Top Influencers: 89 UK Founder & Managing Director’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-founder & Managing Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder & Managing Director role. We have selected these Co-founder & Managing Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder & Managing Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

Ilya Kondrashov

Co-founder & Managing Director @ MarketFinance

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Having spent three years working within one of the world’s largest legacy financial institutions, Ilya was exposed to the outdated service banks were providing to private businesses. He realised that business owners felt let down by their bank, and set out to build a better alternative. He also represents MarketInvoice in its efforts to promote transparency and fairness within the alternative finance industry, sitting on multiple compliance and regulatory bodies including the P2PFA. Learn more about Ilya Kondrashov on Crunchbase…

MarketFinance is a FinTech company providing business finance solutions that help companies grow. Read more aboutMarketFinance on Crunchbase…

Quentin Griffiths

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ ACHICA

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Quentin set up online fashion phenomenon with Nick Robertson in 2000 and sat on the board with specific responsibility for marketing. The business listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in 2001 and he left in 2005 once the business achieved profitability. Prior to his involvement with online retail he ran a product placement agency working for blue chip clients like Ford, Mars, Coca-Cola and Carlsberg Tetley. Learn more about Quentin Griffiths on Crunchbase…

ACHICA is an online members-only lifestyle store offering luxury brands at discounted prices. Read more aboutACHICA on Crunchbase…

Stuart Hennell

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Watchfinder

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Stuart Hennell is a Co-Founder & Managing Director at Watchfinder • Stuart spent 6 years working on various Major UK and European Projects in the Civil Engineering Industry • He has lots of experience negotiating and developing supplier/client relationships both inside and outside of the UK as well as strong leadership skills and have used them to build a strong and successful team at Watchfinder • Stuart goal is to build Watchfinder into a worldwide brand and a byword for quality products delivered with the highest standards of customer service • Stuart studied Engineering Geology & Geotechnics at University of Portsmouth Learn more about Stuart Hennell on Crunchbase…

Watchfinder is the world’s leading retailer of pre-owned watches Read more aboutWatchfinder on Crunchbase…

Lorenzo Franzi

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Zipjet

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Lorenzo is Co-Founder & Managing Director of ZipJet. ZipJet is an urban pick-up & delivery service for laundry & dry cleaning in London and Berlin. Previously, Lorenzo worked with McKinsey & Company as a consultant. Prior to McKinsey, he worked with a micro polling start up. Lorenzo started-off his professional career at JP Morgan in London. Lorenzo holds an MBA from INSEAD and Msc in Finance from the University of Maastricht. Learn more about Lorenzo Franzi on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZipjet on Crunchbase…

Galahad Clark

Founder & Managing Director @ Vivobarefoot

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Galahad Clark is the Founder and Managing Director of Vivobarefoot. Learn more about Galahad Clark on Crunchbase…

UK-based shoe brand and Crowdcube alum Read more aboutVivobarefoot on Crunchbase…

Rafael López Schietekat

Founder & Managing Director @ Diagnostikare

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Read more aboutDiagnostikare on Crunchbase…

Simon Blakey

Founder & Managing Director @ Avonmore Developments

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Simon is the founder of Avonmore’s Developments and is in charge of its ongoing UK investment interests. He chairs the Investment Committee at Playfair Capital ( is a member of Cambridge Angels and also sits on the Investment Committee of the £100m UK Angel Co-fund. As well has his business interests, Simon sits on the management board of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia, where he chairs the finance subcommittee and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music Learn more about Simon Blakey on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutAvonmore Developments on Crunchbase…

Andrew Wynn

Founder & Managing Director @ Perwyn

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Andrew is the founder and Managing Partner at Perwyn, where he is responsible for all Private Equity and PIF investments. He started his investment banking career at Lazard, and prior to Perwyn worked at CCMP Capital (formerly JPMorgan Partners), where he worked on mid-market Private Equity deals. In his spare time Andrew enjoys outdoor sports, particularly cycling, running and skiing, as well as spending time with his young family. Learn more about Andrew Wynn on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPerwyn on Crunchbase…

Rory Miller-Cheevers

Founder & Managing Director @ Hyphen

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Data Intelligence and Performance Marketing Read more aboutHyphen on Crunchbase…

Martin Arumemi

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ EE

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Arumemi-Ikhide is the MD and Founder of EE. He also serves as the MD of Hansworth Ltd and General Manager of Engineering for Rockson Engineering. In both Hansworth and Rockson Engineering he is responsible for the leadership, execution and construction of the 4 NIPP power plants in FGN. He has lead the firm to the successful commissioning of the first phase of the 1074MW Alaoji CCGT plant. He is also progressing the completion of the 225MW Omoku, 225MW Gbarain and 338MW Egbema OCGT also based in FGN. Prior to joining Hansworth, Dr Arumemi-Ikhide worked for GE Power and Water for more than seven years as a Senior Project Manager, overseeing the execution of several landmark projects. At GE he was the Project Manager for two combined cycle plants that were using GE 9FB based in Spain and Turkey notably. Whilst at GE, he was on the fast track of the firm’s world renowned leadership programme. Dr Arumemi-Ikhide holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from Warwick University. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Birmingham. He possesses and is attending a number of business management executive courses including leadership programme from Boston University and is currently completing a leadership programme at Oxford University Business School. Learn more about Martin Arumemi on Crunchbase…

