Top Influencers: 52 UK Research Director’s To Follow in 2022

Co-Founder & Research Director play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & Research Director role. We have selected these Co-Founder & Research Director’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & Research Director’s. The list is in no particular order!

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Simon Taylor

Co-Founder & Research Director @ Zappar

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Simon Taylor is a co-founder of Zappar, and the company’s Research Director. Simon graduated with a Masters in Engineering from the University of Cambridge in 2007. He went on to complete a PhD, also at the Engineering Department in Cambridge, entitled “Fast Object Localisation for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications”. Simon’s research focused on the development of fast algorithms for locating known objects in live camera frames from smartphone devices. This research resulted in a novel approach to the problem offering far superior performance to existing published work of the time. The approach was first published at the Workshop on Feature Detectors and Descriptors held as part of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2009. A demo of the approach on a smartphone was also shown at the conference, receiving a “Best Demo” award. Further updates to the approach were published at the British Machine Vision Conference, 2009. The conference organizers selected this paper as one of six to be extended for inclusion in a special edition of the International Journal of Computer Vision, published in 2011. Simon worked with Connell Gauld to integrate his algorithm into a full mobile app for AR content delivery. Together they founded Extra Reality Ltd in 2010 to pursue commercialization of their solution. After meeting Kirk Ewing and Caspar Thykier, they decided to form a new venture, Zappar, to offer a full AR content creation solution for big-brand clients. Simon has led the development of Zappar’s proprietary and patented Zapcode system. Learn more about Simon Taylor on Crunchbase…

Zappar is a clever little app that can see and recognise images and objects in the world around us. Read more aboutZappar on Crunchbase…

Kamelia Dimova

Co-Founder, Research Director @ Mindtrace

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Kamelia has 10+ years of research experience in computational neuroscience and machine learning. She has MSc degrees in Physics and Cognitive Science, and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the University of Plymouth. Learn more about Kamelia Dimova on Crunchbase…

Mindtrace builds intelligent systems which exploit the synergy of brain-inspired algorithms and neuromorphic hardware. Read more aboutMindtrace on Crunchbase…

Saul Judah

Research Director @ Gartner

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Saul Judah is a Research Director within the Analytics Apps and Governance team focusing on data quality, information governance, information strategy and master data management. He works with Gartner clients on creating and delivering data quality strategy, establishing and running effective information governance programs, organizing and managing MDM programs, and creating information risk control environments. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Judah worked in senior information strategy and information management roles at major organizations and consulting companies for a number of years. He has more than 20 years of experience in the information and technology domain across a number of industries, including financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunications. Learn more about Saul Judah on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Andrew Newell

Research Director @ iProov

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Andrew joined iProov from University College London where he was a Research Fellow in both the Department of Computer Science and CoMPLEX. His PhD and subsequent published research focused on computer vision and pattern recognition. Since 2014 he has led iProov’s work on image processing. Learn more about Andrew Newell on Crunchbase…

iProov is a London-based startup that focuses on user-friendly strong identity authentication. Read more aboutiProov on Crunchbase…

Mike Wonham

Research Director @ Gartner

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Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Keith Breed

Research Director @ Tariff Consultancy

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Keith Breed is a Research Director with Tariff Consultancy Ltd ( and has been responsible for the publication of a series of pricing reports and pricing research studies into roaming, emerging markets mobile, business models, smart phones, and Mobile Broadband for the company. His main areas of expertise are the mobile operator space and the Data Centre & collocation segments. With TCL Keith Breed is also responsible for producing regular subscription based reports including the 14 Country Data Centre Price Tracker and has presented at numerous conferences in Europe & North America. He has previously written several articles on IT outsourcing and Ethernet deployments for Total Telecom Magazine as a Contributing Editor, and has provided research on a freelance capacity for Gartner on mobile and fixed line country markets throughout Europe. Keith Breed has also presented at a number of external conferences on telecoms subjects as diverse as Data Roaming, Mobile TV, CRM & customer loyalty and Mobile Broadband. From 2000 to 2005 Keith Breed has previously been responsible for sales and marketing in the European Head-quarters of Japanese carrier NTT Com – which included managing corporate Japanese and European sales & wholesale sales, bid management and marketing. From 1994 he was a General Manager Sales with the UK office of Japanese carrier KDDI Europe. He joined KDDI from Mercury Communications (part of Cable & Wireless) where he had been a Product Manager responsible for International Private Circuits. In 1989, after finishing his MBA, Keith Breed started work as a Market Analyst Manager in BT UK’s Marketing Strategy Unit. He has an MBA specialising in Marketing Management from Bradford University, and his original degree is in Modern History with Economics from Manchester University. Learn more about Keith Breed on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTariff Consultancy on Crunchbase…

