Must-Have Hardware for Online Gamblers

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Online gambling has taken the storied gaming industry to a whole new level, with it expanding in just about every way imaginable. The internet has allowed platforms and developers to make more games, explore new ideas for the games, and even create some brand-new ways to play. Now, even the once-simple video slot boasts tremendous graphics, features, and animations, and so, many online gamblers seek ways to make their experience the best that it can possibly be, which means getting better hardware. Here, we’re exploring the popular ways to experience online gambling, the specs required to play, and some good choices to enhance your game time.

The varying specifications of modern online casino gaming

A video showing one of the most popular modern online video slots available, Bonanza by Big Time Gaming.

The range of online casino games is colossal, with more and more being added every week. While the foundations of most games are in casino classics, they’ve developed far beyond the capabilities of land-based games. You can play these online via your PC or even on the go with your smartphone for most games. However, not all games are made equal, and some have different requirements to others, particularly those that are more technologically advanced. For smartphone play, if you have an operating system that’s up to date enough that it can download a casino app, it’s usually alright to game on. When you play casino games on desktop, you’ll find that the demands of slot games like Bonanza, Imperial Luck, Mad Max Fury Road, and Aztec Realm are very different from those in the Live Casino section, such as Crazy Time, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Lightning Roulette, or Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Given the power of even low-end modern PCs, the main difference between being able to run a video slot or a top-class live casino game is your bandwidth. So, in some instances, you don’t even need to upgrade your desktop’s hardware, rather the tech powering your connection. When looking into what hardware to upgrade to get a better gaming experience, you need to check your PC’s:

  • RAM
  • SDD or HDD
  • Processor
  • Router
  • Screen resolution
  • Graphics card

For smartphone casino gaming, it’s not very often that you can upgrade your hardware other than enhancing your internet speed and connection with a new router. So, for the most part, if you need to upgrade your gaming on the go, it’ll mean getting a new device with a high operating system ceiling and better built-in tech.

Choosing between on-the-go and tabletop online gaming

Smartphone hardware requirements for online casino gaming aren’t very high, so even somewhat old devices like the Nexus 7, advertised eight years ago above, can be a viable choice.

Just about all online casino games made within the last five years have been created with a mobile-first mentality due to the popularity of mobile gaming. By utilizing HTML5, online casino games can easily transition to mobile play. Just as mobile gaming is the largest segment of the video games industry, so too is the main source of users in online casino gaming. Still, the convenience of smartphone gaming is inherently capped due to the relative lack of power, screen size, and potential to upgrade a device. Along with this, while mobile casino apps and websites still boast several hundreds of games, many older titles that aren’t among the most popular can’t be played on mobile, regardless of how powerful the device may be. That said, many players prefer the freedom that comes with playing on a smartphone regarding where and when you can start up a game of roulette or spin a slot. With PC casino gaming, you not only require a monitor and tower, but you also need a desk and chair, preferably one of the best ergonomic table set-ups.

Upgrade your tech for a better gaming experience

One way to improve your PC gaming experience is to get a better graphics card, with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti being one of the very best.

Due to how most people access online casino games, with the play being browser-based, the first place to start to enhance your experience is your internet connection. Getting a different router or a better plan can greatly increase your chances of playing a game in its best form. This is particularly true of live casino games, which are live-streamed to your computer, as they are quite demanding. At the very least, you need at least 56 Kbps for the more simplistic slots. However, to experience the best of the live casino world, you’ll need at least 512 Kbps of bandwidth connectivity. Wi-Fi routers that are the top picks for streaming are also solid choices for people who want to play live casino games. The next most impactful upgrade that you can make to your online casino gaming is getting a better monitor. As the likes of slots and the HD-streamed live games put a lot into their aesthetics, to enjoy them in their finest forms, you should aim to get an HD-capable monitor. LG has long been a favorite brand among gamers, with the super-fast 4K monitor LG 27GN950-B being top of the line right now. Of course, you can have the most high-powered screen in the world, but without a decent graphics card and processor, you’ll struggle to make the most of the game’s build. Many suggest that you’ll need a minimum of a Pentium III 800 MHz processor, but a 1.6 GHz would be much preferred if given the choice. The industry standard for graphics cards will usually suffice, but if you want to prepare for further advancements and even PC video gaming, it won’t hurt to upgrade the graphics card. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is consistently rated among the best graphic cards to get.

Luckily, even the most high-tech online casino games aren’t overly demanding in regards to computer specs. Still, you can improve your gaming experience by upgrading your hardware.

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