EE is a telecommunications company that provides 4G mobile and fixed fiber broadband services to personal and business customers. Read more aboutEE on Crunchbase…

Michael Welch

Founder & Managing Director @

FollowMichael Welch on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. is an online marketplace for new vehicle tires. Read more on Crunchbase…

Sat Sindhar

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ PeopleHR

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Read more aboutPeopleHR on Crunchbase…

Gareth Maker

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ M Squared Lasers

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Gareth Maker attained a first class honours degree in Physics from Southampton University in 1986. The laser research group at Southampton is one of the largest and most prestigious in the UK, and as part of this group Gareth completed PhD research into laser development in 1989, producing many firsts in the field of diode-pumped solid-state lasers. He then spent a year working on laser research within the new Optical Research Centre (ORC), also based in Southampton. This was part of a government initiative to create centres of excellence for research within UK universities, and as such the ORC represented a £10M investment by the UK government. In 1991 he co-founded Microlase Optical Systems Ltd. Gareth then took the company from a startup to one having a turnover of around £3M and a worldwide reputation for excellence. The technical and financial success of this business eventually led to a trade sale to Coherent Inc (one of the world’s largest laser companies and NASDAQ listed) in 2000. Gareth continued as joint Managing Director until 2002, at which point the business had grown to 50 employees, had achieved a turnover of £7M, and occupied purpose-built prestigious premises within Glasgow, Scotland. He then acted as a technical consultant to several photonics companies, helping them to remain forward looking both in their R&D activities and in key areas of product design and manufacturing. Learn more about Gareth Maker on Crunchbase…

M Squared Lasers develops and manufactures next-generation lasers and photonic instruments. Read more aboutM Squared Lasers on Crunchbase…

Daniel Spinath

Founder & Managing Director @ Crepeaffaire

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Crêpeaffaire offers freshly prepared crêpes, waffles, coffees and smoothies. Read more aboutCrepeaffaire on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Nicol

Founder & Managing Director @ Stratajet

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Jonny Nicol Ranked as one of Aviation Week’s Top 10 Leaders of European Business Aviation (at EBACE 2016), Jonny Nicol has undoubtedly risen to be one of the most prominent and influential figures in the private aviation industry. A military man through and through, Jonny is adamant that preparation is the key to success. This is why his vision to revolutionise the private jet industry took five years to develop. Having trained as a fighter pilot and served as an officer and pilot for a decade with the British Army, Jonny Nicol left the British Armed Forces to pursue a career as a an entrepreneur. A self-taught computer scientist, Jonny developed a passion for using technology to disrupt typically traditional industries, his first two businesses doing precisely that in the recruitment and military sectors. After selling the second business to Hewlett Packard’s EDS Defence, Nicol spent time as a freelance commercial pilot, during which time he was struck by the archaic and inefficient nature of private aviation. Noting that old-fashioned systems, such as the means of booking a private jet over the phone via a broker, were holding back the industry from advancing in line with other travel innovations, Jonny set about building a system that could bring private jets into the modern age. Reinventing the industry was no mean feat, involving five years of highly advanced computer programming and overcoming major hurdles, but Stratajet, dubbed ‘the world’s most sophisticated price comparison site,’ is the result. The first of its kind, Stratajet is the world’s fastest private jet booking service. With a technology sophisticated enough to filter through all the necessary variables that go into calculating the cost of flights, it’s the only platform that gives customers direct access to the private jet market. It returns accurate costs of a large range of aircraft in seconds, all of which can be booked instantly. Streamlining an old-fashioned and time-consuming booking process, Stratajet is solving the major problems hampering private aviation; inefficiency and wastage. By cutting costs for aircraft operators and in turn driving down prices for the passenger, Stratajet is making private jet travel more widely accessible to the mainstream traveller. Learn more about Jonathan Nicol on Crunchbase…

Stratajet is a real-time private jet booking platform using the power of technology to give its passengers total control and freedom. Read more aboutStratajet on Crunchbase…

