Top Influencers: 29 UK Mentor’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Mentor in Residence play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Mentor in Residence role. We have selected these Mentor in Residence’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Mentor in Residence’s. The list is in no particular order!

Permjot Valia

Mentor in Residence @ Sam M. Walton College of Business

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Permjot Valia is the CEO and founder of MentorCamp and regularly travels the world mentoring startups. He is a goodwill ambassador for the state of Arkansas, having many business connections with the state. Valia received his bachelor’s degree with honors in economics from the University of Leeds. Afterwards, he became the youngest sales and marketing director of Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Services in London. In 2005, Valia became a consultant through a company called Help With Sales. He also became an active angel investor and co-founded Flight and Partners, a London-based fund manager that is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out investment business. To date, Valia has invested in more than 30 companies around the world, including several in Arkansas. He started MentorCamp in 2011, bringing the best mentors and investors from around the world to places like Halifax, Arkansas, and Cape Town. In addition to running MentorCamp, Valia sits on the board of various companies including Bluelight Analytics, Wooshii and Flight and Partners. He is also a consultant to Deloitte working across Canada. He is a consultant to the Canadian Technology Accelerator program run by DFAIT in London, New York and across India. In 2011, Valia was recognized by TechCrunch as one of the best mentors in Europe. Learn more about Permjot Valia on Crunchbase…

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Stephan von Perger

Mentor @ Techstars

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Working on something new – Previously CEO @Zenjobcom, @WellingtonVC, @Citymapper, @McKinsey; studied CompSci @UniofOxford Learn more about Stephan von Perger on Crunchbase…

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Nir Laznik

Mentor @ Chinaccelerator

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Nir is a serial entrepreneur currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel, he founded his first startup at the age of 21 ,He is an industrial engineer and majored in information systems. His multi disciplinary background enabled him to operate in various projects in different fields. Nir was pioneering in building a crowdfunding platform in China that connected US designers to the local market by building a trusted network of a worldwide distribution channels and partners and as expected from a cross boarder business the project was funded by both American and Chinese VCs. Nir is currently advising startups in business strategy, product and fundraising alongside working on a new venture currently in stealth mode. Learn more about Nir Laznik on Crunchbase…

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Eryck Rebbouh

Mentor/Investor @ BOLDMIND

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BOLDMIND is an IoT consultancy specialized in building connected devices. Read more aboutBOLDMIND on Crunchbase…

Kerri-Lynn Hauck

Mentor @ Accelerator Academy

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Kerri-Lynn Hauck is DYRNAN’s founder and visionary. While her early career was spent in venture capital and merchant banking, her love of entrepreneurship led her to work with like-minded investors to buy, build and exit exciting companies. She has previously worked on over a dozen companies with three notable IPOs. Kerri-Lynn finds scalable opportunities and the right pieces of the puzzle to take businesses to the next stage. With astute timing, she identified cyber risks, the misuse of data and the lack of corporate security as a key opportunity and founded DYRNAN in 2013. Learn more about Kerri-Lynn Hauck on Crunchbase…

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Sharon Foulston

Chairman/Mentor @ Aladinn Ventures

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Ross Kingsland

Head of Mentors @ European Innovation Academy

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Ross Kingsland is the founder of Inception Growth and is a Communication Strategist for prestigious clients like Lamborghini, Virgin and high-profile individuals. He believes that the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the skill to inspire others to act. Ross works with leaders and organisations who have a desire to inspire those around them and succeed. Inspiration is a key tool that has been utilised by highly successful organisations and individuals strategically. True to his proactive tendencies, he has dedicated his life to not only the science of creating inspiration in the minds of others, but applying this to multimillion-dollar business strategies and high-profile leaders to achieve the result they are seeking. “Your success is in direct proportion to your courage” according to Ross Kingsland. Ross is the creator of Neuro Responsive Inception® – a science based influencing model that is taught to select clients across the globe. Learn more about Ross Kingsland on Crunchbase…

