Top Influencers: 19 UK Board Advisor’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Board Advisor play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Board Advisor role. We have selected these Board Advisor’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Board Advisor’s. The list is in no particular order!

Alex Stephany

Board Advisor @ JustPark

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Alex Stephany is the Founder and CEO of Beam. Previously, he was CEO of JustPark and remains a Board Advisor. He is the author of The Business of Sharing, published by Macmillan, and an expert on the sharing economy. Before working in startups, he worked at a niche strategy consultancy and trained as a corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP. He holds a Double First Class Honours Degree from Oxford University. Learn more about Alex Stephany on Crunchbase…

JustPark is a parking app reinventing parking for the digital era. Read more aboutJustPark on Crunchbase…

Crispin Lowery

Board Advisor @ Qudini – Retail Choreography

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Retail Choreography solutions to transforming customer experience, operations and data for retailers and banks. Read more aboutQudini – Retail Choreography on Crunchbase…

Niraj Dattani

Board Advisor @ Spacehive

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Niraj has been at Spacehive since the beginning of time. During his stint he has worked in almost every part of Spacehive, and now establishes and develops our partnerships. He also has a keen eye for projects that push the boundaries or make a big impact in communities. In his spare time, he is a local councillor in Harrow and also runs a football club. Pre-Spacehive, he studied Politics at university. He loves people and is always looking for ways to give them power and opportunities. He’s one to talk about anything, so if you see him about feel free to harass him. Learn more about Niraj Dattani on Crunchbase…

Spacehive is the world’s first funding platform for civic projects. Read more aboutSpacehive on Crunchbase…

Robert Howes

CTO & Board Advisor @ Judopay

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Rob co-founded Algomi to build on a strong technology background engineering sophisticated solutions to complex problems. Drawn to opportunities where technology can be used to challenge the status quo, Rob has spent many years successfully leading the delivery of ambitious Fixed Income solutions, including Credit List Trading at UBS and more recently a first of its kind anonymous crossing platform for bonds. Rob holds a M. Eng. in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College. Learn more about Robert Howes on Crunchbase…

Judopay is a mobile-first payments platform. Read more aboutJudopay on Crunchbase…

Chris Hewertson

Principal | CIO | CTO | Board Advisory @ Freeman Clarke

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Freeman Clarke creates, manages, and executes technological strategies and solutions to help one’s company grow. Read more aboutFreeman Clarke on Crunchbase…

Tony Kypreos

Board Advisor @ Six3

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Tony Kypreos works as a Founder & CEO at DUPL. Learn more about Tony Kypreos on Crunchbase…

Transforming mobile communication and commerce through the power of video. Read more aboutSix3 on Crunchbase…

Anu Shah

Board Advisor @ Ladder

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Read more aboutLadder on Crunchbase…

Skip Fidura

Chief Marketing Officer and Board Advisor @ OVERMORE GROUP

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OVERMORE GROUP is a brand and advertising agency that help to capture, cleanse and manage business-critical personal data. Read more aboutOVERMORE GROUP on Crunchbase…

Chris Cullinane

Board Advisor @ Data Quarks Limited

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Online platform for facts & information neutrality. Wikipedia/Pinterest for infographics. AI curated and tamper proofed by Blockchain. Read more aboutData Quarks Limited on Crunchbase…

Barry Wakelin

Board Advisor @ Torsion Information Security

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Confident Data Access Control – Get control of who has access to what, why and when. Secure, Compliant, Efficient. Read more aboutTorsion Information Security on Crunchbase…

Terence Bradley

Board Advisor @ MyHealthPal

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My Health Pal is a powerful digital companion that enables people with long-term health conditions. Read more aboutMyHealthPal on Crunchbase…

Sir Alan Collins

Board Advisor @ Ensygnia

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Ensygnia delivers integration Platform as a Service for large payment companies and corporations deploying omnichannel solutions Read more aboutEnsygnia on Crunchbase…

Einstein Ntim

Board Advisor @ Singularity University

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Einstein Ntim is a Ghanian-British entrepreneur and startup ecosystem builder that connects innovators to Ai, space, and other exponential tech networks. As the founding partner at the (GSE)-the first and largest creator of digital online accelerators in emerging markets for startups, governments, and corporations- Einstein provides access to capital experts and speaks on topics covering entrepreneurship, AI, exponential technologies and emerging markets. Formerly a serial entrepreneur, Einstein founded two health care startups- Enabled AI (The AI Mental Health App for Exponential Innovators) and Bloomer Tech (which embeds IOT sensors into fabrics to tackle cardiovascular disease). During his time in silicon valley, Einstein worked on connecting startups to Tim Draper’s venture networks, Bold Emerge Capital, and other VC networks that target entrepreneurs from emerging markets. As an influencer within startup networks in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Africa, Einstein sits on Singularity University’s Advisory Board for Inclusion and was selected into Ghana’s Future Leaders U30. Prior to his work in the USA, Einstein had a diverse career in capital markets (UBS, Statestreet, Deutsche Bank), commodity sales, authorship, military (UK), Tutoring (Methodist Church) and professional sports (Harlequins Rugby). He has conducted business across Europe, China, India, Latin America and Africa for supranational companies. Einstein studied Economics and Policy at London School of Economics (LSE), Chinese Languages and Philosophy at Nanjing University, Faith and Theology at the Methodist Church of Britain, and acted as British Council GenUK Ambassador in India and China. Learn more about Einstein Ntim on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSingularity University on Crunchbase…

Robin Lawson

Board Advisor @ MVF

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MVF provides Customer Generation for some of the world’s largest companies. Read more aboutMVF on Crunchbase…

Peter Groom

IT Assessor/Due Diligence, Mentor and Board Advisor @ Network Knowledge

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Network Knowledge offers IT management, software development, operations, infrastructure and project management services. Read more aboutNetwork Knowledge on Crunchbase…

Darrell Wade

Board Advisor @ Yumpingo

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Darrell Wade is one of the Board Advisors at Yumpingo. Learn more about Darrell Wade on Crunchbase…

Yumpingo is an internet company that specializes in customer engagement and analytics platforms designed for the Hospitality Industry. Read more aboutYumpingo on Crunchbase…

Simon Birkenhead

Board Advisor @ Diginius

FollowSimon Birkenhead on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Diginius is an advertising technology company that turns complex reporting data into improved sales conversions. Read more aboutDiginius on Crunchbase…

David Turner

Board Advisor @ Diginius

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Diginius is an advertising technology company that turns complex reporting data into improved sales conversions. Read more aboutDiginius on Crunchbase…

Michael Renner

Board Advisor @ Diginius

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Diginius is an advertising technology company that turns complex reporting data into improved sales conversions. Read more aboutDiginius on Crunchbase…

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