Top Influencers: 61 UK Co-Founder & COO’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-Founder & COO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & COO role. We have selected these Co-Founder & COO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & COO’s. The list is in no particular order!

William Saad

Co-Founder & COO @ IHS Towers

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Willam is responsible for shaping IHS’s long-term technology vision and driving innovation across the company.William has 18 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. He has played a key part in the development and roll-out of Nigeria’s telecom sector, including building the first turnkey sites that marked the beginning of the country’s GSM revolution. Before establishing IHS, William was the Operations Director at CELIA Motophone Nigeria Limited. His responsibilities included designing, implementing and operating Motophone GSM, PNL and V-SAT networks in Nigeria. His achievements at CELIA include successfully implementing in 24 months the planned network expansion for one million subscribers. Before joining CELIA, William served as project manager at Lintel SAL where he designed and implemented GSM projects and was a Site Survey and Implementation Engineer at Libancell. William has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering from the American University of Beirut. Learn more about William Saad on Crunchbase…

IHS is a mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider. Read more about IHS Towers on Crunchbase…

Jason Pinto

Co-founder & COO @ Pace Revenue

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Jason is a co-founder at Pace. Pace has built the first solution that gives hotels real-time forecasting, price sensitivity analysis and automation. We use machine learning and statistics to turn pricing into a real-time exploration how to optimally match supply and demand. Our algorithms are proprietary and actively worked on by our science team. Prior to co-founding Pace Jason was a Partner at Amadeus Capital where he focused on opportunities in online services and fintech. Since joining the firm as an associate in 2007, he has worked closely with several Amadeus companies including Edgeware and Liquavista, helping Edgeware to a public listing on the NASDAQ Stockholm market and Liquavista to a sale to Samsung. He was also an active observer on the board of Unruly helping it exit to News Corp. Jason started his tech career as a lead member of a technology and product development team at E Ink Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he worked on commercialisation of the world’s first electronic ink display. The technology has been widely deployed in a range of consumer products most notably Amazon’s Kindle electronic book. Jason holds Engineering and Science degrees from MIT, Stanford University and Cambridge University. Jason is mostly Trinidadian with a bit of Jamaican and American added in for good measure. Learn more about Jason Pinto on Crunchbase…

Pace is revolutionising revenue management with a suite of tools to deliver science, real-time and automation. Read more about Pace Revenue on Crunchbase…

Rosie Dallas

Co-Founder & COO @ Fat Llama

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Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace which allows people to rent spare items to others nearby, fully insured. Read more about Fat Llama on Crunchbase…

Varun Sahni

Co-Founder & COO @ CreditEnable

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Varun Sahni has built and operated multiple successful companies over the past 20 years across emerging and developed markets ranging across financial services, healthcare and high technology firms. He is co-founder of Impact Investment Partners a UK based FCA regulated asset manager which operates across multiple markets and sectors. Prior to which he was head of Acumen India and has worked with Unilever, CARE and Oxfam to build up their SME portfolios. Varun is on a range of global advisory boards and fund investment committees focused on emerging markets and sustainable investing. He has been widely quoted in international media over the years and is a Chevening Scholar from the London School of Economics, a TED Fellow and an Asia Society Global Young Leader. Varun has an MA from Columbia University, and is also a Chevening Scholar. Learn more about Varun Sahni on Crunchbase…

CreditEnable provides data analytics, deep learning, AI and technology to build solutions to financial challenges. Read more about CreditEnable on Crunchbase…

Novo Abakare

Co-Founder & COO @ Syft

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Syft is the UK’s market leading flexible staffing platform. Read more about Syft on Crunchbase…

Sam Fromson

Co-founder & COO @ YuLife

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YuLife is a provider of life insurance and policies providing income in the event of critical illness. Read more about YuLife on Crunchbase…

Alexander Dunaev

Co-Founder & COO @ ID Finance

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In 2007, Alexander Dunaev graduated with honors bachelor degree from the University of Warwick with a degree in economics. In 2008, he received a master’s degree from the Imperial College London with a degree in mathematical finance. Alexander Dunaev is the Co-Founder of IDF Eurasia. In 2012, Alexander Dunaev left post occupied at Deutsche Bank and launched online lending service MoneyMan, and a year later he has founded fintech company ID Finance. Alexander is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). Learn more about Alexander Dunaev on Crunchbase…

