Top Influencers: 60 UK Head of Operations’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Group Head of Operations Transformation and Governance play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Group Head of Operations Transformation and Governance role. We have selected these Group Head of Operations Transformation and Governance’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Group Head of Operations Transformation and Governance’s. The list is in no particular order!

Greg Bull

Group Head of Operations Transformation and Governance @ MBDA

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Spoiler title
An Engineer by trade, I have held a number of key roles within MBDA over the last 25 years, including project engineer, Head of Internal Audit, PDM delivery, and Head of Information Systems. Currently I hold the senior role of Head of Operations Transformation, including delivery of an engineering collaborative environment and definition of MBDA’s Factory of the Future. I have a passion for people development through team working and the desire to drive real change across our multi-nation company. Whilst working across the key nations of MBDA, I have had the opportunity to learn many things and make numerous friends across Europe. Outside work, I am married with two children. I enjoy football (soccer 🙂 ) and rugby, as well as visiting and experiencing new places and cultures around the world. Learn more about Greg Bull on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutMBDA on Crunchbase…

Geneviève Owen

Head of Operations @ Let’s Do This

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Read more aboutLet’s Do This on Crunchbase…

Olivier Rousseau

Operations Director & Head of Operations @ Citymapper

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Citymapper is a transport app for cities. Read more aboutCitymapper on Crunchbase…

Chris Rennoldson

COO, Co-Founder, Head of Operations and Finance @ Pasta Evangelists

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Pasta Evangelists is freshly made by Italian hands every day. Read more aboutPasta Evangelists on Crunchbase…

Tom Boal

Head of Operations @ what3words

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Spoiler title
Tom is Commercial Director with responsibility for all commercial aspects of Portland including contracts and business analysis. He was previously involved with extra-parliamentary campaigns including Vote No and the ‘no campaign’ and the think-tank, Open Europe. Tom was also Parliamentary Research Assistant to Bernard Jenkin MP when Bernard was Shadow Minister for the Regions. Tom graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) in History. Learn more about Tom Boal on Crunchbase…

what3words is a mapping technology startup that creates a proprietary geocode system for logistics firms. Read more aboutwhat3words on Crunchbase…

Ran C Vispap-Rich

Head Of Operations @ Matrix Solutions

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Matrix Solutions is a data owner and business intelligence agency. Read more aboutMatrix Solutions on Crunchbase…

Penny Penati

Head Of Operations @ The Supper Club

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The Supper Club is a collaborative networking group for CEOs and founders of privately held, high-growth businesses. Read more aboutThe Supper Club on Crunchbase…

Fraser Hopper

Head of Operations @ Chattermill

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Spoiler title
Fraser Hopper is the Head of Operations at Chattermill. Learn more about Fraser Hopper on Crunchbase…

Chattermill applies cutting edge deep learning to help organizations make sense of their customer experience. Read more aboutChattermill on Crunchbase…

Gemma Happe

Head of Operations @ Freetrade

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Freetrade is a challenger stockbroker that offers free share trading in mobile phones. Read more aboutFreetrade on Crunchbase…

Samantha Ling

Head of Operations @ Octopus Ventures

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Spoiler title
Samantha focuses on managing the Octopus Venture Partners and their individual portfolios and oversees the investment process. Prior to joining Octopus, she spent a number of years supporting and working with international teams and clients in the oil and gas and software industries at PVM Oil and then Det Norske Veritas, implementing and leading global processes and projects. Most recently, she spent time as a project coordinator at the Royal College of Nursing. Samantha holds a CFA UK Level 3 Certificate in Investment Management. Learn more about Samantha Ling on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutOctopus Ventures on Crunchbase…

Elise Nunn

Head of Operations @ Plum Fintech

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Spoiler title
Elise Nunn is Head of Ops at Plum Fintech. Learn more about Elise Nunn on Crunchbase…

Plum Fintech is a developer of personal savings assistant solutions for customers. Read more aboutPlum Fintech on Crunchbase…