Guy Bisson

Research Director @ Ampere Analysis

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Guy Bisson has more than 20 years’ experience as a leading entertainment market analyst with a specialisation in the global television business. He is a regular speaker and moderator at many of the world’s leading entertainment business conferences, a frequent media commentator and author of numerous reports and research articles on the business and strategy of the television industry. Most recently, Guy has been focusing on the SVoD content market and the impact of new viewing platforms on the traditional channel and platform business. Guy previously led the television research practice at Screen Digest and IHS and is now Research Director of Ampere Analysis, a London-based research company with a global focus on television and new media that is combining, for the first time, big data analytics, consumer research and industry analysis. Learn more about Guy Bisson on Crunchbase…

Ampere Analysis is a market-leading data and analytics firm, working across the media and entertainment sectors Read more aboutAmpere Analysis on Crunchbase…

David Groombridge

Research Director @ Gartner

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David Groombridge is a Research Director in Gartner Research, where he undertakes analysis on all phases of the IT sourcing cycle, with a particular focus on best practices in the sourcing of hybrid infrastructure services. Mr. Groombridge helps clients solve strategic sourcing issues, as well as developing research to support clients with practical advice on this evolving space. He provides guidance for clients on vendor selection, contract pricing, structure and terms, and commercial negotiations. Learn more about David Groombridge on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Stephen Emmott

Research Director @ Gartner

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Stephen Emmott is an analyst covering insight engines (enterprise search), video content management systems and the digital workplace. Learn more about Stephen Emmott on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Matt Roberts

Global Research Director @ Formula 1

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Matt joined Eurosport as Head of Research in September 2008, before moving to ESPN UK in July 2010 where I headed up the EMEA Research team. After the sale of ESPN TV to BT in July 2013, Matt joined the BT Sport team in Stratford to set up the insight function for the brand new sports channel before joining Sky to head up their sports insight division. In 2017, he joined Formula One as Global Research Director. Learn more about Matt Roberts on Crunchbase…

Formula 1 is a auto racing league. Read more aboutFormula 1 on Crunchbase…

Gordon Forrest

Research Director @ Binx Health

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Gordon has 30 years experience in clinical diagnostics R&D and was a founder member of the Atlas team . His particular interests are in immuno and molecular diagnostic systems and Point-of-Care devices. He has held senior corporate positions in multinational companies and been actively involved in the development and commercial launch of several CE marked and FDA cleared immunoassay laboratory systems, Point-of-Care devices, and over-the-counter products. He has served on the boards of private and fully-listed companies and acted as Non-Executive Director of several early-stage companies representing major life-science VC interests. He has been an advisor to several VCs and private investors and was a member of the Wellcome Trusts’s Technology Transfer Challenge Committee committee for 4 years. Learn more about Gordon Forrest on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBinx Health on Crunchbase…

Daniel Mettyear

Research Director Africa & Wine @ International Wine & Spirit Research

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As analyst for the IWSR, Daniel Mettyear has spent the past ten years getting to the heart of market dynamics and drivers in over 30 countries, across five different regions. Now as research director for the wine category, he is drawing on his experience in a number of key producer and consumer markets to determine how the movements and trends of today are shaping the future of wine going forward. Learn more about Daniel Mettyear on Crunchbase…

The IWSR is a global provider of data and market intelligence on beverage alcohol. Read more aboutInternational Wine & Spirit Research on Crunchbase…

Rob Smith

Research Director @ Gartner

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Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Andrew Stevens

Research Director – Supply Chain Technology @ Gartner

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Nader Henein

Research Director, Privacy & Data Protection @ Gartner

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Aditya Kaul

Research Director @ Tractica

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Aditya Kaul is a research director at Tractica, with a focus on wearable devices, contextual computing, and robotics. Kaul has more than 10 years of experience in technology market research and consulting. He is based in London. Prior to Tractica, Kaul was a practice director at ABI Research, where he led the firm’s Mobile Networks research group. He has also been an independent consultant, providing industry participants with strategic business and technology consulting in the areas of Internet of Things, smart cities, and wearable computing. He was previously a senior analyst at Pioneer Consulting, where he established a new wireless research and consulting practice. In addition, Kaul was team leader at Evalueserve, heading a team of analysts conducting business research in the areas of telecommunications and IT. He has also held internships at Qualcomm and Siemens. Kaul has been a prolific speaker, moderator, and panelist at industry conferences and events, and has appeared frequently in the media including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Unstrung, ZDNet, Wireless Week, EE Times, and CommsDesign, among others. Kaul holds two master’s degrees in engineering, from Colorado State University and Pennsylvania State University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat in India. Learn more about Aditya Kaul on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTractica on Crunchbase…

