Top Influencers: 24 UK Strategy Director’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Payment Strategy Director & Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Payment Strategy Director & Co-Founder role. We have selected these Payment Strategy Director & Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Payment Strategy Director & Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Cyrus Wadia

Payment Strategy Director & Co-Founder @ Modulr

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Cyrus Wadia is the Co-Founder and Payment Strategy Director of Modulr. Learn more about Cyrus Wadia on Crunchbase…

Modulr is a fintech company that provides Payments as a Service API for digital businesses. Read more aboutModulr on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Tudor

Technology and Strategy Director @ Centrica

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Jonathan has a Doctorate in Chemistry, and has been working in Venture since the late 1990s. He is a generalist investor having been involved in the creation of more 15 companies covering Oil & Gas, materials, sensors, telecoms, enterprise software, machine learning and consumer SAAS. Jonathan co-heads the ventures team with responsibility for mobility related investments and downstream lubricants and fuels. He sits on the boards of Autino, GreenSteam, RepairPal, Zubie, and as observer at Peloton Technology, Lightning Hybrids and Drover. Learn more about Jonathan Tudor on Crunchbase…

Centrica is a multinational energy and services company developing innovative solutions, offers, and products. Read more aboutCentrica on Crunchbase…

Simon Beck

Group Strategy Director @ Brand Impact Group

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Simon Beck is the Group Head of Sales & Business Development at Origin Enterprises Plc. Learn more about Simon Beck on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBrand Impact Group on Crunchbase…

Tina Kataria

Innovation Platforms and Strategy Director @ Coca-Cola Enterprises

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Read more aboutCoca-Cola Enterprises on Crunchbase…

Michael Roberts

Communications Strategy Director @ 72andSunny

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Michael is Communication Strategy Director at 72andSunny in Amsterdam. He blends his strategy and media expertise with passion and enthusiasm for data, technology and internet culture. He has led communications strategy for Google software and hardware, and eBay. Most recently has been crafting digital transformation strategy for IKEA and helping fintech company Klarna develop a comms strategy focussed on fame and conversation. Learn more about Michael Roberts on Crunchbase…

Read more about72andSunny on Crunchbase…

Emily Hare

Global Content Strategy Director @ Publicis Groupe

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Read more aboutPublicis Groupe on Crunchbase…

Guillaume Sampic

Strategy Director and Internet of Things @ BT Global Services

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BT Global Services plc is a division of United Kingdom telecommunications operator BT Group. Read more aboutBT Global Services on Crunchbase…

Tatty Bullard

Co-Founder & Strategy Director @ Ginger + Ginger

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Ginger + Ginger provides consulting services to improve brand marketing and advertising. Read more aboutGinger + Ginger on Crunchbase…

Dan Southern

Strategy Director @ Contagious Communications

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Contagious helps brands and advertising agencies understand and adapt to shifts in marketing, consumer culture and technology. Read more aboutContagious Communications on Crunchbase…

Jay Nicholl

Owner / Strategy Director @ Make it Clear

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We are a strategic design consultancy. We help our clients do better business. Read more aboutMake it Clear on Crunchbase…

Steve Howden

M&A, Investments and Strategy Director @ IHS Towers

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As M&A, Investments and Strategy Director, Steve is responsible for managing IHS’s growth strategy, executing M&A transactions, related equity and debt financings, as well as other strategic initiatives. He joined IHS in 2013 and since then has executed over $5 billion of capital raisings and 13 transactions. His role is to help develop and execute IHS’s long-term growth strategy. Steve has over 12 years of corporate finance experience and has completed more than 16 African tower transactions and 12 financings. Previously he was a member of the Ernst & Young M&A department and in the Corporate Restructuring team at Ernst & Young and Andersen. Steve is a Chartered Accountant who trained at Ernst & Young in London and has a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Bath in the UK. Learn more about Steve Howden on Crunchbase…

IHS is a mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider. Read more aboutIHS Towers on Crunchbase…

Anne Dorst

Strategy Director @ Collinson Group

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Anne is Loyalty Strategy Director at Collinson, focused on developing strategies to drive customer loyalty for financial services and other brands using a range of services and marketing expertise including consultancy, data and communications. Anne has over 20 years of international business experience in branding, marketing and advertising, having worked client and agency side with brands such Mastercard, American Express, Unilever, Sony, HP, Barclays and Microsoft. Learn more about Anne Dorst on Crunchbase…

Collinson Group, a provider of an influencing customer behaviour platform. Read more aboutCollinson Group on Crunchbase…

Mark Finlay

M&A and Strategy Director @ Moneypenny Answering

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Mark joined Moneypenny in 2016 as Head of M&A and Strategy from Ernst & Young where he was Associate Director for Corporate Finance for 9 years. Mark’s remit is to continue to drive the high growth rate organically and look at acquisition opportunities both in the UK and internationally. Mark recently managed the acquisition of Made Simple Group to further compliment the services offered to clients. Made Simple is home to a range of products dedicated to providing online solutions to the start-up and small business communities, such as company formation, virtual offices, website creation and most recently a co-working space in central London. Learn more about Mark Finlay on Crunchbase…

