Top Influencers: 28 UK CEO, Founder’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

CEO, Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO, Founder role. We have selected these CEO, Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO, Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Rushd Averroes

CEO, Founder @ BABB

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Rushd is founder and CEO of BABB, leading a diverse team of industry veterans to make his vision a reality. He is a financial inclusion specialist and has an MA from University of Greenwich in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion. Before that, he attended the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne and was awarded an IT Science Degree in 2006. Rushd has managed a highly successful Authorised Payment Institution (API) in the UK – Wowpaymobi. Learn more about Rushd Averroes on Crunchbase…

BABB is a world bank for the micro-economy: a global marketplace for human innovation, financial autonomy and wealth creation. Read more aboutBABB on Crunchbase…

Nitin Aggarwal

CEO, Founder @ Property Deals Insight

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A Proptech company that empowers users to make Smart hassle free property investment decisions with a click of a button Read more aboutProperty Deals Insight on Crunchbase…

Thomas Mann

CEO, Founder @ Raycast

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Thomas Paul Mann is the CEO and Founder at Raycast. Learn more about Thomas Mann on Crunchbase…

Raycast is a developer of a command bar software intended to assist developers to control their tools. Read more aboutRaycast on Crunchbase…

Richard H Harris

Group CEO, Founder @ Ensygnia

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Richard is known as a hands-on, technology entrepreneur with a track record of building and transforming early-stage technology companies such as Ensygnia, Swivel Secure, Mobix, SAVortex, Clearswift and Tumbleweed. As Chief Executive and a founder of Ensygnia, Richard conceptualised and patented a visual alternative to NFC called Onescan. Ensygnia’s Onescan platform enables a consumer to go from looking to buying in under 10s from first contact – including new customers! At the Mobile World Congress over 1500 industry leaders voted Onescan as one of top 3 the innovations most likely to have the greatest impact on the mobile industry over the next ten years! Ensygnia beat tough competition from AirWatch, CloudX, Metrical and SpatialBuzz to win the Mobile Industry Awards 2014: Best Use of Software. In his spare time, he enjoys Ceroc & Scuba, is a campaigner for the rights of vulnerable adults and mental health issues when possible working with Zacchaeus 2000 Trust and Mental Health Research UK as well as mentoring Nicholas Fearn a young man with Asperger’s. Also enjoys mucking around with molten glass, composing music, painting and digital art. Learn more about Richard H Harris on Crunchbase…

Ensygnia delivers integration Platform as a Service for large payment companies and corporations deploying omnichannel solutions Read more aboutEnsygnia on Crunchbase…

Nick Corrie

CEO, Founder and Managing Director @ Trak Global Group

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An economics graduate, former RAF officer and experienced businessman. Founded Trak Global in 2009 and Carrot in 2011 and has led both businesses to market leading positions. Passionate about using technology to create real value for their partners and customers. Learn more about Nick Corrie on Crunchbase…

Trak Global Group provides its partners with the very latest in technology to enable and support telematics insurance propositions. Read more aboutTrak Global Group on Crunchbase…

Monika Holod

CEO, Founder @ Wangie

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Founder and CEO of Wangie, platform for anonymous judgment-free conversations, made to support emotional wellbeing. Learn more about Monika Holod on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutWangie on Crunchbase…

Christian Gabriel

CEO, Founder @ Capdesk

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Capdesk is an equity management platform helping companies manage cap tables, shareholder registers, and employee shares. Read more aboutCapdesk on Crunchbase…

Maria Kolitsida

CEO, Founder @ Winning Minds

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Read more aboutWinning Minds on Crunchbase…

Darragh McCarthy

CEO, Founder @ FinTrU

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Darragh is the CEO and Founder of FinTrU, which he created after spending over 18 years at Morgan Stanley (July 1994 to September 2012). During his Morgan Stanley career, he had a variety of roles in London, Frankfurt and New York, including: COO for EMEA, Global COO for Institutional Securities Group, Head Fixed Income Sales North America, Head Fixed Income Sales EMEA. Whilst at Morgan Stanley, he served as a member of following boards: – Morgan Stanley International PLC – City Mortgage Bank (Russian Mortgage Bank owned by MS) – Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia He was also a member of the following Morgan Stanley committees: – ISG Opco, Sales & Trading Opco – Fixed Income Management Committee – Firm Risk Committee – Securities Risk Committee – European Management Committee Darragh has a First Class Honours BComm (International Commerce) from University College of Dublin, Ireland. He is a member of the Global Irish Network and speaks fluent German and Dutch. Learn more about Darragh McCarthy on Crunchbase…

FinTrU provides high quality, cost-effective, near-shore outsourcing for financial services. Read more aboutFinTrU on Crunchbase…

Diederick van Thiel

Chairman, CEO, FOUNDER @ AdviceGames

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Read more aboutAdviceGames on Crunchbase…