Simon Cushing

Research Director, Oil and Gas @ Gartner

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Simon Cushing

Research Director, Oil and Gas @ Gartner

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Kaustav Dey

Senior Research Director @ Gartner

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Kaustav Dey serves as senior research director at Gartner. Learn more about Kaustav Dey on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Murray Douglas

Research Director @ Wood MacKenzie

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Murray is Research Director in the Europe Gas Research team responsible for developing Wood Mackenzie’s supply, demand, and price outlooks. He brings 14 years of experience working in a variety of roles across the energy value chain. Previously, Murray has held positions leading Wood Mackenzie’s Global Supply and Modelling Research team, and the Energy Markets Research team. Responsible for developing the company’s oil and gas supply outlooks, and global inter-fuel analysis. Murray’s first five years at Wood Mackenzie were focused on LNG markets which included relocation to Houston to establish Wood Mackenzie’s LNG practice in North America. Learn more about Murray Douglas on Crunchbase…

Wood Mackenzie is a research and consultancy business for the energy, chemicals, metals, and mining industries. Read more aboutWood MacKenzie on Crunchbase…

Duncan Wheatley

Research Director @ Watson Wheatley

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Watson Wheatley is a leading provider of reconciliation software to hedge funds, asset managers, commodities traders. Read more aboutWatson Wheatley on Crunchbase…

Peter Hyde

Research Director @ Gartner

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Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Stephen White

Research Director @ Gartner

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Jeremy Kelly

Research Director @ JLL London Division

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Jeremy Kelly leads JLL’s Cities Research Programme, which has produced pioneering research on cities, urban futures, and real estate over the last 15 years. He is the author of several JLL landmark publications including the City Momentum Index and the Global Real Estate Transparency Index. Passionate about the potential of real estate to transform our cities, Jeremy has over 30 years of experience in real estate-related market analysis and advisory work. He advises investors and corporates on their global strategies and expansion plans as well as works with city governments on issues relating to global city competitiveness. Learn more about Jeremy Kelly on Crunchbase…

JLL are a professional services & investment management firm offering specialised real estate services. Read more aboutJLL London Division on Crunchbase…

Richard Broughton

Research Director @ Ampere Analysis

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At Ampere Analysis, Richard is helping to lead the design and build-out of a new generation of media and communications analysis, meshing tried-and-tested research methods with the latest generation of data collection and manipulation techniques. Richard has over a decade of experience in analysing the television, film and communications industries, and has worked with and advised a huge range of the top international media, telecoms and technology companies. He has a background in financial modelling, quant research and strategy. Richard has led custom consulting projects for senior stakeholders in a wide selection of blue chip organisations, including major studios and producers, channel groups, tech vendors and pay TV & telecommunications groups. Richard is also a regular speaker and moderator at high-profile industry events and conferences, and is regularly quoted in consumer and industry press. Learn more about Richard Broughton on Crunchbase…

Ampere Analysis is a market-leading data and analytics firm, working across the media and entertainment sectors Read more aboutAmpere Analysis on Crunchbase…

Karen Levesley

Research Director @ MM-Eye

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MM-Eye is a market research agency, specialising in quant, qual and online research for the automotive and mobility industries. Read more aboutMM-Eye on Crunchbase…

Keith Guttridge

Research Director @ Gartner

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Ed Border

Research Director @ Ampere Analysis

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Ampere Analysis is a market-leading data and analytics firm, working across the media and entertainment sectors Read more aboutAmpere Analysis on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Care

Research Director @ Gartner

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Promises, promises...

"A new category of activity tracking applications has been having massive success recently on Google Play, Android's official app store, having been downloaded on over 20 million devices.

The applications promote themselves as..."

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Paul Vincent

Research Director @ Gartner

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Wow - Salesforce overtakes Oracle in Application Infrastructure and Middleware in 2019 to become #2 behind IBM. And AWS overtakes Microsoft... so we can't claim its all down to low-code 🙂

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Nicholas Hallam

Research Director @ Traderserve

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Nicholas joined Nick Idelson as Chief Model Builder in the Quantitative Analysis and Technical Trading team at HSBC. Together they designed, built and operated one of the most sophisticated quantitative trading environments of its day. With over 20 years’ experience in designing quantitative models, Nicholas is uniquely qualified to direct the ongoing research into TraderServe’s model design and testing systems. Nicholas has a Ph.D. for research on “Logical and Epistemological Problems in Quantum Mechanics”, an M.Sc. (Distinction) in Mathematics from London University and an M.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University. Learn more about Nicholas Hallam on Crunchbase…

