Top Influencers: 17 UK Head of Data Science’s To Follow in 2022

3 years ago

Head of Data Science, Operations & Financial Crime play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Head of Data Science, Operations & Financial Crime role. We have selected these Head of Data Science, Operations & Financial Crime’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Head of Data Science, Operations & Financial Crime’s. The list is in no particular order!

Mikkel Dengsøe

Head of Data Science, Operations & Financial Crime @ Monzo

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Monzo is a digital-only bank platform and marketplace that allows customers to access a range of products and services. Read more aboutMonzo on Crunchbase…

Harriet Rees

Head of Data Science @ Starling Bank

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After graduating in Mathematics from the University of Oxford, Harriet Rees worked for AXA for 6 years as a Pricing Actuary, leading global predictive analytics projects from Paris. Joined Starling a year ago as Head of Data Science – currently working on a range of AI related projects (specifically fraud prevention, onboarding and engagement topics). Passionate about using Technology and AI to drive better customer experiences in banking. Learn more about Harriet Rees on Crunchbase…

Starling Bank is a mobile banking platform that offers personal, joint, and business accounts. Read more aboutStarling Bank on Crunchbase…

Gabrijel Persin

Head of Data Science @ Qualimental Technologies

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Read more aboutQualimental Technologies on Crunchbase…

Pardeep Bassi

Head of Data Science @ LV=

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Pardeep Bassi is the Head Of Data Science at LV, leading the implementation of machine learning across the organisation. He leads a team of data scientists and data engineers who build and implement machine learning solutions, having a transformation impact on LV. Learn more about Pardeep Bassi on Crunchbase…

LV= is a forward thinking and dynamic financial services business. Read more aboutLV= on Crunchbase…

Jiahang Zhong

Head Of Data Science @ Zopa

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Jiahang Zhong is the head of data science at Zopa. Learn more about Jiahang Zhong on Crunchbase…

Zopa offers peer-to-peer loans with low rates, flexible terms, and no early repayment fees. Read more aboutZopa on Crunchbase…

Andrew Morgan

Head of Data Science and Engineering @ 6point6

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Andrew Morgan serves as the Head of Data Science and Engineering at 6point6. Learn more about Andrew Morgan on Crunchbase…

6point6 drive the right change in an organisation through the positive impact of technology. Read more about6point6 on Crunchbase…

Victor Hu

Head of Data Science @ QBE Insurance Group

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Victor Hu is the Head of Data Science at QBE and comes from a background of leveraging data intelligently to benefit and transform industries. Previously he was the Chief Data Officer at Tictrac and built the data science team at Next Big Sound, a music analytics startup acquired by Pandora in 2015. His other experience ranges across diverse fields: intelligence (U.S. Department of Defense), consulting, and sports (New York Yankees). He graduated from Harvard University and can be found profiled in Data Scientists At Work. Learn more about Victor Hu on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutQBE Insurance Group on Crunchbase…

Douglas Penna

Head of Data Science @ Reach plc

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Douglas has a true passion is to build solutions that increases knowledge for as many people as possible. With experience from many different sectors, including aerospace, academia, retail, and siderurgy, he’s now the Head of Data Science at Trinity Mirror leading the team on the creation of tools that help both journalists and readers have a better experience Learn more about Douglas Penna on Crunchbase…

Reach plc is a newspaper publishing company. Read more aboutReach plc on Crunchbase…

Alex Schumacher

Co-Founder & Head of Data Science @ Claira

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Alex Schumacher is the Co-Founder and Head of Data Science at Claira. Learn more about Alex Schumacher on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutClaira on Crunchbase…

Matthew Sattler

Global Head of Data Science @ HSBC Global Banking and Markets

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HSBC Global Banking and Markets is an emerging markets-led, financing-focused business that provides investment and financial solutions. Read more aboutHSBC Global Banking and Markets on Crunchbase…

Annie Hou

Head of Data Science @ Sandtable

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Annie Hou is Head of Data Science at Sandtable, a company that focuses on behavioural analytics. Since joining in 2015 she has helped to build an amazing team that have developed new tools, methodologies and ways of working that have transformed the company. Annie obtained a Ph.D. in Astrophysics. While totally different fields, there is an underlying goal to understand change and how environment and interactions can alter an outcome, whether it be the type of galaxy or a person’s attitudes and decisions. She enjoys dancing to baby shark with her toddler, all forms of sci-fi and yoga. She was born in Kathmandu, grew-up in Toronto, but now calls London home. Learn more about Annie Hou on Crunchbase…

Sandtable is a company that provides a better understanding of human behaviour by developing rich and realistic simulations of populations. Read more aboutSandtable on Crunchbase…

Charlie Boundy

Head of Data Science @ Department for Work and Pensions

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DWP is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty. Read more aboutDepartment for Work and Pensions on Crunchbase…

Fahd Baig

Head of Data Science @ Money Dashboard

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Money Dashboard is an online personal financial management service allowing users to view their online financial accounts. Read more aboutMoney Dashboard on Crunchbase…

Tom Cronin

Head of Data Science & Data Engineering @ Lloyds Banking Group

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Tom Cronin is the head of data science at Lloyds Banking. Learn more about Tom Cronin on Crunchbase…

Lloyds Banking Group is a major British financial institution formed through the acquisition of HBOS by Lloyds TSB in 2009. Read more aboutLloyds Banking Group on Crunchbase…

Rebecca Pope

Head of Data Science & Engineering @ KPMG International Limited

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Dr Rebecca Pope is a clinical neuroscientist, TEDx speaker and part of KPMG in the UK’s leadership as its Head of Data Science and Engineering. She leads KPMG in the UK’s Centre of Excellence to build scalable, high-performing data science and AI products to help transform and drive business value across the KPMG global network’s client base and across market sectors. Rebecca is an internationally recognised thought leader and an implementation expert in how technology and data science can accelerate improvements in health and care. She has published a number of academic research papers, written several scientific commentaries in the Guardian, and is the recipient of National awards for her academic research. She has co-authored numerous KPMG Thought Leadership papers Rebecca is an active and passionate member of various initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion in STEM, from school to the C-suite. Learn more about Rebecca Pope on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutKPMG International Limited on Crunchbase…

Armando Vieira

Head of Data Science @ Hazy

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Hazy is a synthetic data company that helps businesses unlock data for innovation without compromising customers privacy. Read more aboutHazy on Crunchbase…

Mohit Mehta

Head of Data Science and Analytics @ Vyntelligence

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Vyntelligence is a mobile-first, secure, cloud-based enterprise tool that increases productivity and builds capability. Read more aboutVyntelligence on Crunchbase…

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