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Andrew Doe

Mentor @ Chinaccelerator

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Andrew Doe is a seasoned digital leader with over 20 years’ experience in driving business performance improvement globally though digital disruption. His unique experience ranges from hands-on leadership of some of the largest digital / eCommerce business units, through industrial-scale digital transformation programmes, to building VC-backed digital / multi-channel retail businesses from scratch. Andrew has deep experience in B2C retail, travel, B2B distribution and digital media. He has a successful track record of creating value for some of the world’s top VCs, private equity investors and corporate businesses including BT, IBM, News Corp, Thomas Cook, Mothercare, The Carphone Warehouse, Royal Mail Group, Nat West and Premier Farnell. Learn more about Andrew Doe on Crunchbase…

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Francis Ghiloni

Young Person’s Business Mentor @ The Prince’s Trust

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The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps change young lives. Read more aboutThe Prince’s Trust on Crunchbase…

Ching-Har Wong

Mentor @ Techstars

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A consumer marketing leader with a strong track record in driving high performance and growth for startups as well as established global brands. Currently a marketing consultant/interim CMO helping large and small businesses address challenges in fast-moving strategic areas. Mentor and Advisor. Learn more about Ching-Har Wong on Crunchbase…

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Marek Wawro

Google Developer Launchpad Mentor @ Google

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Marek Wawro Is The Chief Technology Officer At Future Finance. Learn more about Marek Wawro on Crunchbase…

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Unai Franco

Mentor @ Techstars

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Unai Franco is an advisor to and investor in technology companies, as co-founding partner of Whitepeak Partners. He specialises in Business Planning, Growth strategy, International expansion and Financial Management and Fundraising and is currently advising prominent software and marketplace players in enterprise and consumer sectors, among others. Mentor at Techstars & Wayra UK & advisor at Blueliv & Fintonic. Learn more about Unai Franco on Crunchbase…

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Steve Clarke

Sales & Marketing Mentor @ Eureka Selling

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Steve is a professional international speaker, serial entrepreneur and Author of “Eureka Moments… How to get to a ‘yes’ throughout your business.” He spells out how to sell far more without being ‘salesy’ and “How to thrive… not just survive”, providing a formula for business success. Steve owns & operates businesses in the UK and US, from startup to stock market flotation, along with a successful multi-million-pound sale & exit. Everything he shares is from practical, first-hand experience. He has entertained, inspired & motivated audiences in more than 30 countries across 5 continents. Learn more about Steve Clarke on Crunchbase…

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Rajesh Sennik

Venture Mentor @ August One

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Rajesh has over 20 years of experience in leading organic growth and M&A consulting projects in Europe, the US and India. He is a Director at Colt Telecom in London. He used to previously head Accenture’s strategy practice based in London. Rajesh has been involved in over 50 M&A transactions including LBO, Mid-market, VC, divestments, restructuring and corporate buyout deals. His experience spans multiple industry sectors including communications, media, IT, financial services, consumer products and services. As Accenture’s lead director responsible for growing the strategy and M&A practice in India and the region, Rajesh built the team in India and worked with several high profile clients to help their organic and inorganic growth in the region and abroad. Prior to Accenture, Rajesh held various senior level roles including as a Director at KPMG, Head of Strategy at Rubus UK and Manager at Ernst & Young. He has advised and mentored several young companies and entrepreneurs in the UK and India. Rajesh obtained his bachelors degree at Queen Mary, University of London and has an MBA from ESCP in France. Learn more about Rajesh Sennik on Crunchbase…

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Rudy De Waele

Keynote Speaker, Conscious Futurist, Personal Transformation Coach, Mentor, Author, Co-Founder @ Human Works Design

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Robert Proctor

Mentor @ Rotor

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Robert is CEO of audioBoom – the leading mobile, web and connected device platform for the very best spoken-word content in news, current affairs, business, entertainment and sports. audioBoom now hosts many of the world’s largest broadcasters helping them pivot into the digital space. Partners include the BBC, Al Jazeera, News Corp and Bloomberg. Prior to joining audioBoom in September 2012, Rob was COO of US Social Media platform Reality Digital, Inc. where he worked closely with YouTube. He was also Senior Vice-President International for Adify Corporation, a US provider of online advertising networks to companies such as Disney, The Guardian and Thomson Reuters. From 1996 to 2001, he was founder and CEO at Simply Internet Limited which he grew to be one of the world’s largest public internet access companies employing over 700 people. Learn more about Robert Proctor on Crunchbase…

