Top Influencers: 101 UK General Manager’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-founder and General Manager play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-founder and General Manager role. We have selected these Co-founder and General Manager’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-founder and General Manager’s. The list is in no particular order!

Ella Goldner

Co-founder and General Manager @ Zinc.VC

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Ella is one of the Co-founders of Zinc, a new Social Innovation programme aimed at building scalable and commercial businesses that help solve the developed world biggest social problems. She’s also the Co-founder of NewCo UK, an innovation festival that provides a behind-the-curtain-view into the most exciting, innovative and mission-led organisations in a city. As a marketing strategist Ella worked with leading global brands such as Unilever, Wimbledon and EY. Ella is a London Business School alumna and studied engineering in Tel Aviv. Learn more about Ella Goldner on Crunchbase…

Zinc.VC is a London-based business builder that runs 9 month mission-led programmes to build scalable commercial impact-led businesses. Read more about Zinc.VC on Crunchbase…

David Lloyd

General Manager, UK, Netherlands & Nordics @ Alibaba Group

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Read more about Alibaba Group on Crunchbase…

Barbara Toniut

General Manager @ Publieurope

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Barbara is the General Manager of Publieurope. Publieurope is the international sales division of Mediaset Group – the leading linear and non-linear, free and pay TV broadcaster in Italy and Spain. Publieurope internationals portfolio also includes the main and most innovative Media Companies in Europe: Pro7Sat1 Group in Germany, Channel4 in UK, Tf1 in France, SBS in the Netherlands and Belgium. We recently partnered with Rotana for the MENA region. Barbara has more than 25 years of experience in the European Media Markets, driving media deals with clients in all sectors, managing multi-lingual and multi-culture sales teams based in the main European cities:Munich,Paris,Lausanne,London ,Milan and Madrid. Barbara and her team offer a unique service and appropriate support to clients and agencies wanting to approach foreign markets as well as to multinational companies and their media agencies international departments. Coordination and constant contact with the local teams of Mediaset and our Partners give Publieurope a deep understanding of local markets. Learn more about Barbara Toniut on Crunchbase…

Read more about Publieurope on Crunchbase…

Mark Hammond

General Manager, Cambridge; Head of Leadership Programmes; Instructor @ Ethos

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Our military power-house Mark has over 20 years of operational service with the Royal Marine Commandos receiving the Queens Commendation in 2003 and the Distinguished Flying Cross in 2006. He appeared on the BBC for the book he wrote about leading his team in Afghanistan. The unbelievable physical standard needed for such a career has been maintained, and Mark instils this into everything he does at ETHOS. His intensely challenging TRX classes work core stability, body conditioning and physical strength; all of which is a part of the ETHOS method. Book well in advance for his classes as they book out quickly! Learn more about Mark Hammond on Crunchbase…

Read more about Ethos on Crunchbase…

Nat Edington

Vice President & General Manager of Environmental Sensors Business Line @ ams

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Nat has over 20 years’ experience in fast paced technology companies, from start-ups and SMEs to global players. Prior to CCS, he was VP & General Manager at Wolfson Microelectronics for 8 years, managing their largest revenue businesses in excess of $100m with blue chip consumer customers. Previous roles include Board Directorship, General Management, Business Development, Strategic Marketing and Engineering in the semiconductor, electronic products and manufacturing sectors Learn more about Nat Edington on Crunchbase…

Read more about ams on Crunchbase…

Barry Davidson

General Manager @ Fairgrieve Compression Moulding

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Fairgrieve Compression Moulding offers industrial moulding of engineering-grade plastics for a wide range of uses and industries. Read more about Fairgrieve Compression Moulding on Crunchbase…