Wade Newell

Head of Operations UK & Head of EMEA @ eTeam

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Read more abouteTeam on Crunchbase…

Clare Nestor

Head of Operations @ Starling Bank

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Spoiler title
As Head of Operations Clare is responsible for our Customer Service team as well as our business operations including payments, cards and fraud. She has had a varied career in financial services over thirty years working in corporate banking, risk management and operations management. She started her career with NatWest subsequently moving to RBS and Virgin Money before joining Starling in 2016. She was attracted by the opportunity of using her experience to build a truly better bank whilst continuing to learn more about the fintech world. If she wasn’t at Starling, Clare would be travelling the world. She wants to visit 100 countries and still has a few to go to reach her target! Learn more about Clare Nestor on Crunchbase…

Starling Bank is a mobile banking platform that offers personal, joint, and business accounts. Read more aboutStarling Bank on Crunchbase…

Stefan Rusu

Head of Operations @ Proportunity

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Proportunity is a financial services organisation made possible by technology. Read more aboutProportunity on Crunchbase…

Katya Kapelushnik

Head of Operations @ Jukedeck

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Read more aboutJukedeck on Crunchbase…

Luke Benfey

Head of Operations @ cloud.IQ

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cloud.IQ is an AI and machine learning based automated conversion rate optimisation platform for e-commerce businesses. Read more aboutcloud.IQ on Crunchbase…

David Haddow

Head of Operations and R&D @ Regenerys

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Regenerys develops and sells regenerative medicine products in the streams requiring bioprocessing and biostorage. Read more aboutRegenerys on Crunchbase…

Nadia John

Head of Operations @ XML International

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XML International (est. 2004) is a global staffing group, with our global HQ in London. Read more aboutXML International on Crunchbase…

Emma Richardson

Head of operations @ Progressive Sports Technologies

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Spoiler title
Graduating in Law at Southampton and going on to gain post graduate LPC qualification in London. In 1997, she joined Hays followed by Axon. Having gained a commercial focus she has now joined Progressive Sports to assist in the Operational side of the business. Specialties: Sports, Sporting goods, innovation, operations. Learn more about Emma Richardson on Crunchbase…

Progressive Sports Technologies maintain a highly skilled research and development team, at-hand to support your project requirements. Read more aboutProgressive Sports Technologies on Crunchbase…

Serena McCutcheon

Head of Operations and Executive Assistant @ True.

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Spoiler title
Before True, Serena was an Executive Assistant at Global Insurance firms JLT Specialty and Zurich Insurance. Learn more about Serena McCutcheon on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTrue. on Crunchbase…

Paul Holmes

Head of operations @ cap hpi

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Spoiler title
I have a broad knowledge of the automotive industry, with particular focus on whole life cost, vehicle taxation, residual values and contract hire. Learn more about Paul Holmes on Crunchbase…

cap hpi is an accurate source of industry insights and vehicle valuations. Read more aboutcap hpi on Crunchbase…

James Gilligan

Head Of Operations @ Otis

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Read more aboutOtis on Crunchbase…

Sophie Marsh

Head of Operations @ Appear Here

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Appear Here is an online marketplace for retail space. Read more aboutAppear Here on Crunchbase…

Claudia Hesleden

Head of Operations @ Clekt

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Clekt gets corporate data to improve performance, generate innovation, and expand the organization. Read more aboutClekt on Crunchbase…

Bradley Arrowsmith

Head of Operations @ EuroCCP Limited

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Spoiler title
Brad joined EuroCCP in 2007 and is responsible for Operations, including relationships with interoperating CCPs, CSDs and settlement agents. Previously, he managed asset servicing and middle office functions across global markets at Merrill Lynch, covering a range of products. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial marketplace working for a number of major banks. He is a member of the Target2 Securities Harmonisation Working Group and a member of the Working Group for Harmonising Settlement Cycles in Europe. Learn more about Bradley Arrowsmith on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutEuroCCP Limited on Crunchbase…