Make high quality music videos in minutes Read more aboutRotor on Crunchbase…

Allison Kahn

Mentoring Programme Director @ Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

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Allison joined the Mentoring Women in Business team in 2011. She has helped to develop the Foundation’s pioneering online mentoring model, expand its reach to over 55 countries and ensure the programme has an impact on the women entrepreneurs we support. Allison’s work focuses on programmatic strategy and management, monitoring and evaluation, development of our knowledge-sharing and networking platform, partnerships and communications. She previously worked in project management and institutional advancement roles in the post-conflict reconciliation and peacebuilding sectors. She obtained a BA from Macalester College and an MSc from the London School of Economics. Learn more about Allison Kahn on Crunchbase…

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is a charity that supports women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets Read more aboutCherie Blair Foundation for Women on Crunchbase…

Lucy White

Mentoring Programme Officer @ Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

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Previously a volunteer for the Foundation, Lucy joined the team in 2015. She has experience in fundraising from her time at university working with the Alumni Relations and Development Office. She holds a BA in English and Italian Literature from the University of Warwick. Learn more about Lucy White on Crunchbase…

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is a charity that supports women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets Read more aboutCherie Blair Foundation for Women on Crunchbase…

Colin Grace

Methods Mentor @ Waitrose

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Colin Grace has over 20 years experience in software development from coding through analysis and project management. Colin gained this experience across many industries working for companies such as Lloyds Bank, Legal & General, Thorn EMI and British Airways. Over the last 11 years he has worked for the John Lewis Partnership. Initially as a project manager and then as a mentor, assisting projects and teams in the application of software development methodologies and project management approaches including Prince 2. He is a firm believer that the core challenges and principles of good software development and project management can be addressed via the application of structured approaches. Learn more about Colin Grace on Crunchbase…

Waitrose is a chain of British supermarkets, which forms the food retail division of Britain’s largest employee-owned retailer. Read more aboutWaitrose on Crunchbase…

Ralph Weir

Business Mentor @ The Prince’s Trust

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The Prince’s Trust is a youth charity that helps change young lives. Read more aboutThe Prince’s Trust on Crunchbase…

James Kitto

Business Mentor @ RAIS

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James is COO. He is a former Accenture consultant, Retail Director, and Sales Director at Nokia. Learn more about James Kitto on Crunchbase…

The Customer Intelligence Business – helping D2C brands grow the value of their customers faster. Read more aboutRAIS on Crunchbase…

Jim Brown

Mentor @ Ignite Accelerator

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Read more aboutIgnite Accelerator on Crunchbase…

Dave Pogson

Independent Business Consultant, Mentor and Non-Executive Director @ Arlians

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Read more aboutArlians on Crunchbase…

Marcus Corah

Mentor @ MassChallenge

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Read more aboutMassChallenge on Crunchbase…

Peter Groom

IT Assessor/Due Diligence, Mentor and Board Advisor @ Network Knowledge

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Network Knowledge offers IT management, software development, operations, infrastructure and project management services. Read more aboutNetwork Knowledge on Crunchbase…

Martin Hinshelwood

Agile & DevOps Guide: Mentor, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, and Consultant @ naked Agility Ltd

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Experts in DevOps & Agility with Visual Studio, TFS, VSTS, Nexus, and Scrum Read more aboutnaked Agility Ltd on Crunchbase…

Sergio Rodríguez Aguilar

Mentor @ FasterCapital

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Read more aboutFasterCapital on Crunchbase…

Elizabeth Fraser

Mentoring Programme Officer @ Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

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Elizabeth joined the Foundation as Mentoring Programme Officer in 2014. She previously worked for Steve Reed MP, and has held voluntary roles with the Refugee Council and the Foundation. She holds a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics, and is a former Student Fellow of International Relations with Civitatis International. Learn more about Elizabeth Fraser on Crunchbase…

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women is a charity that supports women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets Read more aboutCherie Blair Foundation for Women on Crunchbase…

Leo Dunne

Advisor and Mentor @ WonderCharts

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WonderCharts is an online platform that enables financial traders to learn, monitor, analyze, and trade. Read more aboutWonderCharts on Crunchbase…

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