James Grant

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ MyTutor

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James is a driven, passionate and ambitious entrepreneur, with experience in sales, leadership, strategy, product, digital marketing and fundraising. He started a fledgling events business at 15, which grew to a team of 30, catering for over 1,200 weekly guests. After completing a Philosophy degree at University of Birmingham, James worked for Barclays Wealth, in the Chief of Staff Team, within the Office of the Chief Executive, helping to set the Division’s strategic agenda and taking responsibility for the implementation of sponsored projects. James is a co-founder of MyTutor, creating a new world of one-to-one tuition. The team are unwaveringly focused on their mission to give every student access to 1-1 support. The platform provides live, online one-to-one lessons, delivered by bright, inspiring undergraduates studying at the UK’s leading universities – their secondary aim is to become the leading provider of work to these students. MyTutor uses AI-driven matching algorithms to ensure perfect student-tutor matches and every lesson is taught in an interactive online learning space, which facilitates live video and audio chat, document editing, file sharing and lesson recording. The company’s proudest achievement has been helping 92% of their pupils in 2016 hit or exceed their grade targets. James enjoys public speaking and has presented at a number of education and business events. His other interests include sport (football, rugby, athletics), music (blues & hip hop), travelling, reading and all things startup. He has won a number of awards over the past few years, including Unltd’s ‘Do it’, Mercia’s ‘The Pitch’, O2 ‘Think Bigger’ and Santander’s ‘Spark’. Learn more about James Grant on Crunchbase…

MyTutor offers affordable 1-to-1 tutorials online by connecting tutors from the UK’s best unis with pupils at home and in schools Read more aboutMyTutor on Crunchbase…

Ben Hopkinson

Co-founder & Managing Director @ Hop King

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Hop King is a dual Beer and Skateboard brand. Read more aboutHop King on Crunchbase…

Andrew Shepherd

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Omega Diagnostics

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Andrew Shepherd is the Founder and Managing Director of Omega Diagnostics Limited. He is responsible for corporate strategy, general management, sales and marketing and technical direction. He has been involved in the medical diagnostics industry for the last 35 years. He started his career in 1974 by holding technical positions at G.D. Searle Limited and then attended university, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then moved into a sales and marketing position at Cambridge Life Sciences plc in 1981, before establishing his first diagnostics company, Cambridge Biomedical Limited in 1982. In 1986 he moved to Scotland to join Bioscot Limited and shortly afterwards, established Omega. Shepherd used his technical experience and knowledge of exporting to oversee the growth of the export of Omega products to exceed £2 million per annum. Omega now exports to over 100 countries around the world, and he travels regularly to many of the countries in which Omega customers are based. Shepherd is an active member of a number of relevant trade associations and was a member of the Scottish Exports Forum, a body which reported to the Scottish Parliament to oversee and guide the export activity of Scottish Development International. Mr Shepherd was also a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s (BMGF) Global Health Diagnostics Forum, which provides direct guidance to BMGF in advising on future investments in worldwide diagnostics programmes for developing countries. Learn more about Andrew Shepherd on Crunchbase…

Omega Diagnostics provides IVD products for use in hospitals, blood banks, clinics, and laboratories. Read more aboutOmega Diagnostics on Crunchbase…

B. Nick Popovici

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Vita Mojo

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Vita Mojo’s menu allows anyone to eat for anyones’ individualized needs. Read more aboutVita Mojo on Crunchbase…

Mikko Lintunen

Founder & Managing Director @ Townbase

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Read more aboutTownbase on Crunchbase…

Damien Ducourty

Founder & Managing Director @ B9lab

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#B9lab is the independent provider of quality education, advice and research about blockchain technology and decentralised applications. Our clients are leading global institutions as well as talented individual developers around the world. I’m an experienced entrepreneur and executive with a track record of bringing disruptive software solutions to market in technology and finance. I like working with groups of talented people to provide tangible and valuable solutions. I always engage ethically and believe that sustainability and accountability can fuel growth. I want to be proud of what I do everyday! Attributes: Hands on, conscientious, strategic, persistent but not stubborn, creative, curious and highly personable, love Win Win, try hard everyday to change the world and resist my biases. Learn more about Damien Ducourty on Crunchbase…

Upskilling gifted developers for high paying, bleeding-edge jobs whatever their background Read more aboutB9lab on Crunchbase…

David Holden-White

Co-Founder & Managing Director @

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David Holden-White is the Co-Founder at Learn more about David Holden-White on Crunchbase… is an AI-driven technology for identifying and sourcing specialist expertise, globally. Read more on Crunchbase…

Santiago Matheus

Founder & Managing Director @ Angel Island Ventures

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Read more aboutAngel Island Ventures on Crunchbase…

Allan Meek

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ SCS Group

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MD and co-founder of the company, Allan Meek’s background is in building services engineering where he is a qualified and experienced project manager. He completed an MBA at University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2003 and is a keen student of business and leadership. Learn more about Allan Meek on Crunchbase…

SCS Group provides ventilation, building management, and smoke control systems and solutions in the United Kingdom. Read more aboutSCS Group on Crunchbase…

Graham Mills

Co-Founder & Managing Director @

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Graham Mills is the Co-Founder at Learn more about Graham Mills on Crunchbase… is an AI-driven technology for identifying and sourcing specialist expertise, globally. Read more on Crunchbase…