Read more about ID Finance on Crunchbase…

Shahar Tamari

Co-Founder & COO @ Global-e

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Highly motivated businessman with more than 20 years experience in financial institutions, eCommerce and Payments. Specializing in online and ecommerce payment processing of credit cards and alternative payment options, ePayments operations and Payments platforms management. Business development of digital delivery channels, E-Banking, Mobile Banking, online and off line payments systems, Specialties: online Banking, Credit cards, Debit cards, payments, e Payments, Card acquiring, alternative payment options, e Wallets, e Banking, Mobile Banking, e Business, business development, risk management, eCommerce, conversion, optimization. Learn more about Shahar Tamari on Crunchbase…

Global-e is cross-border e-commerce enablement platform that enables brands and retailers to deliver purchase experiences to customers. Read more about Global-e on Crunchbase…

Sacha Carton

Co-Founder & COO @ Airfinity

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Sacha is co-founder & COO at Airfinity – a science information and analytics company. He is a data, tech and media entrepreneur who previously co-founded ad pepper media (FRA: APM), Adbrain (sold to NSDQ: TTD), Scala Ventures and advisory firm Ogmenta and has been an investor, advisor and director in multiple media, data, adtech, PE and M&A companies in Europe and the US. Learn more about Sacha Carton on Crunchbase…

Airfinity is a science information and analytics company Read more about Airfinity on Crunchbase…

Saasha Celestial-One

Co-Founder & COO @ OLIO

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OLIO is a global food sharing app connecting neighbors, volunteers, and businesses. Read more about OLIO on Crunchbase…

Benjamin Hay

Co-Founder & COO @ Collective Benefits

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Benjamin Hay is co-founder at Collective Benefits Learn more about Benjamin Hay on Crunchbase…

Insurance and benefits to make independent work, work for everyone. Read more about Collective Benefits on Crunchbase…

James Turford

Co-Founder & COO @ Nested

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James originally trained as an architect at Aedas before moving to McKinsey & Co and then private equity firm PEP. Learn more about James Turford on Crunchbase…

Nested operates as a data-driven estate agency enabling customers to be chain-free buyers. Read more about Nested on Crunchbase…

Thomas Fleming

Co-Founder & COO @ Arctoris

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Thomas Fleming is an award-winning chemist, cancer researcher, and SME Leader of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Tom is the Co-Founder & COO at Arctoris. Learn more about Thomas Fleming on Crunchbase…

Arctoris is a tech-enabled platform company in biotechnology, combining robotics & data science to accelerate drug discovery. Read more about Arctoris on Crunchbase…

Stefan Catoiu

Co-Founder & COO @ Vita Mojo

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Stefan Catoiu joined Vita Mojo as Co-Founder and COO in 2015. Learn more about Stefan Catoiu on Crunchbase…

Vita Mojo’s menu allows anyone to eat for anyones’ individualized needs. Read more about Vita Mojo on Crunchbase…

Srikant Chakravarti

Co-Founder & COO @ Curio

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Listen to the world’s best journalism on the go Read more about Curio on Crunchbase…

Andrew Lynch

Co-Founder & COO @ Huckletree

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Co-Founder & COO at Huckletree, a coworking community of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and VC-backed startups. Learn more about Andrew Lynch on Crunchbase…

The brave home of innovation. Read more about Huckletree on Crunchbase…

Sasa Sarunic

Co-founder & COO @ Bizzon

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Bizzon allows you to charge cash, debit and credit cards, and billing with the help of a simple application. Read more about Bizzon on Crunchbase…

Ollie Povey

Co-Founder & COO @ Tempo

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Tempo is a recruitment platform that connects business support professionals with the best employers. Read more about Tempo on Crunchbase…

Rachel Davis

Co-Founder & COO @ Hurree

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Hurree is a mobile marketing and engagement platform. Read more about Hurree on Crunchbase…

Vijay Natarajan

Co-founder & COO @ Q Energy

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Spoiler title
10+ yrs experience in Marketing, strategy, product development, worked on UK & European smart city projects, IoT solutions Learn more about Vijay Natarajan on Crunchbase…

Q Energy provides new revenue streams and savings on energy bills by enabling proactive management of consumption, production. Read more about Q Energy on Crunchbase…

Eliot Brooks

Co-Founder & COO @ Thriva

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Eliot Brooks is Co-founder and COO at Thriva. Prior to this, he perforemed various roles at Tandem Bank and was once a manager at Travelex. He bears a degree in economics from University of Oxford. Learn more about Eliot Brooks on Crunchbase…

Thriva offers a personalized at-home finger-prick blood test which enables individuals to easily track and improve health. Read more about Thriva on Crunchbase…

