Top Influencers: 90 UK MD’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CEO, MD play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO, MD role. We have selected these CEO, MD’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO, MD’s. The list is in no particular order!

Justin Peters

CEO, MD @ Kabbee

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Kabbiee is a web platform and an app that allows users to compare prices and book minicabs in London. Read more aboutKabbee on Crunchbase…

Stefan Goetz

MD – London Office @ Hellman & Friedman

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Goetz is a Managing Director at Hellman & Friedman based in the Firm’s London office. Goetz is a Director of Securitas Direct and Scout24. Goetz was formerly a Director of Associated Materials, LLC. Prior to joining the Firm in 2007, Goetz was an Executive Director in the Principal Investments Area of Goldman Sachs International in London. Previously, he worked at McKinsey & Co. in Germany. Goetz graduated with Distinction with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen and Ecole Centrale Paris and earned an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Goetz is fluent in English and German. Learn more about Stefan Goetz on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutHellman & Friedman on Crunchbase…

Maximilian Mayer

Co-Founder & MD @ Redi

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Mobile click & collect for food Read more aboutRedi on Crunchbase…

Ben Hatton

MD Portfolio @ Praetura Ventures

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Read more aboutPraetura Ventures on Crunchbase…

Severine Melis-Cooper

MD Sales France and Spain @ Broadridge

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Read more aboutBroadridge on Crunchbase…

Alessandro Savelli

Founder, MD and CEO @ Pasta Evangelists

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Pasta Evangelists is freshly made by Italian hands every day. Read more aboutPasta Evangelists on Crunchbase…

Max Tatton-Brown

Founder and MD @ Augur Communications

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Max founded Augur to re-engineer PR and help B2B tech companies earn the attention they were made for. He led comms at Tradeshift, Notion Capital and Forward Partners, ran a community of 3500+ tech journalists and PRs, and has written for Wired,, the guardian, TechCrunch, Quartz and more. Learn more about Max Tatton-Brown on Crunchbase…

Communications agency that helps “unsexy tech” scaleups earn the attention they were made for Read more aboutAugur Communications on Crunchbase…

Shane Feng

MD @ Coral Reef IO

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Read more aboutCoral Reef IO on Crunchbase…

Mark Panay

MD @ Simpleweb

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Investor and Product and Software development. Read more aboutSimpleweb on Crunchbase…

Alex Grant

MD Global Fraud Risk @ Barclays

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Alex is the Global Head of Fraud Risk Management; currently he is responsible for Barclays International and Barclays UK. Alex joined Barclays 10 years ago and previous to that he worked at RBS for 27 years. Latterly as the Head of fraud risk for the cards and retail business He is currently responsible for all areas of Fraud Strategy and Fraud Analytics covering Barclays Global customer base of 40m customers and clients ranging from personal customers to large financial institutions. On the personal side there are over 40m active card and mobile payment users carrying out many billions of transactions a year. In other roles in Barclays he has been the Head of Financial Crime as a part of which he was the money laundering reporting office and Head of Operational Risk for the Retail bank. Alex was the Board Chair of Financial Fraud Action UK (now UK Finance). UKF is the UK trade association of senior fraud Professionals responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud on behalf of the UK payments industry. During Alex’s time as board chair, he helped to drive the first ever joint bank customer education programme ‘Take 5’ and was also a founding member of the Government led Joint Fraud Taskforce (JFT), chaired by the Home Secretary, whose aim is to reduce significantly the number of victims of crime in the UK. Alex is the lead on Risk citizenship activities with focus on helping pupils from less privileged backgrounds get into Russell Group Universities. Learn more about Alex Grant on Crunchbase…

Barclays is a global financial services company that provides various financial products and services worldwide. Read more aboutBarclays on Crunchbase…

Dominie Moss

Founder & MD @ The Return Hub

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The Return Hub is a recruitment firm in the financial services sector. Read more aboutThe Return Hub on Crunchbase…

Ronan Harris

Vice President & MD UK & Ireland @ Google

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Ronan Harris has been named the new managing director for Google across the UK and Ireland. Google appoints Ronan Harris as MD He replaces Eileen Naughton who moved to California to become vice-president of people operations in July. Harris has been based in Dublin, in charge of the sales teams for large customers across EMEA. He will relocate to London for the new role. He has been at Google for more than 11 years, joining as senior director for large customer sales for EMEA. Learn more about Ronan Harris on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGoogle on Crunchbase…

