t diminish its popularity among Aussie gamblers.

#1: 40 Shades of Santa

We associate Santa with Christmas, gifts, family celebrations, and pure joy, don’t we? However, in 2012, Probability PLC peeked into the adult side of Santa — his sexual life with secret fantasies, and released 40 Shades of Santa. The game is adorned with symbols such as masks, high heels, handcuffs and fishnet stockings. Obviously, the game protagonist is Mr. Santa serving as the Bonus symbol, while Mrs. Santa stands as the Wild.

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The slot is a parody of the renowned book 50 Shades of Grey and film of the same name and presents Santa as a sexy character. Although bizarre, a particular casino audience definitely enjoys the provocative Santa theme.

Wrapping Up

Our choice of the most controversial video slots of today proves that the gambling industry will never bore a player. And if most players only enjoy and have fun when playing a slot, specific sensitive topics have turned to be rather offensive to some. The slots universe can truly be as diverse as our real one. It keeps on advancing to thrill, attract, and sometimes shock, but it always entertains gamblers worldwide!

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