Kat Knocker

General Manager @

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Kat’s Product and Customer Experience team sits firmly at the centre of, keeping the customer right at the heart of the business as continues to grow. A member of Management Today’s 35 Under 35, Kat is part of the founding team at and has seen the businesses rapid growth over the last 4 years, becoming one of the most advanced players in the direct-to-consumer, tailor-made pet nutrition category who today deliver more than 4 million bespoke dog meals each month. Kat and her team are driven by a passion to change the lives of dogs and their owners for the better, and are proud of their customer advocacy including a 9.6 score on Trustpilot. Tailored, personalised experiences for both dogs and owners are a core part of’s product and success – and remain as personalised today as they did at the start. Kat is passionate about creating products and services that truly engage customers, and brings her skills and experience from Innocent Drinks and to her role at Learn more about Kat Knocker on Crunchbase… is an online pet nutrition service that provides tailor-made food designed to deliver perfectly optimised nutrition for dogs. Read more about on Crunchbase…

Matt O’Neill

General Manager, Europe @ MediaTrust

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Matt O’Neill is the Founder & Principal at Teemo. Learn more about Matt O’Neill on Crunchbase…

Read more about MediaTrust on Crunchbase…

Stephen Moorhouse

Vice President, General Manager – Northern Europe @ Coca-Cola Enterprises

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Read more about Coca-Cola Enterprises on Crunchbase…

Angela Cearns

Chief eCommerce Officer & General Manager @ Pizza Hut UK

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Angela Cearns is the Chief eCommerce Officer and General Manager for Pizza Hut Digital Ventures, leading Pizza Hut International through the digital transformation journey from a traditional casual dining restaurant to a leader in online ordering and delivery. Angela came from Amazon in Seattle where she served as the Executor Director of International Expansion of their Fulfilment by Amazon business; GM of Amazon Global Selling marketplace business; and the Head of Prime Technology Platform that powers Amazon global Prime membership and Prime benefit offerings including Prime Videos and Prime Music. Prior to Amazon, Angela spent a decade in California Silicon Valley with Symantec and the Norton Anti-Virus brand in a number of leadership positions from IT-Business Director, eCommerce Director, and finishing as Sr. Director of Customer Retention, Worldwide eCommerce. Angela has a Master of Software Engineering degree from the University of Colorado and Advanced Project Management from Stanford University. She is currently a guest professor at the European Institute for e-Commerce Management at Churchill College, University of Cambridge. Learn more about Angela Cearns on Crunchbase…

Pizza Hut UK is a franchise of an American restaurant chain known for Italian-American cuisine including pizza and pasta. Read more about Pizza Hut UK on Crunchbase…

Ed Couchman

Regional General Manager, DACH, Netherlands, Nordics and UK @ Snapchat

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Read more about Snapchat on Crunchbase…

Geoff Childs

General Manager @ Gentrack Group

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Read more about Gentrack Group on Crunchbase…

Steve Challouma

General Manager UK at Birds Eye Ltd @ Nomad Foods

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Nomad Foods is a manufacturer, seller, and distributor of branded frozen food products. Read more about Nomad Foods on Crunchbase…

Mark Turner

SVP and General Manager, EMEA, the market leader in multi-channel customer experience @ Genesys

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Mark Turner work with their investee companies through to the eventual exit, helping build great organisations and develop winning strategies. The process of creating value is often an exciting and very eventful journey. There are many components, big and small; from making a successful acquisition that step-changes performance, to a great hire that really complements an existing team, to a new contract that cements a new growth area. It is incredibly rewarding to see their businesses gain great momentum and achieve great things. Learn more about Mark Turner on Crunchbase…

Read more about Genesys on Crunchbase…

Greg Taylor

General Manager, Tigerspike Next @ Tigerspike

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Read more about Tigerspike on Crunchbase…

Ian Stewart

Commercial Director, General Manager Performance Solutions (IOT, Digital performance & growth) @ Finning International

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Read more about Finning International on Crunchbase…

Likhit Wagle

General Manager, Global Banking & Financial Markets @ IBM

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Mark Felix

General Manager @ Moneysupermarket Group

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Moneysupermarket Group is a British price comparison website-based business specialising in financial services. Read more about Moneysupermarket Group on Crunchbase…

Jonathan Vaux

General Manager, EU @ I2c

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Read more about I2c on Crunchbase…