Alistair O’Reilly

Group MD @ The Access Group

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Alistair O’Reilly is the Group MD for the Access Technology Group and founder of Access Accounting, which he set up in 1991. His vision and passion for business software has seen the Group achieve consistent growth and profitability through the innovative use of IT, ensuring emerging mainstream technologies are usable by, and affordable to, medium-sized companies in the UK and Ireland. With 30 years in the IT and software industry, his wealth of experience – and that of his team – has helped to benefit more than 10,000 companies that have chosen Access Accounting’s solutions. Known for his infectious enthusiasm he has infused the business with his energetic leadership style which has played a huge part in the organisation’s success. As a result, Access Accounting has seen many firsts to market including the first true Windows accounting solution, the first integrated middleware and the first in-built business intelligence. In 2008, the award-winning company released a completely integrated solution to account for carbon emissions, allowing businesses to easily measure their carbon footprint. Having led the acquisition of three IT organisations, he set up parent company Access Technology Group in 2006. Access Supply Chain, Asyst Solutions and Access Accounting Ireland now sit alongside Access Accounting. The Group acquired its fifth subsidiary Armstrong Consultants in April 2008, consolidating its position as the UK’s leading mid-market business and accounting software supplier. Learn more about Alistair O’Reilly on Crunchbase…

The Access Group is a software consultancy and developer company that provides fully integrated business management software. Read more aboutThe Access Group on Crunchbase…

Lee Plaister

Founder / MD @ Refundable

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Lee is an inspiring person, a mentor for some, who can easily run and lead any project. Learn more about Lee Plaister on Crunchbase…

Refundable allows users to take part in a wide range of refundable benefits. Read more aboutRefundable on Crunchbase…

Mike McGuire

MD – United Kingdom @ Ezoic

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Read more aboutEzoic on Crunchbase…

Mark Donkersley

MD @ eSafe Global

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Mark Donkersley is the CEO of eSafe Global. Learn more about Mark Donkersley on Crunchbase…

A safeguarding software company. Read more abouteSafe Global on Crunchbase…

Vincent Boni

MD Newsquest Dorset, Hampshire, Cornwall, Salisbury, Chairman of NQ Pension Fund, President DCCI @ LOCALiQ

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Read more aboutLOCALiQ on Crunchbase…

Paul Hitchman

MD, Kobalt Label Services @ Kobalt

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Read more aboutKobalt on Crunchbase…

Paul Manning

Founder and MD @ Outfly

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Outfly is a design innovation firm for do-gooders and disruptors. Read more aboutOutfly on Crunchbase…

Brett Harding

MD & Co-founder @ YourTour – Explore like never before

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YourTour lets individuals and businesses create immersive augmented & virtual reality experiences for the world to enjoy. Read more aboutYourTour – Explore like never before on Crunchbase…

Eddie Nott

MD-Uk @ Intrum

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Read more aboutIntrum on Crunchbase…

Li Yao

Founder, MD & CTO @ Q Energy

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Highly skilled professional in technology industry. Focusing on innovation in Smart Cities, sensing technologies, data platforms and machine learning . Learn more about Li Yao on Crunchbase…

Q Energy provides new revenue streams and savings on energy bills by enabling proactive management of consumption, production. Read more aboutQ Energy on Crunchbase…

Steven Monaghan

MD – Sports @ Sky Betting and Gaming

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aiming to be the UK’s best digital business. Read more aboutSky Betting and Gaming on Crunchbase…

Tamara Sword

Founder & MD @ ThoughtLDR

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ThoughtLDR helps clients transform their ideas into real influence through insightful content, authentic PR, and inbound marketing. Read more aboutThoughtLDR on Crunchbase…

Avi Robinson

Co-Founder, MD @ Piccnicc

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Online marketplace and delivery service for restaurant food in airports. Hampers of Happiness, Delivered. Read more aboutPiccnicc on Crunchbase…

Gary McKay

Co-Founder & MD @ APPII

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Gary is the co-founder and managing director of APPII, a blockchain start up revolutionising CV verification and employee background checking. APPII was founded in early 2016 and is based in London. He has more than 20 years’ experience across many different industries including financial services, media, staffing and recruiting, and management consulting. All of his roles have centred around using his technology experience and knowledge to transform businesses and disrupt business models. Born is Scotland, Gary studied Building Surveying at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, before moving to Australia for 18 years where he studied at the UNSW Business School and was awarded a Master of Business and Technology. Learn more about Gary McKay on Crunchbase…

Using blockchain technology to quickly and simply verify identities, backgrounds (such as criminal history) and career history (CV / Resume) Read more aboutAPPII on Crunchbase…