Liliana Reasor

CEO, Founder @ SupraFin

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SupraFin is a digital platform that helps individuals invest in crypto assets in a smart, automated, transparent and customized way. Read more aboutSupraFin on Crunchbase…

stephan Guillemin

CEO, founder @ Oworkers

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CEO and founder Oworkers Serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience in the BPO/outsourcing fields. Passion for technology and new ways to get jobs done in a more efficient way. Learn more about stephan Guillemin on Crunchbase…

Oworkers is a BPO company specialized on DATA : data entry – data processing – data annotation, moderation & Transcription services. Read more aboutOworkers on Crunchbase…

James Baldwin

CEO, Founder & Partner @ Unai

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James Baldwin was the managing director at ERN. Learn more about James Baldwin on Crunchbase…

Software Development and Data Science Read more aboutUnai on Crunchbase…

Edwin Ramos

CEO, Founder, Architect, Engineer @

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An Architect with a Vision and a mission. –commissioned to create a new era of platform connectivity delivering a business that will bring about a revolution in how Generation Rent secure and manage their rental property, totally to what –currently exists. Focus on Automation, A.I. + M.L. Block chain + AR + RTC + Cloud + mobile+ ‘G’lobal payments as the core foundation. an Inventor of Systems! Learn more about Edwin Ramos on Crunchbase…

Read more on Crunchbase…

Niki Beattie

CEO, Founder and Managing Director @ Market Structure Partners

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Market Structure Partners is a specialist, independent, strategic advisory firm. Read more aboutMarket Structure Partners on Crunchbase…

Huw Davies

CEO, Founder, Director @ Trameto

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Huw Davies is a technology business leader with general management, founder roles, product marketing, business development and sales. He has worked in both start-ups and multi-national corporate organisations. His experience spans global business development, operational and financial management, licensing technology transfer, and collaborative research/commercial partnering. Huw’s background is in semiconductors and consumer electronics and he has extensive experience of working in Silicon Valley. He holds a BSc and PhD from Cardiff University and an Executive MBA from the University of Bath. Learn more about Huw Davies on Crunchbase…

Trameto is developing energy management devices for micro energy harvesting technologies enabling the elimination of batteries in the IoT. Read more aboutTrameto on Crunchbase…

Simon La Fosse

CEO, Founder & Co-Chairman @ La Fosse Associates

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Simon has worked in technology executive search for the last 20 years. Up until the end of 2006 he worked for a leading executive search firm and helped to grow the business from an embryonic team to an international organisation of over 500 people. Simon was part of the executive team that took the organisation public in 1997 and left to start La Fosse Associates at the beginning of 2007. La Fosse Associates has since grown to a position of prominence as one of the most respected technology search firms in the UK, and is poised for further significant growth. Learn more about Simon La Fosse on Crunchbase…

La Fosse Associates focus all our efforts on providing an outstanding service to our clients and candidates Read more aboutLa Fosse Associates on Crunchbase…

Iskren Kulev

CEO, Founder @ KindLink

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Online platform for businesses to manage and engage with employees through their social responsibility Read more aboutKindLink on Crunchbase…

Salvatore Vacante

CEO, Founder @ Shoppi

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Read more aboutShoppi on Crunchbase…

Markus Kantonen

CEO, founder @ Stormcharge Limited

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Stormcharge provides the autonomous vehicles market with the safest, most scalable and most cost effective command and control environments. Read more aboutStormcharge Limited on Crunchbase…

Markus Kantonen

CEO, founder @ Stormcharge Limited

FollowMarkus Kantonen on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Stormcharge provides the autonomous vehicles market with the safest, most scalable and most cost effective command and control environments. Read more aboutStormcharge Limited on Crunchbase…

Andrew Purcell

CEO, Founder @ Child Angel

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Andrew has run a Wealth Management company for 25 years and is the Founder of Child Angel. He is at the forefront of the company and strives to achieve his heart’s desire of having an Angel look over your Child. Learn more about Andrew Purcell on Crunchbase…

Child Angel™ is one of the smallest and most advanced child tracking devices available in the world today. Read more aboutChild Angel on Crunchbase…

Sam Patchitt

CEO, Founder @ Finstant

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Finstant is a cash flow forecasting software platform that builds accurate cash flow forecasts by turning business decisions into numbers. Read more aboutFinstant on Crunchbase…

Mark Holmes

CEO, Founder @ Waymark Tech

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Waymark Tech supplies regulatory and legal intelligence to the financial services sector and uses techniques in collaboration with GCHQ. Read more aboutWaymark Tech on Crunchbase…

Nicolaas Matthijs

CEO, Founder @ Fronteer LTD

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Read more aboutFronteer LTD on Crunchbase…

Ameen Jan

CEO, Founder @ EDeQUAL

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Read more aboutEDeQUAL on Crunchbase…

Betty Adamou

CEO, Founder & Chief ResearchGame™ Designer @ Research Through Gaming

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Makers of games for research, for brands. Using online games to improve research, data collection and increase participant engagement Read more aboutResearch Through Gaming on Crunchbase…

Tom Cunliffe

CEO, Founder @ SpectoLabs

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Fast delivery tools for complex environments Read more aboutSpectoLabs on Crunchbase…

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