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Top Influencers: 24 UK Senior Consultant’s To Follow in 2022

by David Friedland
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Senior Consultant – Health Technology & AI play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Senior Consultant – Health Technology & AI role. We have selected these Senior Consultant – Health Technology & AI’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Senior Consultant – Health Technology & AI’s. The list is in no particular order!

Stephanie Kuku

Senior Consultant – Health Technology & AI @ Hardian Health

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Hardian Health assists researchers, business, and investors in the development of digital healthcare solutions. Read more about Hardian Health on Crunchbase…

Tom Cotterill

Senior Consultant @ Wiser

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I am a UX and Product Recruiter with a huge passion for what I do. I like many recruiters fell into this industry after coming back from travelling the world as a 19 year old. I had no idea what a recruiter actually did, and thought it can’t be too difficult. For the first 6 months, I hated recruitment, it felt like such a dead end job just churning out CV’s. During this time I was going through a personal mindset change and realised true fulfilment comes from giving back and serving people you come into contact with. This realisation changed everything for me. I started to see my role as a recruiter as someone with quite a lot of potential influence, if conducted properly. I had the influence to change lives through career and personal development. My purpose in life is to help people find their purpose in life and give them the tools, support and platform to achieve their goals. This led me to creating a side hustle called Candles, a Slack community with over 4200 Designers globally offering advice, jobs, networking opportunities and career development. I’m relentless in my message that your career is a tool to serve as growth both personally and professionally. We have the power to own our industry. We have the power to make our industry, company and people around us better because of our contribution at work. We have the power to wow the people we serve. We have the power to inspire a generation. Our job shouldn’t be just a job. It should be a mission. Outside of work, you can find me travelling the world, finding the cheapest flights, reading, meditating or doing something to make myself a more fulfilled, grateful and happier person. I also drink coffee, lots of it. You just can’t beat post coffee clarity. Learn more about Tom Cotterill on Crunchbase…

Read more about Wiser on Crunchbase…

Edward Heappey

COO & Senior Consultant @ Cloud Systems Group

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Cloud Systems Group providing IT Services to a wide variety of Clients located around the globe. Read more about Cloud Systems Group on Crunchbase…

Susan Bull

Senior Consultant @ Communication Systems

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Susan Bull is a Senior Consultant with COMSYS. She has specialised in all aspects of the VSAT market since 1985 and advises clients worldwide on all aspects of VSAT systems and satellite services. She has been primarily responsible for the multi-client VSAT studies undertaken by COMSYS during the last 30 years, including the VSAT Industry Status, Maritime and Financial & Forecasts Reports. Her work at COMSYS also involves her in advising clients on the strategic, business planning, competitive and operational aspects of satellite communications. She has visited hundreds of VSAT companies in more than 70 countries worldwide and is regularly consulted by current and potential VSAT manufac¬turers, operators and users. She has been actively involved advising clients with respect to acquisitions ranging in size from $5 million to over $1 billion.Susan is a regular contributor to numerous trade publications and a speaker at conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas. She also delivers seminars and instruction on VSAT network implementation, technologies, services and markets. In 1997, Susan was instrumental in forming the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), an industry organisation which represents over 140 of the leading manufacturers and operators of VSAT systems around the world. Her leadership involved running the Forum for the first year as interim General Secretary and then serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GVF until 2000. Learn more about Susan Bull on Crunchbase…

Communication Systems Limited is a specialized telecommunications consultancy with a core expertise in satellite and VSAT systems. Read more about Communication Systems on Crunchbase…

Tikiri Wanduragala

Senior Consultant Server Systems @ Lenovo

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Tikiri is Senior Consultant Server Systems for the Data Centre Group in Lenovo EMEA. He started work in the IT industry at IBM during the dawn of the PC era. He has worked in a number of roles in PC and server systems, covering applications SW development, systems development, product testing, product management, brand management and press and analyst relations across the EMEA region. Demands on IT are increasing exponentially while budgets are falling; new technologies and ways of working are coming to market that are transforming the classical view of a data centre. Customers are looking at ways of doing things differently to maximise the potential of their IT infrastructure. His current role addresses these topics. As a Senior Consultant Server Systems for Lenovo EMEA, he advises customers in the EMEA region on server and data centre optimisation projects. Learn more about Tikiri Wanduragala on Crunchbase…

