What To Know About the E-Verify System

What To Know About the E-Verify System
3 years ago

Worker eligibility is one of the more difficult things to establish, especially when you are looking to hire and need to conduct a background check on more than one person. However, the e-verify system is capable of providing these answers quickly and easily to anyone with the proper authorization. But to understand what e-verify does, you need to understand what to know about the e-verify system.

What Is E-Verify?

E-verify is a complex database that holds and compares employment records and eligibility of employees. It goes a step further than the I-9 form to ensure that workers and potential hires are eligible for work by comparing information with other databases.

How It Works

Although how third parties verify employment is a bit more complicated, the basics are as follows. The system does not give free access to anyone; someone with the proper authorization must request information. They then receive a code to look up the specific person they are trying to get confirmation about. This is done for both speed and information protection.

Government Compliance

The government also uses this e-verify system to help ensure it hires only those who are eligible for work. Government contracts and funding often require the use of e-verify, and it’s recommended that you use e-verify to avoid potential problems even if you don’t work with the government.

Why It’s Useful

E-verify systems provide a myriad of benefits to those that use them. First, it speeds up your HR processes and frees up your HR department to do other tasks since they no longer need to answer employment verification requests. The system also helps protect you from hiring individuals who aren’t eligible for work in America. This, in turn, protects you from government audits and fines later.

This guide on what to know about the e-verify system should teach you the basics of how the system works, and you might find that it’s good for your business. The safety and protection it offers is well worth the investment, and it can even save resources for you in the long run.

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