A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For Yogurt

4 years ago

In recent years, health-functional yogurt becomes fastest growing category in the context of the overall consumption upgrade. In addition, customer participation in the consumer link has been gradually deepened, with the popularity of social tools. As a functional drink, the healthy concept of yogurt is further strengthened and given more sentimental meanings and has more emotional ties with customers, which changes the traditional single sales model. 

Yogurt has a rapid growth in the wave of dairy products’ consumption upgrade and quickly spreads the reputation of this unique yogurt brand by the core business model of “user driven”. yogurt adopts online and offline promotion strategy of double wheel driven to encourage users to participate in all aspects of yogurt production and designs a series of social activities to build a closed loop of online and offline user interaction and bring new yogurt consumption experience to users, relying on social networking tools. Marketing strategy of yogurt has important implications to functional Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sales.

What are the Marketing Strategies For Yogurt?

The current market position places yogurt in a Traditional Health Functional Food Market, a healthy lifestyle trend and consumers’ heart and the choice of consumers.

In addressing the current market, yogurt must adopt a “user-driven” customer approach, create a database of users (consumers and influencers), design new marketing strategies, and make more marketing efforts. 

Present yogurt does the following:

  1. Main contents of marketing strategy: spreading of advertisements through the networks, channel management, product positioning, joint tracking and cross-marketing of advertising, and expanding of the influence of the yogurt brand.

  2. Division of marketing strategies: yogurt brand image is mostly occupied by the “health” concept. The marketing strategy of yogurt must focus on the “healthy” concept, which is likely to be broader. 

  3. The manner and volume of advertising: the demand of healthy functional yogurt is strong, but the majority of yogurt advertising is consumption promotion advertising and corporate advertising. The position of exclusive print media advertising is difficult to endure.

  4. Promoting the combination of “user-oriented” and “horizontal-oriented”: the concept of “user-oriented branding” is a very valuable asset, and the yogurt brand must deepen the understanding of the role of the user, understand the user’s needs, and take the user’s own speech into account to accomplish, in addition, the promotion of the yogurt brand must move to “consumer-oriented” to that of the customer friendly brand.

  5. With the market pace, marketing strategies belong to the promotion of the maintenance of brand awareness, brand image recognition and brand advocacy, which is also based on the image of the brand, because the yogurt brand may face strong uphill shopping competition, so it must constantly strive for brand integrity and advertising capabilities.
  1. The quality of marketing and brand equity: it is worth noting that the development of the product in the yogurt market is rapid, the added value of yogurt products according to the quality is even higher than the originality of the formula, and the use of more advanced production equipment and control systems, resulting in the saving of more material, produce less waste, and the oxygenation of the production process, resulting in improved brand quality, and better brand competitiveness.
  1. The marketing function is to highlight the uses, tastes changes and other characteristics of the products, R & D and the development of products, suppliers (including fresh milk, fruit yogurts, yogurt and private label products), promotional activities are also divided into these, marketing management and branding: yogurt brand management and branding.
  1. In order to promote the product to consumers, but is also to promote the product to consumers, the marketing strategy should also reflect the perspective of the product on certain occasions. 
  1. The marketing focus is the integration of product sales promotion and user engagement, It helps to overcome the limitations of traditional marketing, promoting the use of multiple channels to achieve the continuous interaction between product campaigns and those users. The ultimate goal is to improve the product users’ subjective perceptions of yogurt, which will give consumers a better image of the product, and also increase product user loyalty and product consumption. In addition, the marketing and branding played an important role in expanding value of the product.
  1. Changes in the marketing strategy and positioning of the product varies from period to period: this is not a manifestation of the product’s product life cycle, and the development of the product requires the development of production, market and competition, and these variables are very complex.

Which Brand Strategy For Yogurt?

Yogurt marketing strategy should obviously choose one of the 4 main marketing strategies:

  1. The promotional strategy: this is by far the most common and traditional marketing strategy. The promotion strategy is simply to build and promote the yogurt brand: generate more consumers, and capture more consumers. The promotion and release of yogurt by yogurt manufacturers is mainly two kinds of efforts to achieve: one aspect of the “double drive online and offline “Art, so the two are very important to fight.

  2. The promotional strategy: the promotional strategy is to improve the image of the brand and improve its competitive strength. Generally, each manufacturer relies on a variety of promotion approaches to compete for a relatively small number of consumers, and each approach will be formulated on the basis of the characteristics of the product, and the type of products, the power of products and the restrictive power of other companies. For example, in order to fight the fruit yogurt home and fruit yogurt, the manufacturer needs to perform the product promotion research and development, and the combination of different products, the product promotion strategy and the product promotion campaign, it needs to be adjusted to the characteristics of the product and the competition.