Nick Wakefield

Founder & Managing Director @ inAsia Media

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Nick has over 18 years of experience in technology, media and finance. He started his first tech business in 1999 building an e-commerce platform. He spent 7 years in London focusing on financial sales in the risk management and derivatives market, before moving to Asia to help build Euromoney’s portfolio of conferences across emerging markets. Over this period he ran teams in New York, London and Hong Kong. In 2010 he setup inAsia Media and in 2013 launched Regulation Asia, the leading regulatory information service. He still plays an advisory role in the business. His passion for technology and experience working within the financial markets partner well for Bambu in the role expanding into Europe. He holds a Diploma in Economics and is currently studying a Software Engineering MicroMasters at University of British Columbia. Learn more about Nick Wakefield on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutinAsia Media on Crunchbase…

Simon Taylor

Founder & Managing Director @ Get Indemnity

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Get Indemnity is a Digital Insurance Broker for UK business Read more aboutGet Indemnity on Crunchbase…

Paul Ward

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ BoilerJuice

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Paul Ward is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Learn more about Paul Ward on Crunchbase…

BoilerJuice was created by a group of friends who wanted to make ordering heating oil easier Read more aboutBoilerJuice on Crunchbase…

Daniel Axsäter

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ bySTORED

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Daniel Axsäter works as a Co-Founder and Managing Director at bySTORED. Learn more about Daniel Axsäter on Crunchbase…

Taking the stress out of storage since 2013 Read more aboutbySTORED on Crunchbase…

Daniel Mohamed

Founder & Managing Director @ Urban Intelligence

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Founder & CEO at Urban Intelligence Learn more about Daniel Mohamed on Crunchbase…

Data-Driven Property Development Read more aboutUrban Intelligence on Crunchbase…

Dave Beesley

Founder & Managing Director @ NetDef

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NetDef is a specialist IT security solutions and managed services. Read more aboutNetDef on Crunchbase…

Gary Turner

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Xero

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Gary is co-founder and managing director at Xero UK and he also oversees Xero’s business interests across Europe, Middle East & Africa. Xero is the multi award winning global leader in online accounting software with more than 1.4 million paying subscribers around the world, with more than 312,000 of those in the UK. Under Gary’s leadership, Xero UK has scaled from a three-person startup with annual revenues of £50,000 in 2009 to over 250 staff and £60M in revenues in 2018. A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Gary previously held executive positions at Microsoft, Systems Union and Pegasus Software. He’s an engaging speaker, writer and thought-leader on start-ups, digital transformation, and leadership inside hyper-growth organisations. Gary has also served as a mentor to early stage Fintech startups at Techstars London. Media appearances: Sky News, CNBC Europe, CNBC Africa and various BBC Radio. Print contributor: The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Metro, Real Business, Accountancy Age Individual Accolades: Top 10 Most Influential Person in UK Finance, Economia 2017 Financial Power List, Accountancy Age 2016 Top 10 London Fintech Most Influential, City AM 2015 Company Awards: Accountancy Software of the Year, British Small Business Awards 2017 Technology Provider of the Year, British Small Business Awards 2016 Financial Software Vendor of the Year, UK Cloud Awards 2016 Software Vendor of the Year, Real Business FD’s Excellence Awards 2016 Bookkeeping Software of the Year, ICB Luca Awards 2016 Payroll Software of the Year, ICB Luca Awards 2016, 2017 Client Software of the Year, British Accountancy Awards 2016, 2015, 2013 Practice Software of the Year, British Accountancy Awards 2017 In 2014 & 2015 Forbes Magazine named Xero “World’s Most Innovative Growth Company” and IDC Research named Xero “Fastest Growing Financial Software Applications Vendor” globally. Learn more about Gary Turner on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutXero on Crunchbase…

Amar Rajani

Founder & Managing Director @ Argella

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Amar Rajani is the founder and managing director at Argella. Learn more about Amar Rajani on Crunchbase…

FinTech Advisory Read more aboutArgella on Crunchbase…

Ian Whittock

Founder & Managing Director @ Identidot

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Ian Whittock is the founder and managing director of both Evoque Claims and Appraisals Ltd and Identidot Coding Services Ltd. Ian Whittock’s company Evoque guarantees company’s services are efficient and meet clients’ needs, supporting direct clients, insurers and insurance brokers. Furthermore, Ian Whittock developed Evoque beyond solely claims and appraisals to incorporate an online auction site capacity. This project culminated in a website, Evoque Auctions, a family-owned, members-only service that offers unique, high-quality items. These include fine art, jewellery and fashion accessories. Identidot Coding Services Limited offers a DNA coding system that is highly valuable in asset management. Ian’s clients include insurance brokers and insurers looking to keep track of valuable possessions for clients. Identidot has partnered with a security hardware systems company in the provision of innovative security solutions for private individuals. Information about Ian Whittock can be found by utilizing the following urls:,, and Learn more about Ian Whittock on Crunchbase…