Avril Murphy

General Manager International @ Owlet Baby Care

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Remi Volpe

Vice President & General Manager @ Schneider Electric

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Michael Raffoul

General Manager @ TEAM PRO

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Henrique Aragao

VP and General Manager, EMEA @ G2

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Read more about G2 on Crunchbase…

Derrick McCourt

General Manager, Customer Success Unit @ Microsoft

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Derrick McCourt is leading a team responsible for supporting customers to deliver cutting-edge services and drive real business impact through Microsoft cloud technologies.​ ​ Since joining Microsoft in 2001, Derrick has held multiple leadership roles, including General Manager for Microsoft’s Public Sector Business, and is a member of the Microsoft UK Senior Leadership Team.​ ​ In July 2017 Derrick took on the role as executive sponsor for Microsoft UK’s Diversity and Inclusion plan to ensure that all current and future employees feel encouraged to contribute their unique insight and skills that help solve some of the most complex technology challenges for our customers. ​ ​ Derrick is a strong supporter of accessibility in tech, digital skills, girls in STEM and Women in Technology initiatives. He has played a leading role in Microsoft’s strategic partnership with the Institute of Technology at Bletchley Park as well as UA92; empowering people of all ages, skills and abilities in a technology driven world. Learn more about Derrick McCourt on Crunchbase…

Read more about Microsoft on Crunchbase…

James Bullock

Senior Vice President & General Manager @ Tacit Knowledge

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Read more about Tacit Knowledge on Crunchbase…

Lucas Bornert

General Manager France & Italy @ Voi

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General Manager France & Italy at VOI Technology Learn more about Lucas Bornert on Crunchbase…

Read more about Voi on Crunchbase…

Alex Theophanous

Interim General Manager UK & Ireland @ Boxine

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Read more about Boxine on Crunchbase…

John Philips

General Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Asia @ Zuora

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John currently serves as VP Europe of Zuora, the leading evangelist of the Subscription Economy – the idea that as we move from a manufacturing sector to services, companies are shifting to a customer-centric, subscription-based business model. Under John’s European leadership, the company has helped companies from all industries transition to running subscription models, from the Guardian to Schneider Electric. In providing billing, commerce and finance systems to such companies, Zuora has grown into one of the fastest growing, high profile software companies, with a world class list of customers and over $130 million in venture funding from Benchmark, Shasta, Redpoint, Index, Greylock, as well as Marc Benioff and Dave Duffield. Learn more about John Philips on Crunchbase…

Read more about Zuora on Crunchbase…

Simon Johnson

General Manager – UK and Ireland @ Freshworks

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Simon Johnson is the UK General Manager at Freshworks. Learn more about Simon Johnson on Crunchbase…

Read more about Freshworks on Crunchbase…

Ian Painter

General Manager, Air Operations @ Cirium

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Cirium brings together aviation and travel data and analytics to keep the world moving. Read more about Cirium on Crunchbase…

Pierre-Louis Phelipot

Account Director – General Manager Bateaux London @ Sodexo

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Read more about Sodexo on Crunchbase…

Ben Johnson

General Manager, Global Partnerships @ Xero

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Ben joined Xero in 2014 to help drive the digitisation of accounting firms and their small business clients in Perth. Then in 2016, he moved to London to build platform partnerships that give users access to world-class connected apps with Xero. Outside of work, Ben loves to swim laps, binge-listen to SaaS and fintech podcasts, and sample the new food truck scene in London. Learn more about Ben Johnson on Crunchbase…

Read more about Xero on Crunchbase…

Seb Burnett

General Manager ConvergeHEALTH Europe @ Deloitte

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Deloitte provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and other related services. Read more about Deloitte on Crunchbase…

Hugh Milward

General Manager, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs @ Microsoft

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Read more about Microsoft on Crunchbase…

Dave Castell

General Manager @ Trade Desk Inc.