Karen Pennington

Project Director & Head Of Operations @ Future Kings

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Spoiler title
Karen is responsible for the day-to-day running of all projects, including timings, budgets and reporting. She’s worked with us for 6 years and brings over 20 years of project management experience earned both client and agency side. Learn more about Karen Pennington on Crunchbase…

Future Kings is a marketing and advertising firm. Read more aboutFuture Kings on Crunchbase…

Wesley Knowles

Head of Operations @ Whitespace

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We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more-involved ‘Eureka!’ projects. Read more aboutWhitespace on Crunchbase…

Kevin Mortimer

Head Of Operations @ University of Reading

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Read more aboutUniversity of Reading on Crunchbase…

Suleman Assenjee

Head of Operations @ Investment Software Limited

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Spoiler title
Having graduated in Computer Science from Imperial College, Suleman joined the software arm of Credit Suisse to work on their back office system. He moved to FSL in 2000 as an analyst/developer and has led the software development of its tax product, CGiX, before heading up the operations of ISL. Learn more about Suleman Assenjee on Crunchbase…

Investment Software Limited (ISL) is an entrepreneurial software company that produces financial software applications. Read more aboutInvestment Software Limited on Crunchbase…

Jon Parr

Head Of Operations @ Siemens

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Read more aboutSiemens on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Suarez

Head of Operations @ Footy Addicts

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Footy Addicts is a social platform that enables football players and enthusiasts to discover, organize, and join football games in the UK. Read more aboutFooty Addicts on Crunchbase…

Irene Vozzi

Head of Operations @ Mrs Wordsmith

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Mrs Wordsmith is on a mission to illustrate the English language, so kids fall in love with words and with learning. Read more aboutMrs Wordsmith on Crunchbase…

David Salgado

Head Of Operations @ Mattereum

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Spoiler title
David Salgado is Head of Operations at Mattereum. He is a technical architect, entrepreneur and software developer, responsible for client relationships and delivery management at Mattereum. With a background in business and in technology-focused roles, he is able to bridge both worlds. He brings to Mattereum a broad range of experience in organisations of all sizes from global behemoths such as Telefónica to early-stage start-ups and the public sector. In his previous experience as a technical architect he was providing oversight and guidance in the creation of citizen-facing digital services at the Ministry of Justice and acting a blockchain technology advocate. He has also represented the Ministry of Justice at a cross-government level on panels looking at distributed ledger technologies for public good. After gaining a degree in computer science from University College London, David spent some years in Japan before returning to the UK, working in technology account management for several London advertising agencies. After a stint as business development director of a start-up in Kuala Lumpur, he returned to the UK and worked at Telefónica for several years before leaving to help build Mobile Interactive Group, a start-up at the intersection of mobile technology and broadcast television. Learn more about David Salgado on Crunchbase…

Mattereum is a provider of legally-enforceable smart contracts. Read more aboutMattereum on Crunchbase…

Laura Cartwright

Head Of Operations Innovation Group UK Automotive @ EMaC

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EMaC is a motor service plan specialist. Read more aboutEMaC on Crunchbase…

Xavier Jameson

Head of Operations @ Tutorean

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Spoiler title
Xavier has a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and has successfully launched startups that have disrupted industries in fitness, wellbeing and education. Xavier continuously applies his 8 years’ tutoring experience in successfully managing Tutorean’s tutor and student communities and now oversees Tutorean’s operations and management. Learn more about Xavier Jameson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTutorean on Crunchbase…

Ana Castanheira

Head of Operations @ Yoti

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Yoti is a digital identity platform that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and in person. Read more aboutYoti on Crunchbase…

Ana Castanheira

Head of Operations @ Yoti

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Yoti is a digital identity platform that provides a simple and secure way of proving identities, online and in person. Read more aboutYoti on Crunchbase…

