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We reviewed the best of the best in Knipex Tools. Need answers? Get them from Sp8tium… and the tools, too.

Tools: one of the most underrated things we use in our day-to-day lives. Without them we wouldn’t be able to build houses, mend our cars, or even put up a shelf. Tools are an integral part of our lives… so why do so many of us have the wrong ones?

We mean you. Those with the random screwdriver in the junk drawer, with the Allen key hanging around on the coffee table… with the wrench that doesn’t fit anything. It’s time to get your tools in order. Something strong enough to build a house with, shouldn’t be left to rot in a garden shed…

Today, we are urging you to get rid of the rusted and bin the broken. Replenish your toolset with some of the best on the market. Knipex tools could change your life. If not, at least you will always have the right size of screwdriver, in future.

Let’s talk Knipex tools: the brand you need for everything from pliers to wire strippers.

Who are Knipex?

Knipex pliers are world renowned as some of the best in the business. If you want a product, you buy once, that lasts you a lifetime, their reputation is for sturdiness, durability, and reliability. Why do they get all this adulation? They have over 135 years of toolmaking experience to draw from.

Although primarily known for pliers, Knipex offer variations, too. The Knipex cutting pliers, Knipex mini pliers, and Knipex 3-piece pliers and wrench sets, to name but a few.

Why Customers Love Knipex Tools?

Knipex Pliers are some of the world’s best. They go through multiple quality control points before they even leave the factory. The Knipex range are precise, hard wearing, and can be used at work or in the home. They work with your car, with your pro toolbox, and with small repairs about the house. They aren’t always cheap DIY tools, but they are some of the best.

Top 10 Knipex Tools for 2021

Now that we all know who they are and what they sell, let’s look at the top 10 Knipex pliers sets that no tradesmen leaves home without.

10 – The Knipex 3 Piece Pliers Set

We might joke about never having the right size tool for the job, but when you are a tradesman, this happens at least twice a shift. Protect yourself against a future of eternally looking for the right size of pliers with this set of three sizes. Each one is guaranteed to last years and comes with that comfort grip to help with precision handling.

This triple set comes with a 10-inch Knipex pliers set of 180/250 and 300mm width. These are some of the most common that you will need in everyday use. They come with self-locking, fine touch precision and grey atramentized handles which have a no-slip coating. On top of all that, here at Sp8tium we are selling them for affordable rates to rival and other toolstore in the UK.

9 – The Knipex ErgoStrip Universal Stripping Tool

Everyone needs a wire stripper in their life, even if they don’t realise it yet. When you are hanging a new light, connecting a new TV aerial, or replacing an internet connection socket, you will find a wire stripper is an essential part of the job. They are one of the few products made by this manufacturer that don’t fall into the category of Knipex pliers.

The Knipex ErgoStrip is a specially designed tool which makes wire stripping simple. With this tool, there will be no more messing about trying to snip wires with cutting pliers. Although these are 135mm width, they are adjustable to make them universal. Best of all, you will have them your whole life… Unless they get pinched on a jobsite, that is.

8 – Knipex Grip Pliers

This Knipex pliers set is ideally suited for those that need a locking grip. They are an exceptionally heavy duty set, with chrome vanadium gripping jaws and a rolled steel body for added strength. They use a toggle lever to ensure high clamping pressure where it is needed. If you have a job that a normal set of pliers won’t be able to handle, these are the bad boys you level up to.

These grip pliers from Knipex are guaranteed to get any job done. They have excellent grip on the teeth, but they don’t come with that comfort grip that some of the other Knipex pliers or wrench sets come with.

7 – Knipex Mini Pliers Set

This set of Knipex mini pliers is a small wrench with a difference. They are comfort-gripped on the handle, are made with non-slip grips, so you don’t lose your cool, and come under the banner of Knipex parallel pliers. The best thing about this set is that they are only 125mm long.

This Knipex pliers are a wrench set with comfort grip handles. They are small, suited to all widths up to 23mm, are easily adjustable and are highly effective for any task. They have that seal of quality that comes with their brand, meaning there’s no backlash and you won’t damage anything you are working on under that grip.

6 – Knipex Needle Nose Combi Pliers

Pliers and Wrenches from Knipex have never been as versatile as they are in 2021. These needle nosed Knipex cutting pliers are 145mm of pure tensile strength. Need to get something out of a wall? These will do the trick. Need something with a fine point to get into the hole? These Knipex pliers can do it all.

This Knipex pliers set are ideal from everything from holding a nail steady to electrical installation work. They are secure and stable and have the cutter function, so you have a multi-functional tool.

5 – Knipex Crimping Pliers

Not everyone is on the lookout for Knipex parallel pliers. Some of us need cutting, some of us need wrenches, and some of us need crimping pliers for western plugs. If you fall into the latter category, these Knipex pump pliers are all you need for a lifetime of crimping.

These Knipex pliers are 190mm in length, com with the comfort grip, non-slip coating, and have 2 different crimping positions. They are made from oil-hardened chrome vanadium electric steel. They work on ribbon cables between a quarter and a half inch thick.

4 – Knipex Plier Wrench 250 mm

For those that need something with a bit more length to it, this 250 mm Knipex pliers and wrench set will do the job. They are typically bought by tradesmen who need tools strong enough to keep up. If the typical length of pliers doesn’t give you enough grip, these are the next step up.

These Knipex pliers are plastic coated for your comfort, come with the non-slip handles, and grip widths up to 52mm. They have infinite adjustment coupled with a parallel grip that will rival any other.

3 – The Knipex Revolving Punch Pliers

Knipex cutting pliers are one thing, but have you tried revolving punch pliers yet? Those that need a hole punch with some force behind it will love the Knipex revolving pliers.

Although they are a little different to the usual Knipex pliers and wrench sets, this set is equally as handy. They come with 6 interchangeable punches so that you are always sure of the right size. They are even powder coated for protection from rust.

2 – The Knipex Cobra Water Pump Pliers 100mm

Without doubt, the Knipex Cobra pliers are the centrepiece of their range. These Knipex Cobra pliers are only 100mm long, making them a handy set for even a tiny toolbox.

Although small, these Knipex pump pliers are strong enough to handle any task. They can grip nuts up to 24mm in diameter and a box joint. They are self-locking with perfect grip, so you don’t even need to worry about straining yourself.

1 – The Knipex Cobra Pliers

Some of the best substitutes for Knipex 10-inch pliers are those that carry the Knipex Cobra pliers’ name. These pliers are so good that you won’t want to lend them to anyone… because if you do, they’ll get stolen. They are known as the most reliable Knipex pliers in the business – and that doesn’t change just because it’s 2021.

These pliers are so good that Knipex made them in different sizes, with the 10 Knipex pliers a firm favourite. They have push button adjustment, tooth hardness of 61 HRC, a box-joint design, chrome vanadium electric steel with oil hardening, and are unanimously considered to be the best pliers on the market.

The Verdict on Knipex Pliers

Knipex create some fantastic products and even their competitors can’t deny that. We are delighted to be able to stock such a vast range of their reliable products, because we like to sell tools that last. Every tradesperson knows that Knipex Cobra pliers are the ones you buy for an all-purpose tool. Every tradesperson also knows that you will only ever need to buy them once.

…Unless they get nicked, of course.

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