Quitterie de Rivoyre

Co-Founder & COO @ WholyMe

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Quitterie de Rivoyre is the co-founder and COO of WholyMe. Learn more about Quitterie de Rivoyre on Crunchbase…

WholyMe offers the healthiest, effective relief remedies. Our products are all-natural and 100% organic certified. Read more about WholyMe on Crunchbase…

Som Sagar

Co-Founder & COO @ Heckyl

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Som Sagar is Co-Founder at Heckyl. Learn more about Som Sagar on Crunchbase…

Read more about Heckyl on Crunchbase…

Michael Michelis

Co-Founder & COO @ Intelistyle

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Michael Michelis joined Intelistyle as Co-Founder and COO in 2017. Learn more about Michael Michelis on Crunchbase…

Intelistyle provides A.I. styling solutions to fashion retailers, helping them address the needs of customers looking for styling advice. Read more about Intelistyle on Crunchbase…

Parham Rakhshanfar

Co-Founder & COO @ Huzzle

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Read more about Huzzle on Crunchbase…

Neil Harmsworth

Co-Founder & COO @ Hussle

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Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Focused on business innovation, finding new and better ways to do things and challenging ‘business as usual’. Constantly questioning why things are done the way they are and pushing people to think differently. The ‘ideas’ guy. Learn more about Neil Harmsworth on Crunchbase…

The largest health & wellness platform in the UK connecting people and fitness. Read more about Hussle on Crunchbase…

Arun Jayadev

Diector, Co-Founder & COO @ Airlite

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Spoiler title
Arun Renuka Jayadev is strengthening the cleantech team since November 2008. As a Principal, his primary task is to source and evaluate new deals and to support the current cleantech portfolio. An Indian native, Arun has exclusively focused on the cleantech industry in the last years. He has worked for Spanish S.I. Capital, a private equity firm investing in renewable energies, where he conducted extensive research on cleantech investments. Prior to this he has worked for a start up electric motorcycle company and also served as an advisor to an Australian Waste to Energy company. He has helped organize five clean technology forums across the world, e.g. the first industry-specific seminar in Spain, which brought together start-up companies, VCs and executives for the first time. Arun started his career as a consultant with Computer Associates on projects in India, the U.S. and various other locations. There, he has managed teams of up to 16 people. Arun holds a MBA from IESE Business School, Barcelona in 2008, where he took also the opportunity to study one term at UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles. In 2003, he finished a BE with a focus on computer science with distinction at the Rashtriya Vidhyalaya College of Engineering, Bangalore. Learn more about Arun Jayadev on Crunchbase…

Read more about Airlite on Crunchbase…

Neil Larkins

Co-Founder & COO @ Egress Software

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Neil Larkins co-founded Egress Software Technologies in 2007 and currently serves as Chief Operations Officer, playing an instrumental role in shaping the strategic direction of the business, with particular emphasis on product and service development. Neil possesses a thorough understanding of the information security market and has helped Egress build a reputation on technological excellence. Working with both corporate and public organisations, he has helped deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet specific requirements for secure data exchange and collaboration, as well as compliance. Prior to Egress, he held executive management positions at Reflex Magnetics, Pointsec Mobile Technologies and Check Point Software Technologies. Neil serves as Chief Technology Officer, playing an instrumental role in shaping the strategic technical direction of the business, through product and service development. A regular speaker at information security and technology events, Neil has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Manchester. Learn more about Neil Larkins on Crunchbase…

Egress is a software company that specializes in human layer security designed to prevent accidental and intentional data breaches. Read more about Egress Software on Crunchbase…

Sukhi Jutla

Co-Founder & COO @ MarketOrders

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Sukhi Jutla is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of 3 books. She is the co-founder of MarketOrders, an online B2B platform for the gold and diamond jewellery industry. She is a leading international speaker, influencer and thought leader in tech and a qualified IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer. She is recognized by a number of industry awards including the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, Management Todays ’35 Women Under 35? and named a Top 100 European Digital Pioneer by The Financial Times and Google. In April 2018 Sukhi made global headlines when she became the World’s First #1 Bestselling ‘Blockchain’ Author. Learn more about Sukhi Jutla on Crunchbase…

MarketOrders is a B2B tech-enabled marketplace connecting retailers directly to manufacturers to source gold & diamond jewellery products Read more about MarketOrders on Crunchbase…

Branislav Dikov

Co-Founder & COO @ Dulo Properties

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Read more about Dulo Properties on Crunchbase…

Sanmi Ogunmola

Co-Founder & COO @ All Shades Covered

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A health and beauty marketplace for Afro-Caribbean consumers. Read more about All Shades Covered on Crunchbase…