UK-based telephone answering service that recently expanded to the U.S. Read more aboutMoneypenny Answering on Crunchbase…

Laurence Pitt

Global Security Strategy Director @ Juniper Networks

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Read more aboutJuniper Networks on Crunchbase…

Jess Markwood

Content and Strategy Director @ THE FIFTH

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Jess Markwood is the Content and Strategy Director at THE FIFTH. Learn more about Jess Markwood on Crunchbase…

THE FIFTH is a professional influencer marketing agency that creates influencer campaigns for news, magazine, online or TV company. Read more aboutTHE FIFTH on Crunchbase…

Jon Curtis

Founder of Myhrtoolkit Limited and HR Strategy Director @ Agilio Software

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Agilio Software is a provider of compliance and human resource solutions intended for dentists. Read more aboutAgilio Software on Crunchbase…

Frances Knight

Strategy Director @

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Platform connecting consumers to professional advisers Read more on Crunchbase…

Kevin Edwards

Strategy Director @ Digital Window

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Ten years experience in affiliate marketing including management of some of the UK’s largest affiliate campaigns across a number of verticals. Includes six years at Affiliate Window, the UK’s largest performance network. Affiliate Window is also part of zanox, the biggest global provider of affiliate marketing services. In 2006 I took on more strategic responsibility working across a number of teams to deliver best practice. I have continued this role at Affiliate Window where I’ve been Strategy Director since 2009. This role entails working across both new business and account management as well as providing ongoing research and strategic guidance on current industry issues. This also includes attribution, mobile insight, compliance and regulatory initiatives. I was elected the Chair of the IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council in January 2010 and have continued my involvement managing the AMC blog ( and Twitter account @IAB_AMC. I’ve also written several best practice guides and was part of the project team that delivered the world’s first independently audited performance marketing study. I’m currently working to revise the voucher code, code of conduct along with additional enforcement procedures. I have presented extensively at online marketing conferences including Travolution, Internet World, ten A4U Expos in the UK and Europe, the IDM, Affiliate Summit West and numerous other digital events. I’m widely published on the subject of affiliate marketing across a variety of digital and print trade titles. I currently oversee the industry’s only network Strategy Team with work focused on attribution, proving the incrementality of the channel and affiliate mobile marketing. I also devised the company’s ePrivacy Directive response. Learn more about Kevin Edwards on Crunchbase…

Digital Window is the UK’s leading performance marketing network. Read more aboutDigital Window on Crunchbase…

Alex Pell

Strategy Director @ SnapDonate

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As the former technology editor of The Sunday Times and prior to that, the editor of Stuff Magazine, Alex genuinely understands what makes people want to engage with apps and gadgets – or not. He brings this knowledge to bear on everything SnapDonate does to ensure that it remains something people can relate to. Alex is also the driving force behind Dashboard Media, a London-based alliance of creative professionals. Learn more about Alex Pell on Crunchbase…

SnapDonate transforms your phone into a ‘magic lens’ able to recognise charity logos. Read more aboutSnapDonate on Crunchbase…

Alex Clough

Creative Strategy Director @ Splendid Communications

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Alex Clough is the Creative Strategy Director at Splendid Communications, an award-winning creative communications agency with a ‘People-First’ approach to creativity. He leads the development of communications strategies for Splendid’s variety of clients to deliver ideas that travel freely through PR, live, search, digital and social, and that remain consistent and intact wherever they come to life. During his career, Alex has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Jack Daniel’s, Hendrick’s, Smirnoff, Greggs,, Tesco and The AA. Learn more about Alex Clough on Crunchbase…

Splendid is a communications agency that creates brand stories for the real world. Read more aboutSplendid Communications on Crunchbase…

Paul Bullard

Business Strategy Director @ FSI

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FSI provides workplace technology and services. Read more aboutFSI on Crunchbase…

Jenna Tiffany

Founder & Strategy Director @ LetsTalk Strategy

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Jenna Tiffany is the founder and strategy director at Let’sTalk Strategy, providing strategic consultancy services across the digital marketing mix. Jenna has over 10 years’ marketing experience within B2B and B2C sectors with experience in the travel, financial and retail sectors. As the communications ambassador for the CIM Greater London regional board and a contributing hub member to the DMA’s Email Marketing Council, Jenna’s expertise ranges in working with both small and large brands, such as to analyse and develop their key journeys and wider digital marketing activities, developing best in class digital marketing strategies and campaigns to deliver ROI. As a proven thought leader, competent public speaker and publisher, Jenna can be regularly seen sharing her latest trends and key industry topics. Learn more about Jenna Tiffany on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutLetsTalk Strategy on Crunchbase…

Mathew Hance

Digital Strategy Director @ The Stack

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The latest breaking news and innovations in Cloud, Security, IoT, the data centre scene and all the latest scientific and academic research. Read more aboutThe Stack on Crunchbase…

Paul Cain

Strategy Director @ FlexEnable

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FlexEnable is the global leader in the development and industrialization of organic electronics for flexible displays and sensors. Read more aboutFlexEnable on Crunchbase…

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