Trendy New Services To Offer in Your Salon

Trendy New Services To Offer in Your Salon
3 years ago

Are you thinking about expanding your salon’s services? Even if your salon is already successful, never allow yourself to become complacent!

The beauty industry changes constantly. To keep up with the competition, you should always be prepared to pounce on the latest trends. Here are three trendy new services to offer in your salon.

Brow Lamination

It’s time to bid farewell to brow pencils and gels because brow lamination is the new way to get dark, thick, and fluffy brows.

This unique new treatment is the perm of the brow world. A stylist will apply the perming solution to the brow hairs, relaxing them. Then, they will mold brows into a new style. Finally, they “freeze” the hairs into their new position with a setting solution. The result is darker, thicker, and shapelier brows that your clients are sure to love.

Lash Lift and Tint

Mascara is gloopy, and extensions and falsies are heavy. How are you supposed to get curly, voluminous lashes without the hassle? With a lash lift and lash tint, of course!

Lash lifts are similar to brow laminations. The stylist will use a solution to remove keratin and bonds from the lashes and make them malleable. Then, they mold them into a new shape and “freeze” them in place.

After a lash lift, many lash technicians choose to tint their client’s lashes to achieve a darker and fuller look.


Another trendy new service to offer in your salon is waxing! Waxing isn’t “new,” per se. Rather, the hype for it has never left! It’s a timeless treatment that’s here to stay.

Some salon owners are wary about offering waxing services, and that’s fair. Waxing is a nerve-wracking process, not just for the person getting waxed but also for the waxer! The waxer has to be careful not to make mistakes, or they risk making an already painful process even more uncomfortable for the client.

But for those eager to try this delicate process, waxing can bring in a lot of opportunities and boost profits. If you’re already offering brow-related services, including brow waxing as one of them is a natural next step.

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