Top Influencers: 12 UK Head of Compliance’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Head of Compliance play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Head of Compliance role. We have selected these Head of Compliance’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Head of Compliance’s. The list is in no particular order!

Sophie Stevenson-Salih

Head of Compliance @ Drover

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Sophie Stevenson-Salih is the Global Compliance Officer at Drover. Learn more about Sophie Stevenson-Salih on Crunchbase…

Drover is a mobility-as-a-service platform providing monthly, all-in car subscriptions to its end-customers. Read more about Drover on Crunchbase…

Sean Fitzgerald

Head Of Compliance @ Quantum Group

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Quantum Group provides innovative and intuitive fintech solutions for its clients. Read more about Quantum Group on Crunchbase…

Laura Drohan

Head of Compliance @ FC Exchange

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Laura joined FC Exchange as our Head of Compliance and Money Laundering Regulation Officer (MLRO) with seven years’ experience, having performed the role at another firm within the financial services industry. Laura holds an honours degree in English from the University of Essex and is also certified by the prestigious and globally recognised ACAMS. Learn more about Laura Drohan on Crunchbase…

International payments and money transfer services for individuals and businesses at bank-beating rates. Read more about FC Exchange on Crunchbase…

Craig Lippett

Head of Compliance @ Animal Dynamics

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Animal Dynamics is a spinout company from the Department of Zoology at University of Oxford Read more about Animal Dynamics on Crunchbase…

Imma Procino

Head of Compliance and Risk @ Bankable

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Bankable develops white-label payment solutions including e-wallets, remittance services, P2P money transfers and prepaid card programmes. Read more about Bankable on Crunchbase…

Rob Davies

Head of Compliance @ Cuvva

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Radically better insurance, fit for the future. Read more about Cuvva on Crunchbase…

Linda Roberson

Head of Compliance @ Albion Capital Group

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Linda initially qualified as a solicitor with Allen & Overy, working in their London Corporate Finance team, before joining the in-house legal team at 3i Group plc in 1999. At 3i, Linda supported investment transactions and fund raisings, later moving to the Compliance team to focus on regulatory matters. Linda joined Albion in 2016. She holds an LLB in Law and French Law from Birmingham University. Learn more about Linda Roberson on Crunchbase…

Albion Capital Group is an independent investment manager with a long-term record of backing change and growth. Read more about Albion Capital Group on Crunchbase…

Natasha Arnold

Head of Compliance @ Accordance

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Natasha Arnold joined Accordance in 2011 and was promoted to Head of Compliance after working as Head of Compliance Services where she specifically focussed on customer service and client engagement. As Head of Compliance, Natasha leads, motivates and develops the Compliance Management Team, as well as ensuring that the team is aligned strategically and tactically with other departments. She also works alongside the rest of the Senior Management Team to plan the growth and development of the compliance team through our ongoing VAT training plan and to develop and implement our risk management procedures. Learn more about Natasha Arnold on Crunchbase…

Accordance is an international VAT consultancy and VAT compliance company. Read more about Accordance on Crunchbase…

Steven Marshall

Head Of Compliance @ CoinSource

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Read more about CoinSource on Crunchbase…

Jon Balmer

Head of Compliance @ Atom Bank

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Atom Bank is a mobile banking application that offers a range of personal and business banking products. Read more about Atom Bank on Crunchbase…

Adam Fairhead

Global Head of Compliance @ HSBC Asset Management

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Global Head of Compliance at HSBC Asset Management Learn more about Adam Fairhead on Crunchbase…

Read more about HSBC Asset Management on Crunchbase…

Krystal Jevons

Head of Compliance @ Pure Commercial Finance

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Pure Commercial Finance brokers offer great rates, attention to detail and a dedication to customer service. Read more about Pure Commercial Finance on Crunchbase…

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