Andrew Cowen

Founder and MD @ Caring Sharing & Company

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Andrew Cowen is a serial entrepreneur and founder of four companies: a multimedia agency, a conference and public speaker database, a homecare agency specialising in dementia, and currently Future Care (UK). Future Care is focused on developing wearable medical and consumer vital-signs remote monitoring devices, supported by a diagnostic platform linked to medical triage services and data analytics. Andrew refers to himself as Future Care’s CDO – Chief Disruptive Officer. His creative background and broad experience of working across several markets underpins his vision and his radical approach to creating ground-breaking initiatives. One of his disruptive approaches is to deliver healthcare via the retail high street and to create smart health hubs connected to smart city infrastructures and services. One such an initiative is FALLS Predict™, a consortium of six partners across six EU counties. Learn more about Andrew Cowen on Crunchbase…

Caring Sharing & Company provide live-in and live-out homecare for the elderly and the physically or mentally frail. Read more aboutCaring Sharing & Company on Crunchbase…

Eric Leenders

MD, Head of Personal Finance @ UK Finance

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UK Finance is the collective voice for the banking and finance industry. Read more aboutUK Finance on Crunchbase…

Steve Sharpe

Partner & MD, SLB Capital Management @ SLB Capital Group

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SLB Capital Group is an advisory and management group that offers professional services and solutions to institutions and individuals. Read more aboutSLB Capital Group on Crunchbase…

Max Roebuck

Founder & MD @ Crowder

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Max is the founder of Crowder, a London based tech start up that provides consumers with an unparalleled level of insight into their local bars & restaurants and provides venues with an online marketing and anlaytics dashboard to help streamline their operations and increase revenue. Learn more about Max Roebuck on Crunchbase…

Brick and mortar venues get critical performance insight. Consumers are shown how busy the venues are. The two are linked with advertising. Read more aboutCrowder on Crunchbase…

Mini De Silva

Founder & MD @ Interim Assistance Ltd

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Mini De Silva, founder of Interim Assistance Ltd. Mini brings more than 20 years experience of working for leading technology companies, including the senior positions of Regional Financial Controller for Computer Associates & International Financial Controller for StorageNetworks. An MBA and a qualified Chartered Management Accountant, she left corporate life and set up Interim Assistance 9 years ago to support entrepreneurial start up businesses as she felt that these types of companies need guidance and proactive help at a much higher level than provided by typical accountancy firms. Her experience and qualifications cover all aspects of managing Finance, HR and administration in organisations from small scale operations to International companies that need help with understanding cross border rules and implications of expansion into the UK and Europe. She has had significant exposure to the benefits and associated problems with implementing and managing employee share schemes and can offer help with compliance or assistance in setting up tax efficient schemes. Having personally worked in the Enterprise environment in addition to setting up her own business from scratch she understands the issues and challenges faced by both types of organisations in adhering to statutory compliance whilst trying to run a business. Mini brings all of this experience to Interim Assistance and continues to grow and develop the service offerings that the Company provides . She is also Chairman of Clark Howes Group. Learn more about Mini De Silva on Crunchbase…

Interim Assistance provides accounting and back office services to UK start ups, small businesses and Enterprise clients. Read more aboutInterim Assistance Ltd on Crunchbase…

David Woodley

MD International @ Time Out Group plc

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Time Out is a leading global media and entertainment business Read more aboutTime Out Group plc on Crunchbase…

Isabella Schidrich


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Isabella Schidrich is the Senior Managing Director at NASDAQ OMX. Isabella joined NASDAQ International as Managing Director in 2001, responsible for business development and account management of The NASDAQ Stock Market in Western Europe. Prior to that, Isabella gained extensive business development experience within the telecommunications industry, heading business units at British Telecommunications Plc and at Deutsche Telekom AG, and within the Services Industry. Isabella graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with an Honors Degree with distinction in Business Management. Learn more about Isabella Schidrich on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNASDAQ OMX on Crunchbase…

Tom Kendall

MD, Global Head of Metals Sales @ ICBC Standard Bank

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leading financial markets and commodities bank. Read more aboutICBC Standard Bank on Crunchbase…

Allan Lloyds

Founder & MD @ Product Forge

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Founder & Managing Director, Insight Arcade Ltd Learn more about Allan Lloyds on Crunchbase…

Product Forge bring together developers, creatives and entrepreneurs to build new products that solve real world problems. Read more aboutProduct Forge on Crunchbase…

Helen Reynolds

MD & Investment Director @ Cass Entrepreneurship Fund

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Helen has spent over 15 years in UK early-stage finance. After beginning her career in management consultancy, she worked on the Oxford Technology VCTs and then at YFM Equity Partners. Helen has board-level experience at a wide variety of high-growth UK businesses, including 3 years as a NED of IXICO, an AIM-listed medical image management and analysis business. She has also spent time working with Crowdcube on the London Co-Investment Fund, as well as with Grant Thornton and Clearly So, an impact investment advisory firm. Helen joined Cass as Investment Director of the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund in September 2015. Learn more about Helen Reynolds on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCass Entrepreneurship Fund on Crunchbase…

