Your Pets New Best Friend: The GULIGULI Smart Companion Robot

Your Pets New Best Friend: The GULIGULI Smart Companion Robot
1 year ago

Is your pet an only child? Sometimes they can get a little lonely, leading to bad behaviors like chewing up one of your favorite pairs of shoes. And with many of us returning to the office at least a few days a week, suddenly spending a lot less time with them, things can get a little dicey.

That’s why GULIGULI designed the New Smart Companion Robot to give your pet the attention they deserve and you peace of mind throughout the day.

Smart Companion Robot Features

The Smart Companion Robot is great for keeping both cats and dogs entertained. Equipped with a variety of fun features like a 1080P HD camera with 2-way audio, treat dispenser, laser, and more, which can all be controlled through the easy-to-use GULIGULI mobile app – the Smart Companion Robot is prepared to be your pets new best friend.

With the 1080P HD camera with 2-way audio you can feel like you’re in the room right next to your pet wherever you are. And thanks to the camera and audio functions you can be sure that when you snap a photo or record video through the app it will be perfect.

For the moments you want to reward, or let’s be honest, even spoil your pet, you can easily dispense a treat with the touch of a button. The treat dispenser has 12 separate cartridges with enough room for treats for a pet of any size.

And for added fun the Smart Companion Robot comes with a built-in laser! It was designed for cats, but hey, if your dog has some cat-like tendencies and is into playing with lasers – we won’t stop them. A simple push of a button from the GULIGULI app activates the laser and the rest is up to you.

To ensure your pet is properly entertained throughout the course of the day, the Smart Companion Robot has a 6 to 8 hour battery life in case you end up spending the whole day at the office.

Additionally, the wheels were designed to avoid being toppled over and withstand larger dogs such as Golden Retrievers and Labs. The wheels are also capable of moving on 15-degree inclines, making it perfect for going from carpet to hardwood or even over items on the floor such as dirty clothes or rugs. So you never have to worry about your Smart Companion Robot getting stuck.

But that’s not all, you want to know the best part about it all? There is no pesky subscription that comes with the Smart Companion Robot. No additional costs, no hidden fees, only unlimited free, fun times with your pet.

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