Gamification in Casinos: A Player’s Guide

Gamification in Casinos: A Player’s Guide
4 months ago

Remember that rush of excitement you got when you first played your first challenging game?

Do you still feel it after you get a hang of it?

The reality is that even the best casino games get boring without the right incentives.

But what if that challenging game is just a means to get into a bigger challenge? A goal towards another goal.

Casinos have been experimenting with this idea for some time and have subtly applied it ever since. If you’ve ever encountered the term “gamification” as a player, here’s everything you need to know.

Meaning of Gamification in Casinos

The term gamification implies an effort to apply game-like elements or properties to an activity or environment that normally doesn’t involve gaming. Now, using that in the context of a casino can be confusing because casinos are originally meant for gaming, right?

While that’s an interesting angle, gamification adds an extra layer of excitement to the casino experience besides playing the game itself.

For instance, if you’re playing interactive casino games such as real money fish games online, you’re sure to enjoy the thrill of shooting down the fish. Hunting is thrilling enough to be the major excitement you derive from the experience. However, the introduction of real money rewards heightens that experience because now you have your sight set on multiple rewards. Therefore, Vlad Grindu says that fish game gambling combines elements from video games with payouts from casino games.

Alternatively, gamification in casinos could also involve the introduction of loyalty programs, where players accumulate points earned from hitting certain milestones to access exclusive rewards.

It’s all about trying to amplify the experience so players can remain engaged.

How do Players Benefit from Gamification?

Gamification in casinos gives players an opportunity to focus on set goals and strive to achieve them. In return, they get the excitement of smashing those goals and claiming set rewards. The resulting sense of gratification from these continuous cycles is beneficial to the player in terms of pure fun and excitement. Players are continuously engaged and entertained, and frankly, that’s the reason many individuals turn to casino games in the first place.

Additionally, the rewards obtained from completing certain milestones or missions help to fund more gaming adventures. The emergence of play-to-earn game models has also potentially allowed players to earn real money from their casino gaming experience.

How Players Can Recognize Gamification in Casinos

Casinos take a textbook approach to introducing gamification to their online gaming environments. If you’re sold on the benefits of playing in a gamified casino, here are some gamification techniques you should look out for in any casino.

1. Daily Missions, Progress Bars, and Leveling Up

Daily missions are a common gamification technique employed in casinos. Players are assigned daily tasks that guarantee rewards like points, in-game currency, or free spins.

These missions are often assessed within a specific time frame using progress bars that determine how well a player is leveling up. Players that consistently complete missions and accumulate enough points are visibly ahead in the progress bars and vice versa.

2. Tournaments and Challenges

These techniques tap into a player’s innate competitive nature by putting different players up against each other in organized challenges and competitions. Players try to edge each other out by demonstrating that they have better skills in order to earn better prizes, rewards, and recognitions.

Before signing up for any of these competitions, it is important to confirm the associated terms and conditions to understand conditions, like entry requirements and competition formats.

3. VIP and Loyalty Programs

If you’re going to spend plenty of time and money at a casino, it is only fair that you get recognized and rewarded for it.

Casinos that understand this often reward regular customers with loyalty points based on the frequency and amount of bets placed. Other casinos also issue virtual in-game currencies that customers can use within the casino to finance in-game purchases and bonuses.

4. Leaderboards

This gamification technique also fosters healthy competition between multiple players over an extended period of time. Leaderboards are also used in tournaments to show how players rank in terms of performance. The prestige that comes with being the best at a certain task is the appealing feature of this technique. Nonetheless, the winner(s) still get some form of reward.

5. Social Gaming Features

Social gaming features are one of the targeted marketing strategies for reaching newbie gamblers with precision. These casinos often introduce social elements like chat functions, online sharing, and digital gambling communities into their gaming apps. As a result, players can share their achievements online with their close friends. Obviously, some gamers enjoy the attention and approval that comes with that. So, that serves as a motivation for them to unlock new levels, win bigger gaming competitions, and consequently stay engaged on the app.


Gamification in casinos is the new cool.

There’s no doubt that both players and casinos benefit enormously from increased engagement.

For players looking to maximize that fun, it is advisable to seek out casinos that organize daily missions, tournaments, and loyalty programs. These programs drive up excitement by rewarding players with points and putting them on top of the leaderboard.

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