Daniel Barnett

MD Ireland and VP Primary Care Service Delivery UK @ HealthHero

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HealthHero offers remote access to experienced doctors and expert clinicians directly to patients, insurance-policy holders and employees. Read more aboutHealthHero on Crunchbase…

Eddie Bennett

MD Digital @ Boylesports

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Read more aboutBoylesports on Crunchbase…

Justin Taylor

MD – UK Operations @ Teads US

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Justin Taylor is the Managing Director of United Kingdon at Teads. Justin joined Teads from MEC Digital (UK), where he was Managing Director. After 15 years working agency side, Justin is now MD for Teads’ UK operations. Justin has been working exclusively in digital since 1999, from boom to bust to boom again. Justin started his career at the height of the dot com boom at a start up specialising in promoting financing solutions for the SME and enterprise sector – a revolutionary business (which was 5 years too early). Justin moved to one of the digital leaders M Digital; learning the digital media trade on IBM, Kellogg’s and Ford, creating pioneering digital media firsts. From there Justin joined MEC Interaction from OMD International where he was Head of Digital. Learn more about Justin Taylor on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTeads US on Crunchbase…

Daniel Jones

MD & co-founder @ EngineerBetter

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EngineerBetter offer holistic services to help you deliver value faster with Cloud Foundry. Read more aboutEngineerBetter on Crunchbase…

Michael Riedler

MD & Founder @ Telleroo

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Effortlessly send bulk payments to 000’s of recipients – Building the modern finance interface for businesses – – Backed by Seedcamp, Pioneers Ventures & Global Founders Capital. Contact me to find out more on 0203 6334 810. Learn more about Michael Riedler on Crunchbase…

Telleroo is one unified way for accountants & bookkeepers to make payments on behalf of clients Read more aboutTelleroo on Crunchbase…

Rupesh Lakhani

Founder & MD @ Ask Rupert Digital Media

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Ask Rupert Digital Media is a digital product innovation and consultancy firm that builds a digital business. Read more aboutAsk Rupert Digital Media on Crunchbase…

Ciaran Sainty

Scheme Development Manager at MD Insurance Services Limited @ MD Group

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Ciaran has more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry, most recently as an Underwriter at the largest independent Lloyd’s syndicate. Learn more about Ciaran Sainty on Crunchbase…

MD Group is a brand that represents six separate firms who collaborate to provide latent defect insurance. Read more aboutMD Group on Crunchbase…

Charles Read

MD @ blooloop

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Charles Read is blooloop’s Managing Director. He attends trade shows around the world and is a frequent speaker for topics such as trends and social media for the attractions industry at events and conferences. Outside of blooloop, his passions are cricket, diving and trees. Learn more about Charles Read on Crunchbase…

blooloop is a business to business website dedicated to the attracting visitors business. Read more aboutblooloop on Crunchbase…

Andy Soloman

Yomdel Ambassador @ Yomdel

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Yomdel is a 24/7 managed live chat for quality lead generation for property, automotive, finance and many other sectors. Read more aboutYomdel on Crunchbase…

Ed Bardos

MD & COO @ VentureFounders

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VentureFounders is an investment platform providing HNW client base with access to highly-curated and structured investment opportunities. Read more aboutVentureFounders on Crunchbase…

Edward Mason

MD & Co-Founder @ The Five Points Brewing Company

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The Five Points is one of London’s best known craft breweries Read more aboutThe Five Points Brewing Company on Crunchbase…

Lars Kroijer

Founder & MD @ AlliedCrowds

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AlliedCrowds combines technology, data, and finance to scale the sustainable development goals. Read more aboutAlliedCrowds on Crunchbase…

Matthew Breen

Managing Partner – OMD EMEA @ OMD

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Read more aboutOMD on Crunchbase…

Martyn Lucas

Founder, MD @ Carapace Slate

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Forever inspired by Scrapheap Challenge, Martyn is the founder/MD of Carapace. Jack of all trades and master of one (Robotics), Martyn started the company in his bedroom, overseeing everything from business strategies and raising funds to building machinery-on-a-shoestring and product development. Since then, with Martyn at the helm, the company has grown from strength to strength and there doesn’t seem to be a mutiny in the pipeline….yet! Learn more about Martyn Lucas on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCarapace Slate on Crunchbase…

