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At some point in life, most of us think that our jobs are the weirdest in the world. But look closely, and you will realize there are many more jobs that are even weirder. So, what are these jobs? Do people genuinely get paid for doing something strange? What is it all about?

It is also unbelievable how much people get paid to perform these jobs daily. It is as good as getting no deposit bonus codes AUS at an online casino. Let us take a look! If you are also interested in getting the correct answers for these questions just as much as we are, here is a list that will save the day for you.

Professional Sleeper

If your mother always told you that you are a professional sleeper, start taking it as a compliment. One of the hotels in Finland hired professional sleepers this one time. The idea was to test the comfort of their beds. It enables them to provide the right and quality services to customers without leaving any room for complaints. The professional sleeper is needed to sleep on different beds of the hotels every night to test the comfort of the beds. Once that is done, they will write a review to help customers understand whether they are good enough.

Professional sleepers also have to talk about the room lighting, noise disruptions, and their feelings during the review to make it detailed and informative. As such, their job is considered to be quite crucial in today’s generation. They must also have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to showcase.

Full-time Netflix Viewer

If this was given to any of us, we are sure we’d be the next Mark Zuckerberg with all that money! Nonetheless, a full-time Netflix viewer does exist and for all the right reasons. Yes, Netflix hires many people to watch their content and write reviews on them before it is launched for the public. This allows them to get necessary feedback and understand if a specific show or content is good enough for their site. Once the full-time Netflix viewer binge-watches the shows, they are made to write comprehensive reviews on them stating how potential the show is to bring profit to Netflix in the long run.

So, whether it is a horror movie that makes you want to run away into the light or comedy shows that make you jump off your couch, you may get to watch all of that. Imagine how perfect it would be! Generally, professional Netflix watchers get paid around $77,500 a year. So, why keep waiting? Head to Netflix’s site right away and check if you can set yourself up for this position. We promise you will not regret it.

Professional Mourner

Professional mourners have been a part of Indian jobs for decades and on. In southeast Asia, professional mourners continue to cry and mourn for the loss of a family member during their funeral. It is believed that this helps the body to be taken to the afterlife peacefully.

That is why professional mourners, especially women mourners, are called upon to carry out this task properly. That is why they are supposed to weep throughout the service as loudly as possible. Many professional mourners may also sing mournful songs for the dead. It is said to be auspicious for the soul. Exactly how much of it is true; we have no idea. However, it sure does sound quite exciting.

Dog Food Taster

Did you know that you also get the job of gross dog food tasting sometimes? Yes, that is another weird thing you need to do if you want to make sufficient income. These people are supposed to taste the brand-new dog products that are being launched in the market. This may include bones, dog biscuits, and even tinned meat in some cases. Such a job is practised worldwide to test the quality of the food, make sure that the flavours are correct and the texture is fine.

It is also practiced worldwide to find out if dog food tastes better than human food. But this may also cause your health to deteriorate as we are not used to this kind of food. As such, the body grows weak, and health problems may start to erupt. However, the pay is good, so most people practise the profession anyway.

Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man

Although this one isn’t that weird, the fun part is that if you become this pizza delivery guy, you get to swim into the sea and deliver Pizza using a watertight case. This is done for an underwater hotel in Florida that is a famous tourist spot today. Since this job accompanies a certain amount of risk, people are paid well to practice it in many parts of the globe.

Here’s what they need to do in detail.

  • Swim into the waters using a watertight case.
  • Make sure the Pizza is safe before they deliver it.
  • Once they arrive there, they need to provide it to the submerged guests.

Odour Judge

Products are launched in the market for customer satisfaction. So, if the customer does not enjoy the products, it is good to get wasted. That is why odour judges are hired to smell the foods and understand if they are good enough to attract customers and make them want to purchase the product at the earliest.

That is why whatever new product is launched in the market is tested by these odour judges. They may also smell the volunteers’ armpits and other gross body parts to make sure they do not smell. It also helps them make sure that the volunteers are good enough to go without any second guesses. Although it sounds weird and creepy, this job is practiced in many parts of the world. What is even more intriguing is that many people opt for it as a full-time profession as well.

These were some of the weirdest jobs in the world. Although they sound funny, quirky, and engaging, they are genuinely practised worldwide even today. Now the revenue for them is greater than ever. Our most favourite pick is naturally the full-time Netflix viewer. It needs you to do nothing gross, and you can eat pizzas and binge-watch shows all day. So, why not?

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