Tom Seeley

Head of Operations @ Secondmind

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Spoiler title
Tom has been managing computer systems for nearly 20 years, at various times focusing on infrastructure, networking, security and devops. He has spent most of his life living in or around Cambridge. He is responsible for the leading the Operations team. When not keeping his children entertained, he enjoys working on an unnecessarily complex home network with a spot of computer gaming thrown in for good measure. Learn more about Tom Seeley on Crunchbase…

Machine learning for automotive innovators Read more aboutSecondmind on Crunchbase…

Sebastian Huempfer

Head of Operations @ Echobox

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Echobox is the leading AI-driven social media platform for publishers. Read more aboutEchobox on Crunchbase…

Ian Smith

Head of Operations – Direct to Consumer (D2C) @ Oodle Car Finance

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Oodle Car Finance is a car finance company that match-makes customers with UK’s best car dealers. Read more aboutOodle Car Finance on Crunchbase…

Sandra Lyness

Head Of Operations @ Passion Capital

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Read more aboutPassion Capital on Crunchbase…

Alexis Vickery

Head of Operations @ Inogesis

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Spoiler title
Alexis began her career at Prudential Assurance where she took her post graduate marketing exams. She worked in a number of industries, including publishing and retail, before joining Restoration Partners in 2006 as a founding member of staff. Alexis has worked on the Leidos VTC since its inception and then launch in 2015 and is now Head of Operations for Inogesis. She has a degree in French and Management from Reading University. Learn more about Alexis Vickery on Crunchbase…

Inogesis is a collaboration platform designed to drive impact between SME innovators and corporates. Read more aboutInogesis on Crunchbase…

Alison Freer

Head of Operations & Development @ Innovation SuperNetwork

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Read more aboutInnovation SuperNetwork on Crunchbase…

Dave Stockwell

Head Of Operations @ Pay.UK

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Pay.UK is the UK’s leading retail payments authority. Read more aboutPay.UK on Crunchbase…

Lisa Baldwin

Head of Operations @ BoilerJuice

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Spoiler title
Lisa Baldwin is Head of Operations at Learn more about Lisa Baldwin on Crunchbase…

BoilerJuice was created by a group of friends who wanted to make ordering heating oil easier Read more aboutBoilerJuice on Crunchbase…

Alex Hooper

Head of Operations @ BMJ Group

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Spoiler title
As Head of Operations at BMJ, Alex has been a driving force behind the company’s ongoing transformation and modernisation that has thus far seen the entire estate come under configuration management and move to a public/private hybrid-cloud platform. The focus is now on automating provision and adopting an infrastructure-as-code model and moving towards an immutable architecture, while consolidating and strengthening a DevOps culture that has already seen an improvement in outcomes born of better communication, collaboration, process, and the sharing of skills and responsibility. Since 1997, Alex has moved from website design through simple CGI and JavaScript programming to multi-tier, web-based application design and build, all the while managing the hosting infrastructures on which they sat. Developing and running a site for the 1998 World Cup was an early exercise in scale that ignited his passion for web-operations. As such, Alex has developed a holistic approach to the development and delivery of Internet-based systems that harmonises nicely with the current reign of DevOps. Learn more about Alex Hooper on Crunchbase…

BMJ Group provides medical information and resources to doctors, researchers, healthcare workers, and patients worldwide. Read more aboutBMJ Group on Crunchbase…

Stella Zuegel

Head of Operations @ Kubrick Group

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Spoiler title
Stella joined Kubrick in July 2016 and is one if its first members of staff. She is responsible for making sure business operations run smoothly and strategies are implemented. Having been part of growing young companies operations for most her working life Stella has brought experience in wearing many hats to Kubrick and has been working across the business growing it’s operations functions. She believes the world needs more doers who are willing to take calculated risk to be successful and less procrastinators waiting for success to happen to them. Kubrick’s mission of training and developing young, successful professionals perfectly matches Stella’s vision. Learn more about Stella Zuegel on Crunchbase…