Jerry Davison

Founder and MD @ The Mill Consultancy

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Jerry has extensive experience of strategic business improvement, fast growth leadership and management, preparation of business plans and prospectuses, and has raised finance across the board, from business angels and banks to VCs and a flotation on Nasdaq. He has broad commercial, operational and IT experience in both MD and FD roles and has worked in the USA and Africa as well as the UK. A chartered accountant with a law degree, Jerry trained and worked at Price Waterhouse and Deloittes 1981-1989. He held MD and FD positions within Stagecoach, the global bus and train operator, between 1989 and 1996 and then joined Select Software in 1996 as CFO and successfully took the company to a Nasdaq IPO, and then worked in California liaising with Wall St. In July 2000 Jerry was headhunted to be MD at BCT in Devon, one of the largest ceramic tile manufacturers in the UK, to execute a turnaround and he successfully expanded revenue and improved production. In late 2002 he established The Mill Consultancy, chartered accountants, specializing in corporate finance and business development advice. Jerry also has a number of non-executive roles, including Crowdcube and Cornish Mutual, and is past chairman of Cornish Sea Salt. In 2009 he also founded SouthWestfd Limited, which provides part time and interim finance directors to growing companies; the company now has a team of twelve qualified associates. Jerry was President of the SW Society of Chartered Accountants in 2009/10 and is a member of the ICAEW Regional Strategy Board. He regularly produces articles and gives talks and seminars on subjects relevant to SME growth and financing. Learn more about Jerry Davison on Crunchbase…

Specialists in EMI share option schemes, EIS and SEIS schemes, chartered accountant firm. Read more aboutThe Mill Consultancy on Crunchbase…

Alex Podopryhora

MD @ M2E – award winning, Magento Trusted, truly multi channel (eBay, Amazon & Rakuten) solution.

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Read more aboutM2E – award winning, Magento Trusted, truly multi channel (eBay, Amazon & Rakuten) solution. on Crunchbase…

Luke Brynley-Jones

Founder , MD , Social Media Consultant & Social Media Speaker @ Our Social Times

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A social media expert, entrepreneur and start-up advisor with 10 years of experience developing online communities and social networks, Luke currently advises leading brands on business “socialisation” and marketing. He specialises in social media monitoring and engagement marketing. A member of the UK’s CIPR Social Media Monitoring Committee and advisor to several start-ups, including MarketMeSuite, Luke is a regular conference speaker in the UK and US. Through Our Social Times, he also hosts an annual series of social media marketing conferences in London, New York, San Francisco and Paris. Back in 2001, Luke founded and ran the UK’s first online community consultancy. Major clients included British Airways, YMCA, General Teaching Council and NESTA. In 2005 he launched, the popular blogging and photo-sharing service, covering the roles of both Product Manager and Marketing Manager. In 2006 he brokered the sale of etribes to Midentity and joined Trutap as Head of Product. At Trutap, Luke was responsible for the design and development of the Trutap mobile social network, which launched in November 2008 and grew to nearly 400,000 members. Learn more about Luke Brynley-Jones on Crunchbase…

Our Social Times are a UK-based social media agency. Read more aboutOur Social Times on Crunchbase…

Richard Firminger

MD, EMEA @ Flurry

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Managing Director, Europe Richard leads the Flurry’s UK office as well as advertiser sales and publisher relationships across Europe. Prior to Flurry, Richard led the digital media sales team for Amazon in Europe. Prior to Amazon, Richard was Commercial Director for Northern Europe for Yahoo!, UK MD for Enpocket (sold to Nokia to become Nokia Media Business in 2006), UK Deputy MD & BD Director for AdLink (a direct response media sales organization, sold to HiMedia in 2009) and the first UK Commercial Director for DoubleClick, subsequently sold to AdLink in 2001. Prior to DoubleClick Richard spent nearly 10 years in B2B publishing in tech press on titles such as Computing and Personal Computer World and during this time he launched Information Week and Computer Reseller News in the UK for CMP Media. Learn more about Richard Firminger on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFlurry on Crunchbase…

Mal McCallion

Founder & MD @ Growtion

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Mal McCallion is heading-up Growtion, the cost-effective, unique business consultancy focused on helping organisations maximise their growth – fast. Using an exclusive formula, successfully tested in multiple industries, it’s your growth solution. Learn more about Mal McCallion on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGrowtion on Crunchbase…

Ramesh Darbha

Co Founder, MD @ e-CARGOWARE Ltd

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Read more aboute-CARGOWARE Ltd on Crunchbase…