Identidot is a service company helping clients to protect and identify the whereabouts of valuables and valued possessions. Read more aboutIdentidot on Crunchbase…

Andrew Lavelle

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ TalentPool

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TalentPool is a Talent Matching Platform connecting talented recent graduates. Read more aboutTalentPool on Crunchbase…

Chris Farrell

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Impact Reporting

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Read more aboutImpact Reporting on Crunchbase…

Matthew C Martino

Founder & Managing Director @ Lets Fly Academy

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Matthew Martino (Full Name) – Matthew Mathetes Chihwai Martino born 27 October 1992 is a British Entrepreneur, Film Producer and Author. Educated at Shenfield High School in Brentwood , Martino has always held a passion for writing – He has always focused on educational writing and research. His first book Lets Fly which was published by DM Aviation was well received by pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. During his early years Martino showed all the qualities required to maintain proven success. Learn more about Matthew C Martino on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLets Fly Academy on Crunchbase…

Mark Croston

Founder & Managing Director @ Propeasy

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Propeasy provides assistance to people interested in property investments. Read more aboutPropeasy on Crunchbase…

Ian Cowley

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Cartridge Save

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Ian Cowley is the managing director of Cartridge Save. Learn more about Ian Cowley on Crunchbase…

Cartridge Save is an online printer cartridge retail shop. Read more aboutCartridge Save on Crunchbase…

Rodney Bain

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ APEXX Global

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APEXX consolidates global payment providers into a single integration point, optimising the cost of complex payment ecosystems. Read more aboutAPEXX Global on Crunchbase…

Daniel Watts

Founder & Managing Director @ Aluminati Network Group

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Daniel leads the Aluminati team and has overall responsibility for defining the company’s technical and business strategies and with his deep sector knowledge he leads product innovation. Daniel founded the company in 2002 when he graduated from Oxford with an honours degree in Computation. An expert in online engagement, Daniel is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and is in regular attendance at multiple CASE events per year. In his spare time Daniel enjoys the physical and mental challenges of basketball and has also coached the Darwin College ladies team to Cambridge championship titles for 4 consecutive years. Learn more about Daniel Watts on Crunchbase…

Aluminati Network Group provide online services and platforms to unite alumni, student and member networks. Read more aboutAluminati Network Group on Crunchbase…

Raj Vora

Founder & Managing Director @ Revital

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Read more aboutRevital on Crunchbase…

Kerry Hogarth

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ 3D Printshow

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Kerry Hogarth is Co-Founder & Managing Director at 3D Printshow. Learn more about Kerry Hogarth on Crunchbase…

3D Printshow brings together key players from the entire 3D printing ecosystem. Read more about3D Printshow on Crunchbase…

Paul O’Dowd

Founder & Managing Director @ Global iSupport

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Read more aboutGlobal iSupport on Crunchbase…

Oliver Waters

Co-founder & Managing Director @ d3i

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d3i is a software development studio specialising in iPhone/iPad app design and development. Read more aboutd3i on Crunchbase…

Ken Roulston

Founder & Managing Director @ CMI

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Ken Roulston has worked in IT for over thirty years and has extensive experience in the IT Services arena. Ken started out as an engineer before realising that the selling of IT services and hardware was what interested him most. He joined the original CMI and through organic and acquisitive growth he was instrumental in the formation of Aurora UniComp, which was subsequently purchased by the Viridian Group and becoming Sx3, now Capita Plc. He then went on to spend time in Telecoms and the Internet industry and his most recent role before CMI was as Country Manager in Ireland for Parity PLC. Ken’s goal is for the CMI team to offer an unrivalled level of customer service. He says he doesn’t have a lot of spare time so what little he does have is taken up with a course at Queens University on Genealogy, walking the dog and cooking. Learn more about Ken Roulston on Crunchbase…

CMI is a company offering manufacturer business streamlining and growth services. Read more aboutCMI on Crunchbase…

Amanda Cook

Founder & Managing Director @ I Love Snacks

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I Love Snacks, is a healthy snack brand selling deliciously tasty snacks Read more aboutI Love Snacks on Crunchbase…

Ross Mendham

Founder & Managing Director @ Bare Naked Foods

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Bare Naked Foods sells low carbohydrate, low fat, low calories, gluten free and sugar free products. Read more aboutBare Naked Foods on Crunchbase…

Roger Gosine

Founder & Managing Director @ RMG Professional

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Taking Digital technologies to market: strategy, partnering and go-to-market consulting andi Read more aboutRMG Professional on Crunchbase…

Rahul Sharma

Founder & Managing Director @ Neev Capital

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Read more aboutNeev Capital on Crunchbase…

Francesca Hodgson

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ GoodBox

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GoodBox is a fundraising-focused hardware and software tech start-up, primarily serving charities and the non-profit sectors. Read more aboutGoodBox on Crunchbase…