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Read more about Trade Desk Inc. on Crunchbase…

Lawrence Galkoff

General Manager @ UK Radioplayer limited

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Lawrence Galkoff has been the General Manager of Radioplayer Worldwide since the beginning of the year. With a solid background in technology which began in the BBC Radio Central Control Room in the mid-eighties, he brings with him over thirty years of experience across all sectors of the broadcast industry. In the intervening years, Lawrence has managed the technical planning for many key radio and TV programmes and so has always worked hard to be at the forefront of new technology. Having closely followed the transformation from analogue to digital and as an early adopter of IP for programme delivery, Lawrence is fully aware of the opportunities that the digital world brings to broadcasters and is determined that broadcasters make the most of these opportunities to enhance the services they already provide to their audiences and to make sure that they stay one step ahead of the new forms of entertainment that are competing for that audience. As an avid radio consumer, Lawrence wants to make sure that radio stays the first choice for the majority and that access remains simple and obvious on all platforms. Learn more about Lawrence Galkoff on Crunchbase…

UK Radioplayer limited is a radio streaming service for customers in the UK. Read more about UK Radioplayer limited on Crunchbase…

Marianne Roling

General Manager Global System Integrators for TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro and HCL @ Microsoft

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Marianne joined Microsoft in 2005 to lead the EMEA business for the Mobile Communications Business, managing the growth of Windows Mobile, working closely with mobile device makers, mobile operators, resellers and software developers. In 2007, she then took on global responsibility for the strategy development of the global expansion program of Microsoft’s Mobile Business and subsequently was asked to lead the Global Sales of Windows Phone. In 2011, Marianne moved to the Central and Eastern Europe team to become the Managing Director for the Operator Channels working on joint partnerships of Microsoft Devices and Services. In the summer of 2014, she became Partner and GM in CEE for the division that leads the Partner network, Corporate Account Sales, and SMB sales, covering a large majority of Microsoft’s sales and marketing for the 33 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Marianne brings with her a wealth of relevant industry experience, in both the fixed line and mobile space across Europe, USA and Latin America. Learn more about Marianne Roling on Crunchbase…

Read more about Microsoft on Crunchbase…

Brendan Hafferty

Western Regional General Manager @ FORUM 8

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Educated in Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield in the UK, Dr Hafferty obtained a first degree in Chemistry followed by a PhD in Environmental Computer Modelling. He is a specialist in the design and implementation of 3D, Geo and GIS projects as well as in business development, marketing, project management, technical consultancy and third party partner development worldwide. Learn more about Brendan Hafferty on Crunchbase…

Read more about FORUM 8 on Crunchbase…

Andy Downes

General Manager @ Optal

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Andy brings extensive experience in payments, card processing and banking to the role of General Manager, Europe. Prior to joining Optal, Andy was responsible for growing the Payment Services Division at Raphaels Bank into the largest issuer of e-money in the UK, with 5 million live cards and annual settlements of over £5bn. Previous roles include a number of Executive Management positions in industries such as wholesale banking, performance management and financial software, successfully providing services to some of the largest financial institutions in the world including Citibank, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan. Learn more about Andy Downes on Crunchbase…

Read more about Optal on Crunchbase…

Peter O’Mara-Kane

General Manager @ LoopMe

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LoopMe is closing the loop on brand advertising, using AI, attribution and analytics to deliver measurable uplift in brand outcomes. Read more about LoopMe on Crunchbase…

Michael Wrigley

General Manager @ Verticurl

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Read more about Verticurl on Crunchbase…

Alex Donnelly

General Manager @ CloverDX

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Read more about CloverDX on Crunchbase…

Marco Baptista

General Manager @ Willowbridge Estate Agents

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Willowbridge Estate Agents offers lettings, sales, and property management services. Read more about Willowbridge Estate Agents on Crunchbase…

Claire Jarvis

General Manager @ HubBox

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HubBox works alongside global carriers to provide software for retailers to launch local pickup options at checkout Read more about HubBox on Crunchbase…

Thomas Hancock

Brand general manager @ UK2 Group

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Thomas Hancock has been serving as brand general manager of UK2 Group since January 2009. Learn more about Thomas Hancock on Crunchbase…

UK2 Group have been providing internet services and pioneering the mass adoption of many breakthrough technologies. Read more about UK2 Group on Crunchbase…