Rhys Marc Photis

Founder & MD @ GPi

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Rhys is best known as a passionate advocate of people-driven business growth that is future proof. He is an entrepreneur and acclaimed leadership and business coach; co-founded GPi and developed the Pathfinder method to enable business leaders to unlock their business potential and find their own way. He regularly publishes articles on digitalization on LinkedIn and is a business writer for Coming from a dynamic entrepreneurial background he understood early on the ups and downs of successful family businesses. He was an intrapreneur within large organisations, setting up businesses in emerging markets and seen first-hand the dynamics of team growth as a result. Then went on to lead international internet-based projects that rolled out across over 50 countries, which inspired him to do an MBA International. He has been the founder and entrepreneur of his own businesses since 2004. Rhys is fascinated about technology and the possibilities which come with it. However, he believes we should use technology to better our lives. Furthermore, he believes the success of digitalization lies with getting the people and the organization ready to embrace change… for the better. Learn more about Rhys Marc Photis on Crunchbase…

GPi Global Performance Improvement enable your sustainable growth from the inside out by providing a unique business diagnostic tool. Read more aboutGPi on Crunchbase…

Daniel Richmond

MD & Founder @ TicWatches

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Tic Watches is a fashion watch Retailer who offers a wide selection of the latest fashion watches. Read more aboutTicWatches on Crunchbase…

Richard Sergeant

MD @ Principle Point

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Specialist insight and business development support for accountants and their cloud vendors Read more aboutPrinciple Point on Crunchbase…

Peter Ward

Co-Founder & MD @ WeTrack

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Spoiler title
After completing an MSc in Biology from Oxford University and turning his back on a life in academia, Peter started his professional career at a $25 billion international mutual fund based in Bermuda. Here, as well as becoming a level 1 chartered financial analyst, he learnt to design and project-manage custom built software for the finance world. Quickly he saw that, regardless of the systems functionality, the end user must always be at the heart of the system if it is to reach its full potential. After 2 years in Bermuda and London, Peter left the finance world to learn Spanish and travel around South America. Peter was involved at The London 2012 Games where he was responsible for tracking ~4000 objectives and tasks across all the departments of the Organising Committee (LOCOG) to ensure London would be ready to host the games. It was in this role that he fused the software development skills of the finance world with the complex project management requirements of the event industry to create WeTrack. Peter has directorships at CSPW Consulting and YouSoft. In his spare time he enjoys golf, cricket, solving the cryptic crossword and was a member of the British Wakeboard Team for a number of years. Learn more about Peter Ward on Crunchbase…

WeTrack provides event delivery software for major events, federations, venues and governing bodies Read more aboutWeTrack on Crunchbase…

Becca Hume

Founder & MD @ TapSOS

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TapSOS is an app for a non-verbal method of contacting the emergency services. Read more aboutTapSOS on Crunchbase…

John Pettit

MD – UK, Ireland, Asia and Australia @ Best Gaming Technology

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Read more aboutBest Gaming Technology on Crunchbase…

Ivo Dimitrov

Founder & MD @ Reputize

FollowIvo Dimitrov on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Reputize is a leading end-to-end Online Hotel Reputation Management platform. Read more aboutReputize on Crunchbase…

Bayo TheVocalCoach

Professional Singing lessons London Camden. XFactor Vocal Coach @ BayoTheVocalCoach

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Singing Lessons London Free First Lesson. Professional Singing Lessons with Bayo The Vocal Coach London. Your future is limitless. Courage Today Success Tomorrow. Beginners and Professionals. Rock, RnB, Pop, EDM, Jazz, Soul, Metal, Gospel, Folk, Musical Theatre. The More You Achieve, The More I Want You To Achieve. You will learn: Diaphragmatic Breathing, Support, Articulation, Modern Placement, Range Extension, Pitch Correction, Focused Unfocused Tone Switching, Power Belting, Register Blending, Vibrato, Microphone Technique, Stage Technique, Rock Melisma, Advanced R&B Melisma, Recording Studio Method, Home Practice Method, Music Industry Guidance, What The Music Business ‘Really Expects From You’, Successful Audition Techniques, How To Conquer Stage Fright and more. Learn more about Bayo TheVocalCoach on Crunchbase…

Professional Singing lessons London with X Factor Vocal Coach London as seen on TV. Your future is limitless. Your success is my success Read more aboutBayoTheVocalCoach on Crunchbase…

Benjamin Clark

MD @ Netgems

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Benjamin founded Netgems Media Ltd in mid 2015 after working with a London based website design company for 2 years and launching online directory based businesses including Vaping World and the Bathroom Directory. With a passion for business and entrepreneurship from a young age Benjamin started selling snacks and drinks in school and running a small local magazine. Mentored by publishing mogul and billionaire Felix Dennis, Ben spent time working alongside Dennis Publishing, who operate a large range of successful publications including The Week, PC Pro, Mental Floss and AutoExpress. After experiencing the success digital media brands at Dennis, Ben decided on a move to the online industry. Ben has since worked with a range of companies big and small, both locally, nationally and in the US. Learn more about Benjamin Clark on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNetgems on Crunchbase…

