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If you are looking for multiple ways to check plagiarism in your content, we suggest reading this guide.

In this short post, we will tell you about the famous plagiarism checker website that you can find on the internet.

After reading this post, you would know how to check plagiarism with the best website. So without wasting any time, let us dig in with the details of the post.


Plagiarismchecker.co is a very popular plagiarism checker site that can help you scan all forms of plagiarism in your content. Today there are multiple types of plagiarism. You have to be careful if you want to avoid the accusation and consequences related to plagiarism. This free plagiarism checker can help you find intentional as well as unintentional types of plagiarism.

People usually don’t trust plagiarism checker tools, and this is because they are difficult to use and are not secure. But this is not the case with this plagiarism checker. Below we have listed the working steps of this online plagiarism checker. If you have any reservations related to using this online plagiarism checker, we would suggest you read the next section.

Different ways to check plagiarism with plagiarismchecker.co

Multiple ways are used where you can check plagiarism with this online tool. Below we have listed the three different methods of checking plagiarism with this tool.

Check plagiarism in text

On the plagiarism checker, you are going to find a text box. In this text box, you have to write down or paste the text you want to check for plagiarism. Here the important thing that you need to know is that the word count of the input content should not be more than 800 words. The free version of this plagiarism checker is only capable of checking 800 words in one search query.

Check plagiarism with files

The second option to check plagiarism with this tool is saving the text in your desired file format. The plagiarismchecker.co can accept multiple file-formats as input. All you have to do is open the tool and use the upload options to enter your local or cloud storage files. You don’t have to worry about the size of the files. After entering the file, you have to follow the same procedure and click ‘check plagiarism’.

Check plagiarism via URL

What you don’t know is that you can also check plagiarism in content with the help of URLs with this tool. Sometimes you have to keep track and find if someone is stealing content from your website. Plagiarismchecker.co has space to add the website path/URL and click on the ‘check plagiarism’ button. The tool would screen all sorts of plagiarism from your website. You can also check Google docs with the help of URL links with this tool.

Now that you know the different ways of checking plagiarism with this tool let us tell you about its special features!

Working of plagiarismchecker.co

Here are the steps that would help you use this plagiarism checker website:

  1. Open https://www.plagiarismchecker.co on your browser.
  2. Enter the input content in the tool.
  3. Fill in the security captcha.
  4. Click on the ‘check plagiarism’ button.
  5. Get your results.

Now, if you want to know about the different ways you can check plagiarism with this website, you should read the details below!

Features of plagiarismchecker.co

Here are some of the key features of this website tool that would tell you how it differs from other ones in this league.

Deep search

The deep search feature of this online plagiarism checker is remarkable. The tool uses AI and advanced algorithms to check duplication in content. When you enter content in the tool, it would first analyze it and then divide it into small parts. These small parts would then be compared with the database of the website tool.

Large database

Plagiarismchecker.co has a very large database. You would be shocked to know that this website has more than twenty billion web pages in its database. It would compare your content with all of these pages and would get you results in a very short time.

Efficient scanning

This plagiarism checker can scan your work in less than two to three seconds. There are many plagiarism checker tools listed on the web. Still, none of them is as quick as this online plagiarism checker tool.

Downloadable reports

The plagiarism checker would provide you with reports related to the originality of your work. You can download the reports in PDF format if you want to.

So these are some of the important details about the plagiarismchecker.co! Now you can try this plagiarism checker and scan as many docs with it. The tool offers both free and paid packages that you can use according to your requirements!

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