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You recognize how important payment card data security is to your business – and that payment card security is a shared responsibility. PCI Awareness training is geared to a broad audience including executives, managers, and staff who are affected by PCI compliance requirements.

This training program will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to meet the challenges of keeping payment card information and systems secure.

  • Audience: all.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.

PCI compliance focuses on the protection and security of cards, cardholder data, and systems such as swipe terminals and POS software. It encompasses everything from data encryption, DDoS attack prevention, and the use of firewall and anti-malware technologies. By demonstrating proper use of these tools – and the corresponding setbacks for the business if they are not used – you can turn PCI compliance into a strong tool for security.

Where to find PCI Training?

It is easy to get a quality PCI training course. There are plenty of resources on the web, and like many things in life, you do get what you pay for. It is advisable that you look at offerings from organizations such as the Data & Analytics Council, LLC, known as the D&AC. Not only does it help to ensure a quality PCI security training course, but it also offers a great customer service and a program for evaluating different PCI training organizations.

Choosing a course

D&AC has a rating system to evaluate how well a specific program meets the needs and requirements of the specific group that is being trained. Every course is tested to ensure the effectiveness of the training. Because of the need for this kind of training due to the massive amount of changes and updates that have been made to the compliance structure, it is important to ensure that the courses are updated, current, and that the content is relevant.

What Can Be Learned From PCI Training?

There are several different areas that can be addressed in a PCI training program.

Some of these include:

  • An overview of PCI DSS
  • Simple vs. Advanced Enforcement
  • Recordkeeping
  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring, and
  • Security, Compliance, and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

What Is the Cost?

PCI training resources are widely available. You can find both free and paid tools for the perfect balance between receiving quality and getting the most out of what will be spent.

There are various options available for receiving training at the lowest cost. For example, you can purchase training through many websites. You can receive free training that will provide a quality experience if you are not willing to spend money on security training.

Keeping the Course Relevant

It is important to recognize that you want the training to be updated, and relevant. It is important to ensure that there are structures in place to ensure that the training is up to date and that the security policies and procedures match the standards required.

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