Bruce Whiting

MD @ The Keyboard Company

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The Keyboard Company are perfectly placed to meet virtually every keyboard and mouse requirement. Read more aboutThe Keyboard Company on Crunchbase…

Adrian James

VP Sales and UK MD @ Walkbase

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Martin Chillcott

MD and Freelance Marketing Planner @ Hotchilly Marketing

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Martin is acknowledged as an expert in customer retention and has been responsible for the development of successful marketing strategies and customer communications across a range of businesses. He applies a common sense approach and ability to identify powerful customer insights and opportunity for profit. He has over 20 years’ client-side marketing experience, including director level roles in UK, Europe and Canada/USA with American Express, Thomas Cook, M&G, Air Miles, Time Life, Budget Insurance and Page & Moy. He left big corporate behind in 2002 to advise clients on customer retention and customer experience to increase profit and ROI. Success with Allianz, Alton Towers, Barclays, Liberty, MBNA, Nectar, Paul Smith, Vision Express, Which, amongst others. Appointed by VCs as Advisor to CEOs of 3 ‘start ups’ of innovative Online Retail, Customer experience and Urban transport services. Fellow of the IDM since 2009 and Course Tutor of the IDM Diploma in Direct & Digital Marketing. Learn more about Martin Chillcott on Crunchbase…

All Things Around Customer Marketing, Retention And A Healthy Dose Of Realism. Read more aboutHotchilly Marketing on Crunchbase…

Suzie Tobias

MD @

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Strike Jobs is UK’s fastest growing global job board. A unique jobs platform with an intelligent approach to employment and staffing. Read more on Crunchbase…

Ilona Filipi

Co-founder and MD @ Moove Agency

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Ilona Filipi is the co-founder and MD of Innovative WordPress Agency Moove. She blogs at about the business side of running a WordPress Agency. Learn more about Ilona Filipi on Crunchbase…

An Innovative WordPress Agency designing & developing websites for the most popular content management system in the world. Read more aboutMoove Agency on Crunchbase…

Pete Jakob

MD and Founder @ Purple Salix

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Pete Jakob has a reputation and passion for driving change that links marketing to the broader business. In 2012 he established Purple Salix – an independent marketing consultancy that helps clients and agencies transform their marketing and results. Purple Salix helps large global tech companies, SMEs, early startups and marketing agencies in their short term strategic priorities, or longer term engagements to help lead and deliver the required change. Previously, Pete spent 28 years at IBM, where he led major transformational initiatives around MA, contact database strategy, lead nurturing, telemarketing, digital marketing and sales/marketing alignment. He’s been a close associate of B2B Marketing for many years – as a B2B Awards judge, trainer, and conference speaker. Learn more about Pete Jakob on Crunchbase…

Purple Salix helps you drive marketing change linked to improved business results. Read more aboutPurple Salix on Crunchbase…

Paul Gallen

MD and Co-Founder @ Fourthtier

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Responsible for Business & Strategic development of Fourth Tier. Over 30 years in Information Technology, 12 years as Systems Development Manager with Budget Rent A Car International. Experience in leading large-scale implementations across EMEA for Budget’s Corporate and Franchised International environment. Learn more about Paul Gallen on Crunchbase…

A fusion of car rental and IT professionals with extensive experience in international vehicle rental and building specialised software. Read more aboutFourthtier on Crunchbase…

Nina Friede

Founder & MD @ FriedeModin

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Nina Friede is the founder of London-based luxury perfume house, Friedemodin. Dedicated to creating unique fragrances, she is passionate about the sublties of ingredients and treats them as elements in her search for sensual alchemy. Learn more about Nina Friede on Crunchbase…

Friedemodin is a luxury perfume house based in London. Read more aboutFriedeModin on Crunchbase…

Daniel Graham

MD @ OnBrand Group

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Daniel is an inspirational customer experience champion, determined to simplify, personalise and humanise customer contact in a world of continued centralisation and automation. With over 15 years of experience with large contact centres and both established and challenger brands, no customer challenge is too big or small. He is MD of OnBrand, a marketing communications agency focused on smart marketing through customer knowledge. Their work transcends decluttering IVRs, reducing customer effort and removing choke points, to make customer contact simple, refreshing and consistent across all touchpoints. Learn more about Daniel Graham on Crunchbase…

OnBrand Group is a specialist provider of marketing services and communications. Read more aboutOnBrand Group on Crunchbase…