Simon Hopkins

Co-founder & COO @ Angel Academe

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Co-founder & COO at Angel Academe. Learn more about Simon Hopkins on Crunchbase…

Read more about Angel Academe on Crunchbase…

Randal Pinto

Co-Founder & COO @ Red Sift

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Randal is passionate about delivering innovation through rapid application development. He headed the professional services arm of Apsmart, later acquired by Thomson Reuters, where he then was the Director of Advanced Products & Innovation. He has been in the mobile industry for 15 years, holding various technical and leadership roles with startups and large companies. He led Shazam’s programme management during its rapid expansion years. He’s been seen coding again. And enjoying it. Learn more about Randal Pinto on Crunchbase…

Red Sift exists to democratise the technology essential for cybersecurity. Read more about Red Sift on Crunchbase…

Matthew Khoory

Co-founder & COO @ mOm Incubators

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mOm is an inexpensive, electronically controlled, inflatable incubator constructed to decrease the number of premature child deaths. Read more about mOm Incubators on Crunchbase…

Tim Moore

Co-Founder & COO @ Skills Union

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Tim Moore is the Co-Founder and COO of Skills Union. Learn more about Tim Moore on Crunchbase…

Read more about Skills Union on Crunchbase…

Adrian Maseda

Co-Founder & COO @ Cheerfy

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Adrian has worked for many years for large corporations like Nortel and Aricent Group in various Business Management and Sales roles. Adrian then became an entrepreneur: Co-Founder @ We2 (Social Wifi), Founder @ Protos (an advisory firm). Adrian is now focused is his latest project, Cheerfy. Adrian believes in using technology to solve problems and reshape how things work. In particular, he sees opportunity in the intersection between social and hyper-localised interactions in a mobile world. Learn more about Adrian Maseda on Crunchbase…

The new way restaurants sell post-COVID Read more about Cheerfy on Crunchbase…

Miranda Khamis

Co-Founder & COO @ Food Drop

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Miranda Khamis is the Co-Founder and COO at Food Drop. Learn more about Miranda Khamis on Crunchbase…

A tech platform to connect stores with unsold food to local charities Read more about Food Drop on Crunchbase…

Erica Allen

Co-founder & COO @ SODA SAYS

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Read more about SODA SAYS on Crunchbase…

Ole Fjelberg

Co-Founder & COO @ Brandbassador

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Ambassadors – engage with brands to earn money, freebies and other rewards. Brands – harness the power of passionate customers and fans. Read more about Brandbassador on Crunchbase…

Michael Harrison

Co-Founder & COO @ Gravity Fitness

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GraVity, a trampoline park company Read more about Gravity Fitness on Crunchbase…

Matthew Daines

Co-Founder & COO @

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Matthew Daines is the Co-Founder & COO at Learn more about Matthew Daines on Crunchbase…

The UK tech-based lettings & property management platform that makes renting simple, secure & affordable. Read more about on Crunchbase…

Linden Dover

Co-Founder & COO @

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Linden is responsible for the overall commercial delivery of Weaver. He has experience in high-end construction and development coupled with commercial roles at onefinestay. He is passionate about forming teams of highly qualified people to enable a streamline processes. Learn more about Linden Dover on Crunchbase… is a contractor marketplace for home renovations Read more about on Crunchbase…

Claudio Bosco

Co-Founder & COO @ Fluentify

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**Co-founder** and **COO** at [Fluentify]( Fluentify is the most effective, simple and natural way to learn a language. Find the perfect native tutor, turn on your webcam and enjoy the experience. Simple. Learn more about Claudio Bosco on Crunchbase…

Fluentify connects language learners with carefully selected native speakers around the world trough 30-minutes individual live sessions. Read more about Fluentify on Crunchbase…

Keith Clarke

Co-Founder & COO @ Improved Apps

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Boost user engagement, process compliance & sales enablement of your workforce with the #1 Salesforce digital adoption solution Read more about Improved Apps on Crunchbase…

