Where Can Foreigners Buy Apartments In Alanya, And What Other Interesting Facts Can You Share About The City?

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10 months ago

Apartment prices in Alanya would be reasonable if you were familiar with the city’s numerous interesting features and the many possible attractions you might visit during your stay.

Here is a rundown of little-known facts about Alanya that are sure to pique your attention.

Funny Fact 1

The beach usually has low tides. Do you know that during the dry season, the water tends to migrate away from the shore and that during the wet season, it tends to move closer to the shore? Alanya Beach is a year-round hotspot thanks to its stunning scenery and the fact that the water is only a short distance from the sand.

This quality ensures that the area is always bustling with tourists enjoying the warm weather and fresh air provided by the neighboring mountains and ocean. Due to the constant sunshine and lively seas, Alanya does not welcome tourists.

Fact Number Two

The world-famous Cleopatra Beach can be found in this area. You’ve probably heard or read the mythology that Cleopatra was given the beach of Alanya as a gift from nature to show her how much she was loved. Though it’s impossible to know for sure whether this is a fabrication or not; the story continues to be told around the shores of Alanya until today.

Many married couples that travel to Turkey do so because they believe it to be an ideal place to spend quality time together on vacation. That makes perfect sense and is not hard to grasp. Who wouldn’t want to take a load off on a beach that used to be a part of a king’s private property? Perhaps browsing through Alanya property for sale sounds reasonable for couples making some serious plans for the future.

An Irrelevant Third

Alanya is rumored to be home to some of Turkey’s best attractions for families on vacation. This is something that should go without saying. It would be impossible to name all of the parks in this city, and there is always something fun for kids of all ages to do, from organized play dates to kid-friendly water parks to little museums.

Wonderful places to unwind and unwind musically and beautifully decorated for romantic getaways are also available. This feature is why many people consider Alanya to be an ideal vacation spot for couples.

Rogue Fact Number Four

Alaiye was an earlier name for present-day Alanya. Alaiye and Alanya are two different places, but some newcomers to the area may assume they refer to the same place and question if they are interchangeable. Alanya was once known as Alaiye, which is why some websites persist in using the older name. There are still some Alaiye artifacts on the ground, and you can find them in a handful of local stores.

The town was renamed when the president decided he preferred the new name. Is there truth to these claims? There are several myths surrounding the origin of the character, but many people still believe this one to be true.

Five Interesting Realizations

Alanya, Turkey, has so much significant historical architecture that it has been designated as a National Heritage Site. The Kyzyl Kune is a perfect example of a place like this. An impressive and ancient tower was built to provide city guards with a vantage point from which they could survey a wide area outside the city walls. This allowed the troops to plan for an invasion and develop defensive strategies to keep out potential invaders. Trips to the Kyzyl Kune are fantastic for sightseeing.

Interesting Fact No. 6

The Damlatash and the Pirate Cave are two of the city of Alanya’s lesser-known natural and historical features. Turkey is a melting pot of thousands of lives worth of knowledge and wisdom. Once the spiritual center of the Ottoman Empire, the city fell under the control of the Romans, pirates, and other invaders over the centuries. Some of the most impressive tunnels are linked at their entrances and exits despite having formed naturally. Two such caves, the Damlatash, and the Pirate, are linked together. From what we can piece together from history, the cave was used to house female prisoners.

Trivial Truth No. 7

Numerous stray animals live at the Alanya resort and are free to explore the grounds. Like lizards and maybe even birds might be seen in some places of Venice, cats are practically synonymous with Alanya. These gentle beings add beauty to the island and greet visitors with interesting looks.

If you have ailurophobia, also known as a fear of cats, then you know where to stay away from them; instead, you should research a hotel’s policy regarding the management of cats before making a reservation there. If you love cats, you’ll feel right at home here. If you’ve fallen in love with a cat, it’s only natural to want to take care of one.

Truth No. 8

Cable cars in Alanya. Sightseeing trips through the Turkish city of Alanya are now possible on the cable car system known as Teleferik. This first-quality taxi service offers rides to and from everywhere in Istanbul for a flat fare of about 28 Turkish Lira. This is a great chance to have a bird’s-eye view of the city, which will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty. As they make their way from one end of the line to the other, some passengers may stop to take pictures or engage in other activities that they can later describe in a postcard.


All of this evidence suggests that Alanya is a great place to go if you’re in search of a beach vacation and some good times with new people. Consider your financial situation before planning a trip to the area; nevertheless, if you have a tight budget, you may still have a good time there. This is because many of the area’s top attractions have affordable and equally fun alternatives.

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