Calan Horsman

Founder & Managing Director @ Loogun

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The Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that cleans above and below the waterline in a toilet. Read more aboutLoogun on Crunchbase…

Tom Buttress

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Propio

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Tom is Propio’s day-to-day lead and is involved in all strategic and operational aspects of the business. An expert in building, improving and re-orientating regulated financial services firms, Tom previously worked as a management consultant advising household names such as Barclays, Bank of England, Aviva, FCA and T. Rowe Price. He holds a BA from Oxford University. Learn more about Tom Buttress on Crunchbase…

Propio is a crowdfunding platform that brings together investors property firms seeking funding for development. Read more aboutPropio on Crunchbase…

Richard Millington

Founder & Managing Director @ FeverBee

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Richard Millington has spent the past decade helping 250+ companies develop some of the world’s largest online communities. Richard is the founder of FeverBee, an international community consultancy, and the author of Buzzing Communities. Richard’s clients have included Google, Facebook, Oracle, Wikipedia, EMC, Greenpeace, and many more. Prior to FeverBee, Richard interned with Seth Godin in New York. Learn more about Richard Millington on Crunchbase…

FeverBee provides consultancy, training, and technology to help you build your community. Read more aboutFeverBee on Crunchbase…

Ruth Dronfield

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Atlantic Kitchen

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The most common question I am asked as the Managing Director of Atlantic Kitchen is ‘How did you get involved with seaweed?’This is a fair question as for ten years I was an Event Manager running large-scale outdoor events in London and around the UK. I was on the senior management teams that run Field Day, Bestival, Winter Wonderland, BST Hyde Park and I also ran my own little production company for more exclusive private parties and mini-festivals. But the roots of Atlantic Kitchen run far deeper. I was born to hippy alternative parents in London, who took me on marches and dressed me in corduroy dungarees and certainly didn’t cook ready meals. I was brought up on home-cooked food and deprived (to my profound annoyance at the time) of pop-tarts, stringy cheese and shop-bought cakes. I was definitely the only kid in my class who had crumbly wholemeal bread sandwiches instead of nice, neat white ones. My mum is vegetarian so I was exposed to vegetable-based meals of rice, stews, salads, curries, quiches, lasagna and bakes. I grew up with the assumption that a mainly vegetable, pulse and grain diet was healthy, sustainable and normal. So, when my friend Dawn told me about her idea to set up a seaweed business to promote good eating and living, something resonated. That was in December 2012.Since then we launched a range of three dried seaweed products (here), crowd-funded, done deals with brilliant suppliers in France, Spain and Ireland, launched a range of three soups with seaweed (here) and are now stocked in over 150 stores in the UK including Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Ocado. See here for more stockists.It’s a huge challenge and a great honour to run Atlantic Kitchen and share the wonderful word of seaweed and its’ myriad of taste and health benefits with the world. Learn more about Ruth Dronfield on Crunchbase…

Atlantic Kitchen was set up in 2012. Read more aboutAtlantic Kitchen on Crunchbase…

Daniel Britton

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Financial Fairy Tales

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Daniel spent his early career in banking and financial services before 12 years as a teacher and school leader. Recently he has specialised as an education consultant, writer and speaker on money matters. In 2013 he was awarded National Enterprise Tutor of the Year by The Peter Jones Foundation. At the Financial Fairy Tales we have a passion for empowering young people to develop their self esteem, raise their aspirations and gain awareness of their unlimited potential. Key lesson which are all too often missing from many schools. Learn more about Daniel Britton on Crunchbase…

Financial Fairy Tales empowers children through financial literacy, enterprise awareness, and personal development solutions. Read more aboutFinancial Fairy Tales on Crunchbase…

Benedikt Reinke

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Sympatient

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Benedikt Reinke is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at Sympatient GmbH Learn more about Benedikt Reinke on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSympatient on Crunchbase…

Nigel Hall

Founder & Managing Director @ WHP Engineering

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WHP Engineering is a multi-disciplined, engineering company dedicated to providing both standalone and turnkey solutions. Read more aboutWHP Engineering on Crunchbase…

Simon Thompson

Co-Founder & Managing Director @

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Simon Thompson is Director and Co-Founder of Conferences:UK, and ConferencesGroup. Simon is an active member of the Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) and strongly supports Accreditation in Meetings (AIM). Simon is passionate about transforming our successful UK business into the World No.1 Hotel and Conference Booking Agency. Learn more about Simon Thompson on Crunchbase… (part of ConferencesGroup) is a flagship UK Expert Venue Finding Agency. Read more on Crunchbase…

Harriet Hastings

Founder & Managing Director @ Biscuiteers

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Biscuiteers is an award-winning online retailer of handmade iced biscuits. Read more aboutBiscuiteers on Crunchbase…

Andy Simpson

CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Channel Mechanics

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Andy Simpson is a Co-Founder & Managing Director at Channel Mechanics. Learn more about Andy Simpson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutChannel Mechanics on Crunchbase…