Leendert Den Hollander

Vice President and General Manager @ Coca-Cola Enterprises

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Read more about Coca-Cola Enterprises on Crunchbase…

Nicola Parry

Account Director and General Manager @ Spin Brands

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The go-to Scale Up Social Media Specialists Read more about Spin Brands on Crunchbase…

Daniel Sim

General Manager – Shopify @ Rewind

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Read more about Rewind on Crunchbase…

Rodeina Challand

General Manager @ Challand Biosimilar Consulting

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Challand Biosimilar Consulting engaged in development and approval of biosimilar products. Read more about Challand Biosimilar Consulting on Crunchbase…

Dan Joyce

General Manager EMEA @ SafetyCulture

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Dan Joyce is the general manager of EMEA at SafetyCulture. Learn more about Dan Joyce on Crunchbase…

Read more about SafetyCulture on Crunchbase…

Richard Robinson

General Manager @ Leadfamly

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Read more about Leadfamly on Crunchbase…

Amalia Steel

General Manager @ Ethos

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Read more about Ethos on Crunchbase…

Dan Orchard

General Manager, Emerging Markets @ Scentsy

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Read more about Scentsy on Crunchbase…

Dan Orchard

General Manager, Emerging Markets @ Scentsy

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Read more about Scentsy on Crunchbase…

Dotan Ginsbourg

General Manager EMEA @ Idomoo

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Read more about Idomoo on Crunchbase…

Dotan Ginsbourg

General Manager EMEA @ Idomoo

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Read more about Idomoo on Crunchbase…

Matt Harvey

General Manager of Australian Operations @ Tourism Holdings Limited

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Matt joined thl in April 2010 as Commercial Operations Manager and progressed through to the role of National Operation Manager for NZ Rentals in January 2012. In August 2013 Matt moved across to Melbourne and now leads the Australian Operations. Matt’s background includes a number of operation management roles within the SKYCITY Group in New Zealand and financial analyst roles within the Gaming industry in London. Matt holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Auckland University. Learn more about Matt Harvey on Crunchbase…

Read more about Tourism Holdings Limited on Crunchbase…

Fanny Moreno

General manager @ Friska

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Due to many years of experience on hospitality, I have been able to develop the needed skills to manage big and small businesses as well as big and small teams. Also growing up in a family restaurant has made me love this job and make it part of me! Learn more about Fanny Moreno on Crunchbase…

Friska is predominantly focused on breakfast, lunch and coffee. Read more about Friska on Crunchbase…

Andrew Bunn

General Manager @ Jumptastic

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Jumptaastic Trampoline Park in South West England. Based in Gloucester, just off eastern Avenue. Read more about Jumptastic on Crunchbase…

Chris Tracey

General Manager, London @ Hostmaker

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Read more about Hostmaker on Crunchbase…

Dan Baker

General Manager, EMEA @

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Dan Baker is the general manager at Learn more about Dan Baker on Crunchbase… is a marketplace for international student housing, helping students find their home abroad. Read more about on Crunchbase…

Simon Bostock

Regional General Manager @ Equal Experts

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Equal Experts’ agile practitioners combine technical excellence and business pragmatism to deliver simple bespoke software solutions Read more about Equal Experts on Crunchbase…

Amanda Finch

General Manager @ Institute of Information Security Professionals

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Amanda Finch has specialised in Information Security management since 1991. In addition to her role as General Manager of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) she works with the Information Security Forum (ISF) and the British Computer Society (BCS) to gain recognition for the discipline as a recognised profession. Amanda has a Master’s degree in Information Security, is a full and founder member of the IISP and a Fellow of the BCS. She spent 28 years working at Marks and Spencer Plc in information security and in 2007 she was awarded European Chief Information Security Officer of the year by SC Magazine. Learn more about Amanda Finch on Crunchbase…

The professional body representing & supporting IA professionals, providing competency-based assessment. Read more about Institute of Information Security Professionals on Crunchbase…

Sam Nixon

General Manager @ Jonas Sports

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Jonas Sports provides enterprise solutions, as well as software and services for sports clubs and organizations. Read more about Jonas Sports on Crunchbase…