TraderServe is a software and appliance vendor and consultancy firm focused on real-time trading and complex problem applications. Read more aboutTraderserve on Crunchbase…

Jim Davies

Research Director @ Gartner

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Jim Davies is a Research Director in Gartner Research and is part of the company’s European CRM team. Learn more about Jim Davies on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Rupert Wood

Research Director @ Analysys Mason

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Analysys Mason is the leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). Read more aboutAnalysys Mason on Crunchbase…

Sanil Solanki

Research Director, IT Cost Optimisation @ Gartner

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Kate Hanaghan

Research Director @ TechMarketView

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TechMarketView LLP provides authoritative research and analysis on the technology. Read more aboutTechMarketView on Crunchbase…

Greg Reynolds

Research Director @ Biosite Systems

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Greg is a founding member of the Biosite team & has a background in signal processing & machine learning. He created the first version of Biosite. Greg is responsible for hardware, firmware & new product R&D. Learn more about Greg Reynolds on Crunchbase…

Biosite delivers biometric fingerprint technology solutions to the Construction sector. Read more aboutBiosite Systems on Crunchbase…

Martin Gill

VP, Research Director – Digital Strategy and Experience @ Forrester Research

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Do you like podcasts? Do you like CX? Of course you do! Listen here to see what CX-related goodness we have in store for you on the @CX_Cast

Read more aboutForrester Research on Crunchbase…

Stephen Sale

Research Director @ Analysys Mason

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Stephen is the lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Voice and Messaging research programme. His primary areas of specialisation include consumer VoIP, fixed–mobile substitution and pricing strategies. Before joining Analysys Mason, Stephen worked in a number of research and marketing roles within the telecoms industry and has several years’ experience in VoIP and broadband access. He has a degree in economics and an interdisciplinary MRes from the University of London. Learn more about Stephen Sale on Crunchbase…

Analysys Mason is the leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). Read more aboutAnalysys Mason on Crunchbase…

Philip Carnelley

Research Director @ IDC

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Philip Carnelley is AVP for IDC’s European Software Group, and has over 20 years’ experience of working in the IT industry as an analyst, consultant, and applications developer in a variety of industries around Europe. He leads IDC’s European research on enterprise applications and analytics, with a particular focus on big data and cognitive/AI software and solutions and their implications for digital business transformation. He heads IDC’s multi-disciplinary European Cognitive/AI Research Practice, and he also oversees IDC’s European Software Tracker analyst team. He is also tasked with writing and presenting on broader enterprise software trends and the impact of emerging software technologies in the European region. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at industry events. Learn more about Philip Carnelley on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutIDC on Crunchbase…

Henry Cook

Research Director @ Gartner

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#Data should be a first class citizen see "Maverick Research: Treat Data as a Persona" G00756005" — ) from @gi_di_esse and I — part of the @gartner_inc Maverick research program — (#Gartner license required)

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Henry Cook is a Research Director in Gartner for Technical Professionals with particular specialization in data warehousing and related database, big data, in-memory database and analytics topics. Learn more about Henry Cook on Crunchbase…

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Anthony Mullen

Research Director for AI and Customer Experience @ Gartner

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Dario Talmesio

Research Director – Service Provider Strategies, Regulation, 5G Accelerator @ Omdia

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#Telcos are no longer the exclusive providers of #connectivity - Omdia’s Research Director @dariotalmesio will be at #MWC22 next week to discuss. Don't miss insights from our highly experienced #analysts in Omdia's ‘MWC 2022: What to Expect’ Report here:

Omdia is The game-changing technology research and consulting firm built for the connected age. Read more aboutOmdia on Crunchbase…

Anna Zaccaria

Research Director @ Dataloft

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Anna is a highly experienced and technical housing market analyst, leading on client reports and managing the development and product management of our online analytics platform. Anna has overseen the integration of large datasets and devised a wide range of housing market models and indices for private consultancy projects and client publications. Learn more about Anna Zaccaria on Crunchbase…

Dataloft is an established property market intelligence company with a long track record of analysing and reporting on the housing market. Read more aboutDataloft on Crunchbase…

Julian Poulter

Research Director @ Gartner

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Julian Poulter is a research director at Gartner. Learn more about Julian Poulter on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Maxine Holt

Research Director @ Ovum

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Yesterday, 28-Jan, was #DataPrivacyDay again. And again there are more breaches of #dataprivacy Check out my comments in @DarkReading @OmdiaHQ @OmdiaCyber