Read more about Lenovo on Crunchbase…

David Chismon

Senior Consultant @ MWR InfoSecurity

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MWR InfoSecurity provide specialist cyber security advice and solutions. Read more about MWR InfoSecurity on Crunchbase…

Alice Shelton

Senior Consultant, Global Submarine Sales @ Ciena

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Read more about Ciena on Crunchbase…

Sara Beverley Barker

Senior Consultant @ Present Value Training (PVT)

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Read more about Present Value Training (PVT) on Crunchbase…

Joshua Flood

Senior Consultant @ Valour Consultancy

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Joshua Flood Senior Consultant Valour Consultancy is new start-up consultancy and a provider of highly-detailed market intelligence and actionable consultancy. The consultancy’s services ranges from satellite technologies, IoT, mobile and wearable technologies. As a Senior Consultant at Valour Consultancy, I cover mobile and wearable devices and relevant apps and software’s. The emergence of new wearable devices and the plethora of different use cases has been staggering over the last twelve months. I have followed the market with great attentiveness and consequently produced several syndicated reports, custom studies, whitepapers, and presentations on the emerging wearable device industry and speak and provide commentary on the mobile and wearable markets. I have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Guardian, BBC, Reuters, and Business News Network, and undertaken several custom studies for reputable technology companies. Learn more about Joshua Flood on Crunchbase…

Valour Consultancy is a UK-based provider of market intelligence services founded in 2012. Read more about Valour Consultancy on Crunchbase…

Yuki Abe

Senior Consultant Engineer and Global Director of Sales and Marketing @ Biopharm Services

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Biopharm develop technology solutions and services for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing business, and manufacturing strategy. Read more about Biopharm Services on Crunchbase…

Krenar Jashari

Senior Consultant @ OtherLevels

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Read more about OtherLevels on Crunchbase…

Craig Foster

Co-Founder and Senior Consultant @ Valour Consultancy

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Craig Foster is the co-founder of Valour Consultancy, a leading provider of market intelligence and consultancy to the aviation community. He has extensive experience covering a wide variety of technology markets including the Internet of Things, M2M, smart home, smart grid, home energy management, maritime VSAT and in-flight entertainment and connectivity. Foster has been an industry analyst for seven years and is based in Leicester in the United Kingdom. Prior to establishing Valour Consultancy, he was a principal analyst at ABI Research and a market analyst at IMS Research. At ABI, he launched a new research area devoted to the home automation market, before focusing his efforts on expanding the research portfolio of the company’s M2M service. At IMS, Foster’s research focused on the power transmission and low voltage products markets, after which he moved on to take responsibility for the company’s then-nascent aerospace research group. Foster also engages in some freelance analytical work and has completed projects for the likes of Datamonitor, Gigaom Research, Futuresource Consulting, Navigant Research and Tractica. Foster is a regular participant in panel discussions and webinars and has been widely quoted in trade journals, magazines, and other forms of online and print media, most notably Forbes and The Sunday Times. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Leicester. Learn more about Craig Foster on Crunchbase…

Valour Consultancy is a UK-based provider of market intelligence services founded in 2012. Read more about Valour Consultancy on Crunchbase…

Jessica White

Senior Consultant @ EDUvation

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Jessica White works at EDUvation as a senior consultant. Learn more about Jessica White on Crunchbase…

Read more about EDUvation on Crunchbase…

Oscar Barlow

Senior Consultant @ Infinity Works

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Oscar Barlow works as a Senior Consultant at Infinity Works. Learn more about Oscar Barlow on Crunchbase…

Infinity Works is a platform that provides cloud and digital transformation consultancy services. Read more about Infinity Works on Crunchbase…

Dave Hodgkinson

Senior Consultant @ Strategy Activist

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A highly competent engineer holding a Masters degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with over 20 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, in both equipment vendor and network operator environments. Significant experience of mobile core network design, with a strong focus on the signalling network and circuit switched (CS) domain for both consumer and enterprise including M2M/Internet of Things. Team leadership experience through leading the geographically dispersed Vodafone Group IoT network design community. In June 2015, recognised within Vodafone Group as a ‘Subject Matter Expert’ in Internet of Things related topics. Now working as a enterprise technology consultant at Strategy Activist. Available for client projects. Learn more about Dave Hodgkinson on Crunchbase…

