Ways to Stay Motivated When Working from Home

Ways to Stay Motivated When Working from Home
4 years ago

After nearly two months working from home, businesses and employees alike are beginning to feel the strains associated with being out of the office for so long. For those who have never worked from home before, it can be difficult to make the adjustment—often leaving them with a limited amount of motivation. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to combat these growing feelings of restlessness and make the most of each day. These are a few ways to stay motivated when working from home as well as maintain your productivity and focus.

Create a Designated Office Space

Part of what many employees enjoy about working in the office is that they can physically remove themselves from their work once it’s time to leave. This physical barrier helps them mentally draw the line between working hours and relaxing time—making it easier to put themselves in that frame of mind. But when you work from home, you’re always at the office, and it’s crucial that you find other ways to remove yourself in order to properly relax. One way to do this is by creating an office space that you can walk away from at the end of the workday. Just be sure that it’s a quiet space away from distractions so that you can focus.

Stick to a Normal Routine

Creating a regular daily routine—and sticking to it—is another effective way to stay motivated when working from home. Just going through the motions of getting up early, getting dressed, and clocking in at your normal time can keep your brain on track for the rest of the day. On the flip side, allowing yourself to fall away from a routine can lead to laziness and generally make it harder to motivate yourself. This is why it’s incredibly important that you establish a solid routine that you can count on to provide you with some normalcy. Make sure as well that you make breaks a part of this routine, as they help you get away from your desk, decompress, and come back refreshed.

Keep Yourself Active and Healthy

Our physical health can also contribute to how we approach our work from home. Since we don’t have anywhere to go, it’s easy to stop practicing healthy habits such as working out and eating right. Allowing our health to deteriorate in this way often leaves us with a reduced amount of energy that then, in turn, affects our ability to do our jobs. For this reason, it’s crucial that you keep yourself energized during this time by finding new ways to remain active and maintain a healthy diet. It’s particularly important as well that you’re drinking enough water to maintain a clear head and remain productive. Don’t worry—you can always personalize your water if you don’t like the taste.

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