Spoiler title
Maxine leads Ovum’s security proposition, developing a comprehensive research program within Informa Tech to support vendor, service provider, and enterprise clients. Having worked with enterprises across multiple industries in the world of information security, Maxine has a strong understanding of the challenges faced and how organizations can look to overcome these challenges. Learn more about Maxine Holt on Crunchbase…

Ovum provides research, consulting, and analysis services for clients to make business and technology decisions. Read more aboutOvum on Crunchbase…

David Gregory

Research Director @ Gartner

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Read more aboutGartner on Crunchbase…

Kathryn Corrick

COO and Research Director @ Represent

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Building the tools for a better democracy. Read more aboutRepresent on Crunchbase…

Derek Miers

Research Director @ Gartner

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Giles Farrer

Research Director @ Wood MacKenzie

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Giles directs Wood Mackenzie’s LNG research, maintaining relationships with clients across the world. Having led the development of Woodmac’s LNG Corporate research, Giles now manages Wood Mackenzie’s LNG Service and Tool products, drawing on his ten years of experience in gas & LNG. His particular expertise lies in LNG supply valuation, LNG contracting and pricing, LNG costs, FLNG, competitor benchmarking and market analysis. Prior to joining the LNG team in 2008, Giles worked in Wood Mackenzie’s upstream group covering the Middle East and South Asia. Giles holds a BA in History & Politics from the University of Exeter. Learn more about Giles Farrer on Crunchbase…

Wood Mackenzie is a research and consultancy business for the energy, chemicals, metals, and mining industries. Read more aboutWood MacKenzie on Crunchbase…

Eric Woods

Research Director @ Navigant Research

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Eric Woods is a research director leading Navigant Research’s coverage of smart cities. In this role, he brings together his research experience across energy, mobility, buildings, and government. He has more than 22 years of experience as an analyst and consultant on new technology trends, including in-depth research in the areas of IT infrastructure, data analytics, knowledge management, public sector IT, and cleantech innovation. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is quoted regularly in major publications. Woods has worked on consultancy assignments for a wide range of clients, including public and private sector technology users and global suppliers, as well as many small and growing technology companies. Before joining Navigant Research, Woods was government practice director at Ovum. Prior to joining Ovum, Woods worked as an analyst, developer, and project manager in public sector IT. Woods holds an MSc in information systems from the University of Brighton and a Ph.D. in English literature, an MA in critical theory, and a BA in English from the University of Sussex. Learn more about Eric Woods on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutNavigant Research on Crunchbase…

Jack Kent

Research Director, TMT @ IHS Markit

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Spoiler title
Jack Kent is a director in the IHS mobile team covering all forms of mobile content with a focus on mobile applications, games, music and social networks. Jack joined the company in 2008 and launched its coverage of the mobile applications business in 2009. Jack has written a number of industry reports investigating how smartphone applications and social networks are changing the mobile media landscape and is the author of IHS Screen Digest’s quarterly Mobile Games and Applications Stores Tracker reports. Jack has contributed to a number of consultancy projects on subjects ranging from the market for children’s mobile entertainment to the potential of the applications business for media companies in the Middle East. Jack’s research and analysis includes studies of media companies’ mobile strategies, how content providers can best monetise mobile media and an investigation of mobile network operators’ response to the booming smartphone and tablet apps business. Jack has a background in media intelligence and market research, having previously worked for Brad Insight, the marketing and media intelligence division of Emap where he led its research for a number of publications covering the UK advertising market. A regular speaker at industry conferences, Jack is widely quoted in coverage of mobile media by trade publications and leading news organisations including the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Reuters, The Independent and USA Today. Jack holds a degree in English Language and Literature from King’s College London and has previously worked for GfK NOP market research group. Learn more about Jack Kent on Crunchbase…

IHS provides information and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in regards to various industries. Read more aboutIHS Markit on Crunchbase…

Tom MacInnes

Research Director @ New Policy Institute

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Spoiler title
Tom MacInnes is NPI’s Research Director, and leads on all major reports into poverty and social exclusion, co-authoring over a dozen reports in the area. He has been at NPI since 2006, having previously worked as an analyst at the Department of Health. In addition to NPI’s ongoing monitoring poverty work, Tom leads on NPI’s reviews of international poverty strategies and the links between poverty and disability. Tom also works on expanding NPI’s work into new areas, such as housing and ageing, as well as developing the presentation of analysis through infographics and interactive data presentations Learn more about Tom MacInnes on Crunchbase…

The New Policy Institute (NPI) is a UK research institute which produces evidence-based research on a range of social and economic issues. Read more aboutNew Policy Institute on Crunchbase…

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