Kubrick Group is a new force in technology consulting, providing fully trained and accredited junior consultants to organisations. Read more aboutKubrick Group on Crunchbase…

Leigh Edgar

Head of Operations @ Business Growth Fund

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Spoiler title
Based in our London office, Leigh joined BGF in October 2015. He is responsible for the business support operations for the group, including Facilities and Property Management, procurement and all other related activities. Prior to BGF, Leigh spent eight years as Head of Facilities Management for Cushman & Wakefield, a global property management group, as well as ten years at WPP Advertising Group and ten years in the Royal Navy. Leigh lives in West Sussex with his wife and three children and kept busy by coaching and refereeing rugby for club and county. In addition Leigh brings good looks and classic northern humour to BGF. Learn more about Leigh Edgar on Crunchbase…

Business Growth Fund is an influential investor in small and mid-sized businesses. Read more aboutBusiness Growth Fund on Crunchbase…

Gavin Clark

Head of operations @ Fuel Juice Bars

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Spoiler title
Gavin Clark has been serving as head of operations at Fuel Juice Bar since March 2015. Learn more about Gavin Clark on Crunchbase…

Fuel Juice Bars is a juice bar operator, offering a healthy range of deliciously fresh fruit smoothies and juices. Read more aboutFuel Juice Bars on Crunchbase…

Madalena Moreira

Head of Operations @ Winnow

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Winnow produces digital tools to help chefs measure, monitor, and reduce food waste. Read more aboutWinnow on Crunchbase…

Alastair McFarlane

Head of Operations @ Play

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Play design and build products that help individuals make great decisions and build positive behaviours. Read more aboutPlay on Crunchbase…

David Butler

Head Of Operations @ 4Sight Communications

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4Sight Communications is one of the leading providers of business telecommunications and managed services for public sector organisations. Read more about4Sight Communications on Crunchbase…

Fiona Hayes

Head of Operations @ Bibblio

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A digital publishing content recommendation technology to increase user engagement, grow revenues and drive new audiences. Read more aboutBibblio on Crunchbase…

Parul Thakrar

Head of Operations, Compliance & Risk @ GVA

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Spoiler title
Parul Thakrar is the head of compliance at GVA UK. Learn more about Parul Thakrar on Crunchbase…

GVA is a real estate advisory business assisting clients with the strategy, planning, and management of property. Read more aboutGVA on Crunchbase…

Margarita Perez

Head of Operations @ KidSitter

FollowMargarita Perez on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Online marketplace for finding trusted, reliable and thoroughly vetted childcare Read more aboutKidSitter on Crunchbase…

Karen Karaahmet

Head of Operations @ The FSE Group

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Spoiler title
General office/facilities maintenance, Human Resources, IT support, FCA Compliance matters, Health & Safety, Company Secretarial matters Karen joined the Group in 2005 initially to the Investment Readiness Team. She took up her current position in 2008. Her background is in Banking & Underwriting Outside of work Karen loves her holidays, enjoys walking her dog & is a keen archer, which she tries to fit in around being a taxi driver for her teenage son. Learn more about Karen Karaahmet on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutThe FSE Group on Crunchbase…

Sharon Welch

Head of Operations @ 100 Percent Group

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Spoiler title
Sharon Welch is the head of operations at 100 Percent Group. Learn more about Sharon Welch on Crunchbase…

100 Percent Group provides International Retail Installation services, to activate in-store marketing campaigns for global brands. Read more about100 Percent Group on Crunchbase…

Adam Colthorpe

Head of Operations @ Beyond Red

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Sponsorship Activation agency Read more aboutBeyond Red on Crunchbase…

Graham Binstead

Head of Operations @ Zebra Fuel

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Read more aboutZebra Fuel on Crunchbase…

Conor Owens

Head of Operations @ Billion Dollar Tiles

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Mobile first startup for location based classified advertising and anonymous chat Read more aboutBillion Dollar Tiles on Crunchbase…

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