Understanding the Technology Behind Online Casino Games

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3 years ago

The online gambling world is full of advanced technology that is used to power the casino games, and the websites behind them. Most online casinos choose to outsource the development of their games to outside companies that specialize in this type of gaming.

The online casino industry has certainly improved in the handful of years since debuting on the net back around the turn of the millennium. The technology has evolved and these games are now more enjoyable and user-friendly. From the sounds and graphics to the overall functionality, the changes have been drastic. One of the biggest changes to the online gaming industry has been the explosion of paypal casino sites, which give players the opportunity to make instant deposits and withdrawals.

You may be wondering how this technology works. Game developers need to take into account entertainment, as well as fairness and security. Players want to know that they’re playing a fun game, but also that they aren’t being ripped off. Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind online casino games.

Types of Online Casino Software

There are three main types of software that most online casinos use:

  • Download software: Games that require a software download before playing
  • Flash software: The fun of playing, but completely online
  • Mobile casino software: Apps developed specifically for a cell phone or tablet

Of the three, the mobile casino software is the most popular, as people love that they can just download an app and play right on their phones. It can vary from casino to casino, but games you can play at this online casino can include all of the classics, such as poker, craps, roulette, slots, and blackjack, to name a few.

The Games

One of the biggest questions people have about online casinos and gambling is, how do they make sure things are fair? Each online slot game utilizes a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a specific computer component that makes random number sequences. It does this every millisecond and runs 24/7. This RNG has to continue creating these random sequences in order for the game to be fair.

If a gambling site is worth using, they will use a certified RNG. In order to be certified, the RNG goes through rigorous Technical Systems Testing (TST) to ensure that the randomization does not have any hiccups along the way.

Software Providers

Online casino games are created by specialized developers whose expertise is digital online gambling. There are several companies that make the software that goes into online gambling. Some of the top developers are NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and Realtime Gaming.

The most reputable of the bunch is Microgaming. They were the original pioneers in the world of online casinos, launching the first one back in 1994. Since the first launch, they have put out more than 800 online casino games, with more than 500 variants of those games. All major online casinos support their programs. Another leader is Playtech, which has been in the industry since 1999.

Payment Services

The number one payment provider for online gambling worldwide is PayPal, as it allows cashless transactions from bank account to bank account, without having to give away your account information. PayPal makes cashing out winnings easy as well. Other common payment service providers are Skrill and Neteller. Security is a concern for many people, but these payment services have data encryption protocols in place in order to keep their clients’ banking information safe.

Depending on the online casino, they may also accept Visa, MasterCard, and other major credit cards. Alternatively, players may also have the option to do a bank transfer. This is one of the simplest options but likely comes with steep fees from your financial institution.

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