Use Cleaning Express For Your Spring Cleaning

Use Cleaning Express For Your Spring Cleaning
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If you’re gearing up for your spring clean and are really not looking forward to the mammoth task ahead, why not get someone else to do it? A spring clean is a really big job, and it should be done right. After all, it sets the tone for the rest of the year. A good spring cleaning brings your home back to life. It clears away the clutter, dust and grime and makes your house feel like your home again.

So, why not take this year’s spring cleaning seriously and hire Cleaning Express to do the work for you? Our expert team of cleaners can clean your home from top to bottom in just a few hours and ensure that it looks wonderful again, you can read more about it here.

The services included in our spring cleaning sessions

If you’re a regular Cleaning Express customer, you’ll know that most of our cleaning sessions are conducted by one cleaner. However, with spring cleans, we use a team of cleaners to ensure that we can power through all of the cleaning tasks needed quickly.

During a spring clean, every room of your home will be cleaned from top to bottom. Every bookshelf, every skirting board, every mirror, every light, in every room will be wiped down and cleaned perfectly.

Let’s take the bathroom as an example. During a spring clean, our team of cleaners will remove all limescale from taps, the bath, the glass shower door and the shower head. The tiles will be wiped down and left shiny. The sink, the bath, the toilet and any mirrors will be cleaned until you can see your face in them. Any cupboards or shelving units will be dusted, and commonly missed areas like behind the toilet, for example, won’t be commonly missed. After all of this, the floors will be mopped, and your bathroom will be ready for your family to enjoy.

While your bathroom is being thoroughly cleaned, other members of the cleaning team will be doing the same throughout your house. Your kitchen, living room, every bedroom, the office and any other rooms will all be cleaned perfectly.

Additions that are really helpful

We do have additional cleaning services that you can add to your spring clean to get the most out of them. Carpet cleaning services, for example. We don’t include carpet cleaning as standard as many of our customers do not have much carpet in their houses. However, if you’d like your carpets to be shampooed and brought back to life during your spring clean, you can add this service on.

We have a few other additional cleaning services available, too. Like upholstery cleaning, if you’d like to make your sofa and other soft furnishings look new again. When you phone Cleaning Express to book your spring clean, please ask the call centre about our additional services. If you don’t see the cleaning service you need, we are more than happy to customise the clean to suit your needs wherever possible.

What happens after a spring clean?

With the spring clean complete, regular domestic cleaning sessions can be used to keep your home looking amazing for a lot longer. Many of our regular domestic cleaning customers used our spring cleaning service first and then decided to stay with us for our regular cleaning sessions too.

Here, a cleaner will come to your home once a week, a few times a week, or once a fortnight; it’s up to you. And they will do all of the cleaning tasks that you don’t have time to do. The average time slot for our cleaners for these sessions is two hours, and our cleaners can get a lot done in this time.

Again, this service is totally tailored to suit any given day. So, if you’ve already done some cleaning tasks, the vacuuming, for example. Just let our cleaner know, and they will get on with doing the tasks you didn’t have time for. These cleaning services are designed to make your life easier, and our cleaners are always happy to work hard for you to ensure your home stays looking amazing.

Get in touch

If you’re planning a spring cleaning session soon, Cleaning Express would love to help. Our cleaners are fully trained professionals who are passionate, trustworthy and hard-working. With their help, your home will be transformed, and you’ll have none of the stress that a spring clean can bring. Get in touch with Cleaning Express today to learn more about our spring cleaning services; you’ll be really glad you did.

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