Albert Millis

Co-Founder & COO @ Virtual Umbrella

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VR thought-leader. Twitter wizard. Business genius. Bertie is Virtual Umbrella’s COO. Responsible for project delivery. client acquisition. business proposals. and VR masterclasses. He’s at his happiest introducing people to VR for the first time and testing out the shiniest. newest tech there is. As COO of the company, he has worked on immersive technology projects with clients like Nokia, AT&T, OMD, Leo Burnett, Kaleidoscope VR, Mintel, Merge VR, Ruder Finn, Imperial War Museum, BBC, BBC Worldwide, Breaking Fourth, FCB Inferno, Psytec Games, and more. From supporting national tours of experiences like Unrest VR to helping bring huge domes filled with the very best interactive and VR tech to Edinburgh’s iconic George Street, he’s on a non-stop mission to excite audiences and businesses with the potential of immersive content. When he’s not client-side, he’s leading virtual reality workshops and talks across the world, including at prestigious industry events like VR Connects, Kaleidoscope London, and Develop:VR. In 2017, he was selected as one of the 10 foremost immersive technology experts as part of the BIMA Immersive Technologies Think Tank, designed to inspire, provoke and educate the wider BIMA membership on the power of immersive technologies. As a member of the BAFTA VR subcommittee, and a curator/consultant for a range of immersive technology exhibitions (e.g. Sheffield Doc Fest, FuturePlay, VRUK: VR Studio), Bertie’s work also allows him to take a prominent role in the development of up-and-coming industry talent, using his expertise to help highlight some of the country’s most exciting new VR content. Outside of Virtual Umbrella, Bertie is the co-founder of #HelloFounder, an online resource and support network for entrepreneurs. He has also been featured on the Yogscast Jingle Jam fundraiser for the past two years, being part of a team that raised $2.6 Million (2016) and 5.2 Million (2017) for charity. Learn more about Albert Millis on Crunchbase…

Virtual Umbrella The world’s first marketing agency for VR companies and brands. We also run awesome VR events in UK. Read more about Virtual Umbrella on Crunchbase…

Phil Stevens

Co-Founder & COO @ Wayv Technologies Ltd

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Read more about Wayv Technologies Ltd on Crunchbase…

Richard Mcconnell

Co-Founder & COO @ Liopa

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Liopa’s LipRead deciphers speech from lip movements. It uses AI and deep learning for automated lip reading. Read more about Liopa on Crunchbase…

Diego Jenzer

Co-founder & COO @ Fromigo

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Fromigo is a marketplace of authentic experiences by local people. Read more about Fromigo on Crunchbase…

Marla Shapiro

Co-Founder & COO @ Readear

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ReadEar builds affordable audible products for businesses Read more about Readear on Crunchbase…

Marla Shapiro

Co-Founder & COO @ Readear

Follow Marla Shapiro on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

ReadEar builds affordable audible products for businesses Read more about Readear on Crunchbase…

Philip Shaw Stewart

Co-Founder & COO @ Citizen Ticket

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The simple & secure future of ticketing Read more about Citizen Ticket on Crunchbase…

Neil Atherton

Co-Founder & COO @ Nudjed

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Health Challenges and Motivation Read more about Nudjed on Crunchbase…

Dexter Boyce

Co-Founder & COO @ Prospela

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Read more about Prospela on Crunchbase…

Kerr MacKinnon

Co-Founder & COO @ Flyte Technologies

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Flight planning software for commercial drone pilots Read more about Flyte Technologies on Crunchbase…

James Harringman

Co-Founder & COO @ Ease

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Ease is a mobile app that puts a personalised financial tool in the pockets of those who need it most. Read more about Ease on Crunchbase…

Chistina Mulhall-Brown

Co-founder & COO @ Adavow

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Spoiler title
Co-founder & Finance Manager at Adavow Learn more about Chistina Mulhall-Brown on Crunchbase…

Adavow is a cloud-based platform that enables advertisers to pre-validate ad choices against a real-time, user transaction database. Read more about Adavow on Crunchbase…

Yuriy Gnatyuk

Co-Founder & COO @ KindGeek

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Spoiler title
Yuriy Gnatyuk is a Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Operating Officer at KindGeek. Learn more about Yuriy Gnatyuk on Crunchbase…

Read more about KindGeek on Crunchbase…

Natasha Pilbrow

Co-Founder & COO @ LeSalon Beauty

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LeSalon is delivering a branded, consistent and high-quality at-home beauty service. Read more about LeSalon Beauty on Crunchbase…

Chris Lawrence

Co-Founder & COO @ CGHero

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Outsource 3D Modelling, Concept Art, Textures, VFX & More Read more about CGHero on Crunchbase…

Douglas Green

Co-Founder & COO @ Dimensional Imaging

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Spoiler title
Open minded and hard working, I take great satisfaction in solving problems. Learn more about Douglas Green on Crunchbase…

Dimensional Imaging designs and develops human body 3D and 4D surface image capture and analysis solutions. Read more about Dimensional Imaging on Crunchbase…

Wesley Soeters

Co-Founder & COO @ WeFlock

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Read more about WeFlock on Crunchbase…

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