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Cyber security assessment is a service entails risk-based approaches to examine and enhance defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks. The strategy helps identify threats that could affect the availability and reliability of a system. Overall, a business can get a better understanding of the capabilities of defenses put in place against malicious attacks.


In response to the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats targeting company networks, it is imperative for all businesses to conduct thorough cyber security assessments to identify and protect network systems from attacks on a recurring basis. Cyber security assessment helps identify and mitigate risks with reliable security controls and measures.


A cyber security assessment can be conducted by consulting with the company’s internal and external teams including but not limited to its IT experts, risk managers, network security team, and corporate officers. The assessment can identify and help solve vulnerabilities and enforce security controls.

Successful cyber security assessments need to include the following:

  • Proactive identification of weaknesses that could be exploited by an attacker
  • Proactive identification of vulnerabilities such as old patches, configuration flaws, unsupported operating system, declassified operating systems, and lack of security patches
  • Identification of the specific attacks likely to target the business
  • Identify the most sensitive assets requiring urgent protection
  • Identification of the most common methods of attack and protection strategies to use against them
  • Identification of 3rd party connections and managed service providers which has been contracted by the business and their security practices.

Identification of policies and measures to be put in place for applications, mobile platforms and network.


A cyber security assessment can be conducted using a variety of methods and the process will reflect the goals the company is looking to achieve. Potential outputs from a cyber security assessment product include but not limited to the following:

  • Identification of the current cyber security posture of the business
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and recommendations to protect the business from cyber attacks
  • Identification of controls put in place to protect systems and the chances of business’ potential liability for cyber attacks.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement in the current cyber security posture of the business
  • Identified gaps in the current cyber security posture of the business

A cyber security assessment brings in a holistic view of the security practices of a business. It is the best way to identify security vulnerabilities and to prioritize improvements in order to give the business a strong defense against cyber-attacks.


Cyber security assessments exercise the organization’s cyber security posture and helps understand the value of the organizations information. Various tools and approaches are used to identify and enhance the security posture of a business. Cyber security awareness among stakeholders within an organization is important.

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