Ben Treleaven

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ ISO Spaces

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ISO Spaces are modular space specialists with a full in house design and engineering team. Read more aboutISO Spaces on Crunchbase…

Ben Jackson

Founder & Managing Director @ Capsicana

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Capsicana is the multi-award winning, adventurous UK based Latin American food brand selling delicious sauces into 738 stores nationwide. Read more aboutCapsicana on Crunchbase…

Andy Greener

Founder & Managing Director @ Komodo Design

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We help great teams build exceptional digital products that people prefer to use. Read more aboutKomodo Design on Crunchbase…

Ajay Sood

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Orchid Software

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Ajay Sood is a Co-Founder & Managing Director at Orchid Software. Learn more about Ajay Sood on Crunchbase…

Intranet software development house Read more aboutOrchid Software on Crunchbase…

Simon Oxley

Founder & Managing Director @ Citicus

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Simon Oxley moved into the IT industry after obtaining a science Doctorate at Oxford University. He gained a background in systems development and has now been working in the information security and risk fields for over 30 years. Having helped Logica establish one of the first two computer security evaluation facilities for the UK government, he had a career in commercial security management through heading up the information security departments at National Power and Reuters. He took both organizations into the Information Security Forum (ISF) and was a member of the ISF’s Council during 1992-94. As an independent consultant in information security from 1996 to 2000, Simon advised a range of blue chip clients and contributed to many projects for the highly-respected ISF. He was the author of the ISF’s research reports on secure e-commerce, cryptography, web security, security architecture and active content, and contributed to many others, including the project that led to the FIRM methodology supported by Citicus ONE. Simon is a regular speaker at international conferences on information security and risk. He has a strong interested in education, helping the British Computer Society to develop their information security qualifications and being a regular lecturer at the UK’s Royal Holloway Information Security MSc course. Simon is a founder and Managing Director of Citicus. Learn more about Simon Oxley on Crunchbase…

Citicus develop and sell world-class security, risk and compliance management software, plus supporting services. Read more aboutCiticus on Crunchbase…

Paul Taylor

Founder & Managing Director @ Laser Wire Solutions

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Paul Taylor is a Founder & Managing Director at Laser Wire Solutions. Learn more about Paul Taylor on Crunchbase…

Laser Wire Solutions is the expert manufacturer of Laser Wire Strippers for the removal of insulation from high performance wire and cable. Read more aboutLaser Wire Solutions on Crunchbase…

Steve Noyes

Founder & Managing Director @ Syncbox

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Syncbox is the Worlds’ only universally adaptable, invisible wiring & hidden socket system. Read more aboutSyncbox on Crunchbase…

Ian McDermott

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Loksys Solutions

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Ian McDermott is Co-Founder & Managing Directors at Loksys Solutions. Learn more about Ian McDermott on Crunchbase…

Loksys Solutions develops solutions for security and tracking issues that exist in the intermodal, freight, and haulage industries. Read more aboutLoksys Solutions on Crunchbase…

Richard Clarke

Founder & Managing Director @ Red Advertising

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Richard Clarke is Founder & Managing Director at Red Advertising. Learn more about Richard Clarke on Crunchbase…

Red Advertising provides online solutions to meet the needs of the recruitment industry and HR professional market sector. Read more aboutRed Advertising on Crunchbase…

Blaise Grimes-Viort

Founder & Managing Director @ Is The Answer

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Read more aboutIs The Answer on Crunchbase…

Alya Shakir

Founder & Managing Director @ Private Walk-In Clinic

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Managing Director of the Harley Health Centre Group Learn more about Alya Shakir on Crunchbase…

Private medical services in the City of London. Read more aboutPrivate Walk-In Clinic on Crunchbase…

Tania Vie Riba

Founder & Managing Director @ Vie carratt

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Tania Vie Riba is the founder and managing director at Vie Carratt. Learn more about Tania Vie Riba on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutVie carratt on Crunchbase…

Craig Bartlett

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ MDF Recovery

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Craig Bartlett has a Masters degree in Environmental Management and has been involved with technology development in the wood supply chain for nearly 20 years. He worked as Head of Research & Consultancy at the UK Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) until 2008, developing a wide-range of technological solutions in partnership with industry and academia. He has significant experience of writing, performing and managing complex national and European research and development projects including those from FP5 – FP7. He has secured over £5 million of public sector funding and delivered over 20 projects including those for Innovate UK, WRAP and DEFRA. Learn more about Craig Bartlett on Crunchbase…

MDF Recovery is a technology developer aiming to establish its proprietary recycling process in the UK and other international markets. Read more aboutMDF Recovery on Crunchbase…

Philip Bingham

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Velo Vixen

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The UK’s Leading Specialist in Women’s Cycling Kit Read more aboutVelo Vixen on Crunchbase…