Mark Stringer

MD & Founder @ AHOY

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After a lot of hard work, late nights and tears, Mark has created one of the “hidden gems in digital”. Thankfully though, AHOY are now becoming less of a secret after a string of RAR and Prolific North award wins. So we thought we would start the staff bio’s by interviewing our gaffer. Learn more about Mark Stringer on Crunchbase…

Ahoy is a website and graphic design agency located in Manchester and London. Read more aboutAHOY on Crunchbase…

Philip Meldrum

MD @ Alpha Index

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Philip Meldrum serves as an MD at Alpha Index. Learn more about Philip Meldrum on Crunchbase…

Alpha Index helps organizations transform their businesses through Salesforce and Sage Financials. Read more aboutAlpha Index on Crunchbase…

Paul Brown

MD & Founder @ AgentBase

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Paul Brown is the MD & Founder of AgentBase – the UKs leading sales agent register. Over the last 25 years he has unparalleled experience in working with sales agents and helping countless companies to succeed with sales agents. Paul runs several businesses in specialised recruitment and property. Prior to AgentBase he had businesses in marketing and retail, and even dabbled in university lecturing. He has an honours degree in Business. Learn more about Paul Brown on Crunchbase…

AgentBase is the UK Sales Agent Register, representing sales agents throughout the British Isles. Read more aboutAgentBase on Crunchbase…

Pete Jones

Joint MD @ Cherry Pop Games

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Read more aboutCherry Pop Games on Crunchbase…

Michael De Carolis

MD @ MG Lites Energy Saving Solutions

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MG Lites Energy Saving Solutions are involved in the development, production and distribution of energy saving products. Read more aboutMG Lites Energy Saving Solutions on Crunchbase…

Anish Kumar

Founder & MD @ Innovations Infinite Ltd

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Heralding the age of robotic software development. Read more aboutInnovations Infinite Ltd on Crunchbase…

Mike Turner

Co Founder, MD @ Bluebird Tea Co

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Bluebird Tea Co. is a specialist tea blender and retailer. Read more aboutBluebird Tea Co on Crunchbase…

James Simpson

MD @ Granulr

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Digital Marketing – Newcastle upon Tyne & Durham Read more aboutGranulr on Crunchbase…

Trevor Spink

MD / CEO @ Eonic Web Strategists

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Trevor has been building websites for 22 years starting right at the emergence of the internet in the UK in 1995. Trevor has helped a huge range of diverse clients in almost every business sector imaginable. He also has valuable experience of where things have gone wrong and common pitfalls. Trevor works with clients to determine the real needs of the business, delving deeply in the business to understand where the opportunities for growth lie, brainstorming target customers and new markets, reviewing competitors and how to differentiate and plotting a strategy for success. As well as his business credentials Trevor is also an experienced software architect, having designed his own web CMS platform that is a real alternative to WordPress and its many flaws. He has developed many bespoke online applications, delivered projects on a wide range of technologies and integrated with a whole host of 3rd party systems. Learn more about Trevor Spink on Crunchbase…

Eonic is a digital marketing consultancy that focuses on website design and eCommerce. Read more aboutEonic Web Strategists on Crunchbase…

Oliver Lewis

MD and Founder @ THE FIFTH

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Oliver Lewis is previously Director of Digital Strategy & Partnership for The Bridge, News UK’s commercial division, Oliver has recently founded The Fifth, an independent influencer marketing agency within the News UK group. He now leads the new influencer marketing business as Managing Director. Learn more about Oliver Lewis on Crunchbase…

THE FIFTH is a professional influencer marketing agency that creates influencer campaigns for news, magazine, online or TV company. Read more aboutTHE FIFTH on Crunchbase…

Mike Weston

Joint-MD and Co-founder @ Radiate B2B

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Full service Account Based Advertising and Marketing (ABM) platform delivering revenue growth and acceleration. Read more aboutRadiate B2B on Crunchbase…

Liz Ward

MD and Product Lead @ Antidate

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Antidate is the dating app for people who don’t like dating apps Read more aboutAntidate on Crunchbase…

Mark Thompson

MD @ Touchpoint Resource

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Innovative recruitment for tech start-ups in London, Berlin & San Francisco. Read more aboutTouchpoint Resource on Crunchbase…

Sue Moore

MD / President @ Bright & Beautiful

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Sue has been a senior manager at Bright & Beautiful since 2014. Sue’s career was initially in finance, then sales, she has transferred her skills across many industries. Sue has a wealth of experience in franchising having worked in the industry since the 1990’s. She brings with her the experience of being a Franchise Manager, Franchise Director and Franchise Consultant and is now proud to be our President. Learn more about Sue Moore on Crunchbase…

Bright & Beautiful is an award-winning concept in domestic cleaning services. Read more aboutBright & Beautiful on Crunchbase…

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