  3. Promotion strategy: this strategy is consistent, rational, and natural and the interactive marketing strategy, it is to find the most effective channel for carrying out the relevant product promotion. This method is also generally used by manufacturers, with a lot of products and different advertising capabilities to network to achieve cooperation in the network. The advertising is to create a feeling of market participation, and to create a good internal unity, and also multi-channel advertising features rely on data and information to launch the product special promotion. For example, traditional yogurt of major brands and yogurt taste and flavor, yogurt variety of color is very different, etc., there are certain marketing style, structure, positioning and positioning to determine the view of the market, serve certain market needs and needs.

  4. Promotional strategy: the promotion strategy is to differentiate the “quality” of the product and focus on different products, as well as to create new effects. This is the marketing strategy of “value creation”, and the promotional activities are often through the media to record nature, the quality of the product, the idea and the development of product, the origin of the product, the product and the user, the positive features of the product and the various aspects of the product.

Which Brand Promotion

Yogurt marketing promotion has many concepts, the promotion of the product on the vertical axis is also very important, so the original activities of advertising, such as advertising, in order to improve the pattern of product consumption, it may inadvertently lead consumers who did not reflect in real life, with the product to see the product in the advertisements, this may lead to the consumer to pay attention to the product, which in turn will stimulate advertising effect. Here is the promotion (the advertising message strategy): in this way to the consumer to consciously care about the product and image awareness of the product.

Effective Marketing Strategy For Yogurt

The real words of the real yogurt is having a good marketing strategy. The various kinds of production line production and is also the chasm, the development of the technology, the real yogurt’s market environment has undergone a huge change, the yogurt-related products, presented by many manufacturers at the same time. Without any marketing strategy to grasp, it is very difficult to achieve a meaningful and positive effect, it is necessary to develop their own unique flavor of promotion strategy, to ensure that the product clearly use the marketing strategy of “positioning and image” to highlight its brand image and then build a complete positioning of the product, as the “preparation for marketing success”.

Key Benefits of Marketing Strategy For Yogurt

Solely to the promotion and marketing strategies, yogurt marketing is a “honey moon” (quickly become stable) product. When the product is successful in the market, as long as the product market sales revenue exceeds the company’s expectations, the company will enter the period of more stable production, the production of stable goods conditions, and adapt the marketing and promotion strategy. This shows that the development of the “product life cycle”, the product itself requires the development of production, marketing, management, as well as other factors, market, competition, etc. are important factors, if they are not in accordance with, the product development and the market always be in a long-term delay and the product market sales revenue and company earnings are always pulled down.

Market Response To Marketing Strategy For Yogurt

Marketing strategies for Yogurt are very important to the company’s own strength. Given that the product is a premium product, the marketing strategy of promotion and advertising is also very strong and comprehensive, the company’s brand strategy is also very clear, the product is color, taste and flavor in the market, if the entire market brand image is good, the product has also reached a certain level of market acceptance and social status. Compared with the product concept is “poor”, “moderate” and “good”, as well as a variety of ad strategies, in other words, product lines are divided into three levels, which is the product itself, the position of inferior budget-oriented feature is not enough to lead to the market appraisal. After the company finishes the product introduction, and all aspects of advertising and marketing strategy are ok, as long as the market response to the promotion will not only increase market share, and ultimately set up a good product sales condition, not only guarantee the company’s long-term development and improve the company’s profits.

Marketing Strategy Of Yogurt Exercises

Not only mature, but also through the market and competitor’s response, in the production of new products and new products of the overall quality, to provide the company with new long-term development opportunities and new opportunities, it is necessary to have a strong marketing strategy, it must be understood that this goal, in order to achieve a series of economic and profit results. 

And in order to achieve this goal, the following points need to be paid attention to: 

1, The development of new products is a key to development of the market. 

2, The development of the product needs a certain level of demand. 

3, The pricing strategy is the correct choice of products. 

4, The market competitiveness and competitiveness of the product is very important. 

5, The product needs to invent new technology to achieve breakthrough.

6, The development of new products is not only a crucial part, but also a key factor of developing the company.

7, The product success is the key of market success. 

8, The product needs to upgrade its quality and improve its competitiveness. 

9, Product development is crucial to the development of the company.

10, There is a strong relationship between the product and the company’s company management.

11, The level of product quality and the level of overall quality need to be very accurate.

12, The product needs to have an excellent image. 

13, Innovation is the key to the company’s development. 

14, The development of the product needs an appropriate product promotion. 

15, It is the development of the product of the embryo of future development.

16, The market is not only the ears and eyes of the market. 

17, Competition between products is the key of competition between companies. 

18, The development of the company needs high financial and investment stability.

19, The development of the company needs the development of the product and the development of the company.

20, The development of the product needs the support of the marketing strategy. 

21, The output and demand are closely related to market response. 

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