Helping businesses to survive and thrive in the age of disruption by putting the customer first. Read more about Strategy Activist on Crunchbase…

Tom Griffiths

Senior Consultant @ Ingleton Partners Ltd

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Tom LR Griffiths is a tax consultant specialising in US expatriate tax matters. An Enrolled Agent and enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) in the UK, Tom is ideally positioned to offer specialist assistance with US expatriate taxes. His career has spanned two decades working with clients to structure tax interests, including businesses, investment and trade entities. Bridging the gap between UK and US tax, Tom works with US citizens living in the UK and non-US citizens with business interests over there. Advising on trading through foreign corporations and partnerships, Tom determines how UK and US tax requirements interact with each other and works with clients to ensure everything is in order. He is a Senior Consultant at Ingleton Partners. Learn more about Tom Griffiths on Crunchbase…

Read more about Ingleton Partners Ltd on Crunchbase…

Nick Perkins

Senior Consultant @ International Science Council

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Read more about International Science Council on Crunchbase…

Patty Toledo

Senior Consultant @ Steel Media

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Steel Media operate one of the largest advertising networks. Read more about Steel Media on Crunchbase…

Fahran Wallace

Senior Consultant @ OpenCredo

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OpenCredo is a provider that does the job of delivering business outcomes via the application of emerging technology. Read more about OpenCredo on Crunchbase…

Tony Heappey

CEO & Senior Consultant @ Cloud Systems Group

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Tony has been providing IT Services to businesses for 30 years and has seen the industry completely transform as a result. Starting his IT Career at the dawn of personal desktop computing he worked tirelessly to learn every aspect of these new devices before beginning the journey into servers, networking and business solutions. Over time, Tony’s Consultancy business grew into a self-perpetuating IT Support business which looked after both large enterprises and small businesses alike and took great pride in delivering exceptional service to all of its Clients. As the industry continued to progress, Tony quickly identified the shift towards more proactive services and implemented advanced monitoring and management technologies to further boost service levels which transformed the business into an early provider of Managed Services. In 2010, after having spent many prior years working with businesses to implement Private Cloud strategies, Tony once again identified the need for change and the requirement to embrace Cloud Technologies which resulted in the birth of CLOUD SYSTEMS. Tony grew up in Birmingham and spent much of his childhood travelling the world with his family. Today, he still has a passion for travel and enjoys touring the world with his wife Liz and the rest of their family. Tony’s other hobbies include Reading, Swimming, Golf and Walking his Dog! Learn more about Tony Heappey on Crunchbase…

Cloud Systems Group providing IT Services to a wide variety of Clients located around the globe. Read more about Cloud Systems Group on Crunchbase…

Josh Abbott

Senior Consultant – Tech Transformer @ Revoco

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Josh Abbott is a senior consultant at Revoco. Learn more about Josh Abbott on Crunchbase…

Revoco is a recruitment company that offers a variety of services to clients who seek talents in tech. Read more about Revoco on Crunchbase…

Phil Wilkins

Senior Consultant & (PaaS Design Authority) @ Capgemini

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Phil Wilkins is a Senior Consultant Architect specializing in the PaaS and particularly API and modern development techniques (microservice based techniques, event driven, etc.). Phil has supported the publication of a number of Java development books as a technical reviewer, in addition to being a published author himself with several co-authored books to his name, as well as blog posts and magazine articles. Phil has presented at events around the world from Sweden to California. Phil is a co-organizer to a London Developer Meetup and is recognized as an Oracle Ace. Learn more about Phil Wilkins on Crunchbase…

Read more about Capgemini on Crunchbase…

Natalie Foehr

Senior Consultant Adoption and Change Management @ Microsoft

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Read more about Microsoft on Crunchbase…

Sam McGeown

Senior Consultant @ VMware

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Sam McGeown serves as a senior consultant at VMware. Learn more about Sam McGeown on Crunchbase…

Read more about VMware on Crunchbase…

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