Julie Boyd

Founder & Managing Director @ TR Fleet Limited

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TR Fleet is a fleet management specialist offering consultancy, policy advice, and supply chain management services. Read more aboutTR Fleet Limited on Crunchbase…

Ed Rogers

Founder & Managing Director @ Bristol Braille Technology

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Bristol Braille Technology is building Canute, an affordable full-page Braille eBook reader. Read more aboutBristol Braille Technology on Crunchbase…

Chris May

Founder & Managing Director @ Mayden

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The founder and managing director of Mayden. Formerly from a manufacturing background he has dedicated his career to the healthcare sector for the last 21 years, initially as a hospital manager and then as a management consultant specialising in information analysis and modelling to support strategic reviews and business cases. Chris is passionate about maximising the opportunities presented by the internet both to provide joined up healthcare and to increase the cost-effectiveness of healthcare IT. This is now his primary area of interest. Learn more about Chris May on Crunchbase…

Mayden provides end-to-end managed web applications and bespoke system development to the healthcare sector. Read more aboutMayden on Crunchbase…

Ben Foakes

Founder & Managing Director @ BASE Media Cloud

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Ben has 15 years media industry experience, having worked as an Editor, Colourist, Producer and Post Supervisor across a range of media projects. Since career highlights editing BAFTA-winning F1 for ITV, his credits span BBC promos, Bond films, Channel 4 documentaries and Jessie J tours, to the post supervision of drama series, SUSPECTS for Fremantle. Ben previously founded and led post facility Sequence, before launching BASE Media Cloud. Learn more about Ben Foakes on Crunchbase…

BASE Media Cloud is an innovative Managed Cloud Services company. Read more aboutBASE Media Cloud on Crunchbase…

Jason Lark

Founder & Managing Director @ Celerity

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Jason Lark is the Founder and Managing Director of Celerity. Learn more about Jason Lark on Crunchbase…

Celerity is a data-driven marketing agency specializing in helping brands to maximize value from marketing technology and customer data. Read more aboutCelerity on Crunchbase…

Mike Everest

Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Meniscus

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Mike Everest is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Meniscus. Learn more about Mike Everest on Crunchbase…

Meniscus – Delivering data analytics to the connected world. Read more aboutMeniscus on Crunchbase…

Yan Zhang

Founder & Managing Director @ Glamorous Travel

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Yan Zhang is a Founder & Managing Director at Glamorous Travel. Learn more about Yan Zhang on Crunchbase…

Glamorous Travel is a U.K.-based tour operator that provides special interest tour packages and programs for Chinese nationals. Read more aboutGlamorous Travel on Crunchbase…

Oliver Morgan

Founder & Managing Director @ Universal Fuels

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Oliver Morgan is a Founder & Managing Director at Universal Fuels. Learn more about Oliver Morgan on Crunchbase…

Universal Fuels supplies heating oil, gas oil, marine gas oil, kerosene, DERV, diesel, and red diesel in the U.K. Read more aboutUniversal Fuels on Crunchbase…

Andrew Davison

Founder & Managing Director @ Teacher Finder

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Looking for a language teacher? We can help you find one quickly and easily. Read more aboutTeacher Finder on Crunchbase…

Susan Zhang

Co-founder & Managing Director @ China Ambition Pty Ltd

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Read more aboutChina Ambition Pty Ltd on Crunchbase…

Monty Halls

Founder & Managing Director & Executive Producer @ Seadog Television and Film Productions

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Monty is a well known BBC presenter, having fronted three series of BBC 2’s ‘Great Escapes’, as well as ‘Great Barrier Reef’ and ‘The Fisherman’s Apprentice.’ He has also presented films and series’ for Discovery, The History Channel, Channel 5, National Geographic, and Channel 4. More recently he has created several series concepts, including ‘Dive Mysteries’ and ‘The Great Shark Chase’, and has worked more actively as a producer and originator of new content. Learn more about Monty Halls on Crunchbase…

Seadog is an independent television and commercial production company founded by Monty Halls. Read more aboutSeadog Television and Film Productions on Crunchbase…

Douglas Gilmour

Founder & Managing Director @ Mobius Networks

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Douglas Gilmour Founder and Managing Director 30 years in the high tech industry and formed Mobius in 2003. The driver of Mobius strategy and all of innovative processes that have contributed to Mobius’s reputation as the most reliable and innovative mobile comms supplier in the sector. A TSA Board member. Learn more about Douglas Gilmour on Crunchbase…

Mobius is the UKs first integrated data airtime provider. Read more aboutMobius Networks on Crunchbase…

Toni Miszewski

Founder & Managing Director @ AnTech Ltd

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Toni Miszewski is a Founder & Managing Director at AnTech Ltd. Learn more about Toni Miszewski on Crunchbase…

AnTech delivers Directional Coiled Tubing Drilling Services to Oil & Gas Operators Read more aboutAnTech Ltd on Crunchbase…

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