Ways To Manage Your Field Service Team

Ways To Manage Your Field Service Team
1 year ago

In recent times, from technology to different consumer behaviors, the business landscape has continued to evolve. As businesses aim to remain competitive, one difficulty every organization faces is the effective management of their field service teams.

Management of field service is the technique involved in generally organizing field service operations. At the most basic level, it includes the scheduling of service requests, tracking employee work hours with job positions, dispatching client service teams, as well as billing for finished tasks.

Furthermore, as a field service manager, you are committed to making sure your clients are happy and that their job requests are appropriately carried out. You also need to ensure that your team members are safe, as an injury or accident can involve lawsuits from yourself and your client. Hence, this article contains how you can effectively and efficiently manage your field service team.

Ways to Manage Your Field Service Team

Increase Communication and Collaboration

The success of your field service team is based on how effective your communication system is. When employees are working in various places, the possibility to clearly and effectively communicate becomes more essential.

Lack of effective communication can lead to a myriad of problems, including a loss in business, lost activity and productivity, and frustrated workers. No wonder communication is critical to every organization.

For example, if your field service agent is on the way to attend to a client, but as a result of unforeseen difficulties, he may be arriving quite later than expected. Although some clients may understand the circumstance, it will likely not become problematic if communication occurs early enough.

Being a field service manager, you are expected to be in charge of information sharing, customer management, and incident resolution. First, you need to create a workflow that will grant you the flexibility to customize various workflows for clients and field agents.

Moreover, you can also consider field service management tools with in-built real-time communication. Those tools will help you utilize time-saving features such as file transfers, live chat, and video conferencing. Hence, you will be able to guarantee transparency amongst business units, minimize disappointments and delays, and thereby give better customer service.

Consequently, effective communication promotes collaboration as field employees will be able to easily reach out to their workplace for solutions and support whenever an issue arises. This will not only enhance confidence but will also help to achieve specific goals.

Automate Field Service Tasks

One of the ways to effectively manage your field service team is by reducing the time you consume on manual processes. Several aspects of field service management may appear simple, but each requires various tools and procedures to be appropriately managed. Hence, manual processes are inefficient and hectic, often leading to unwanted and costly mistakes.

Automation will not only make it possible for you to manage your field works, but it will also help to identify employee burnout. In addition, access to crucial information in a centralized system with customized workflow will enhance productivity and improve the overall speed by which services are being delivered.

Customer Relationship Training

Being a field service leader, you should know how to train your field service team. However, training the field workers is not merely about the frameworks and logistical support, nuts and bolts, hardware/software, etc.

Concerning field service, there are certain visible major competencies that should be developed into the training program right from the commencement. In light of this, the best field service companies have found the means to incorporate customer involvement and interpersonal skills into their training programs so that their field employees will be able to view their jobs as something beyond just work.

The field service relationship training, when implemented, has been proven to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and the overall efficiency of your field service provisions.

Use Field Service Management Software

An automated Field Service Management software has the ability to help managers keep an intense watch on the whole field service team’s attendance, working hours, travel location, and service visits, including every daily task and activity they carry out on the field. This helps to ensure transparency and trust by accurate recording and tracking of the team’s activities.

One of the primary advantages of FSM software is automated and improved scheduling. It can also improve your customer service skills, coupled with boosting customer loyalty in the long run.

Moreover, a discerning field service team software offers real-time location tracking to adjust appointments and outline the trouble spots of the team. Managers can also utilize such knowledge and understanding to make prompt measures, relieve pain points, and solve difficulties.

Be Transparent and Give Feedback


Transparency requests managers to make sure that field service workers know what they should do in customer service, coupled with their daily goals. The capability to track their progress on the field gives them a visualization of what is going on and helps them enhance their performance on sales.

When they can all see what is going on, they then become more dedicated to the procedure and identify its worth.

To increase transparency, however, is to give precise feedback on their field service performance. Instead of informing employees that they need to improve their efficiency, be clear about what they need to improve or the service pattern they need to change.

That will save them time spent trying to pinpoint your definition of “you need to improve” feedback.

Field Service Management

The word “managing” may sound simple for a few field employees. However, when it comes to handling a large number of field employees, it becomes an overwhelming duty. With handling customer requests and field workers, as a field service manager, you need to make sure you are maximizing your resources in the most effective way achievable.

Failure to keep a balanced management approach will unavoidably affect the success of your organization. Thus, it is essential to make sure your field service team can carry out its job without having to suffer from burnout or lack of focus.

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