Sam Willan

General Manager, UK @ StudentUniverse

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Sam Willan is the general manager at StudentUniverse. Learn more about Sam Willan on Crunchbase…

Read more about StudentUniverse on Crunchbase…

Martin Brown

General Manager @ Gnatta

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Gnatta allows businesses of all sizes to listen and engage with their customers on an individual basis via one single interface. Read more about Gnatta on Crunchbase…

Peter Turner

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Consumer & Chief Revenue Officer @ Avast

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Peter Turner is our Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Avast Consumer business and joined the company in September 2016. Prior to Avast, Mr. Turner was General Manager, Consumer for AVG. Before AVG, he was Managing Director, Consumer Services, for global information services company Experian. Mr. Turner has held commercial roles in a variety of organizations, including Orange, Freeserve, Sainsbury’s, Dixons, and GE. He holds an HND in Business and Finance, with merit, from Humberside Polytechnic and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management from Staffordshire University, both in the UK, and completed training in International Executive Management from EMYLON Business School, France. Learn more about Peter Turner on Crunchbase…

Read more about Avast on Crunchbase…

Chris Swift

General manager @ Medefer

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At Medefer, we want to be the world’s most patient-focused virtual health service Read more about Medefer on Crunchbase…

Varun Bijlani

Managing Partner and General Manager @ IBM

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Varun Bijlani leads the Cloud Strategy and Design practice at IBM. This provides end to end advice, design, road mapping, and architectural services to help C-suite clients navigate their Cloud journeys. Prior to this position, Varun led the Cloud Application Innovation practice in Europe and was accountable for strategy definition, practice development and execution of Cloud Migration and Microservices, Enterprise Applications on the cloud, IT Service Management and Enterprise Automation services. He has also worked in Industry when he was Head of Global IT Operations, BG Group Plc., and was accountable for its global applications, infrastructure, information security portfolio, and the IT functional transformation. Varun is a technology-enabled business transformation leader with over 22 years’ experience, combining domain knowledge and global program management expertise, with strategic and operational leadership within both consulting and industry. Varun has lived and worked in the UK, India, Western and Central Europe, US, UAE and North Africa – and holds a PGD in Business Leadership from UWE, UK and Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics from Mumbai University, India. Across his career he has collaborated with clients to define and execute on their technology enabled business transformation, and is particularly passionate about helping clients embed change to extract sustainable value. Learn more about Varun Bijlani on Crunchbase…

Read more about IBM on Crunchbase…

Lisa Targett

General Manager @ TRIBE

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Lisa Targett is UK General Manager of TRIBE, the self-serve marketplace that connects brands with everyday people to celebrate them through beautiful content. Lisa joined TRIBE from Mail Advertising where she was responsible for 65% of the publisher’s UK digital revenue, after successfully establishing their standalone commercial operation in Sydney. Within her first year at the helm, TRIBE UK’s revenues have soared beyond forecast – accounting for over 55% of global revenues and showing no signs of slowing. In recognition of such achievements, she has been named in The Drum’s #50Under30 and named one of Diversity Journal’s Women Worth Watching in 2018. She is widely acknowledged as a thought-leader within Marketing & Advertising, delivering keynotes at Decoded, Millennial2020, PRWeek, Ad:Tech and frequently commenting on industry news for The Drum, Campaign & Business Insider. She also sits on the Wholeinfluence Council and is a member of the IAB’s Future Trends and Content & Native Advisory groups – each designed to create, maintain, and define standards in the influencer marketing industry. Founded in Australia in September 2015, and launched in the UK in April 2017, TRIBE has connected over 7,500 brands with 40,000 influencers generating 450,000 pieces of branded content globally for the likes of Unilever, Amazon, Topshop, American Express, Selfridges, Mars and Diageo. Learn more about Lisa Targett on Crunchbase…

Read more about TRIBE on Crunchbase…

Raveem Ismail

Chief Underwriting Officer & General Manager @ QOMPLX

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Read more about QOMPLX on Crunchbase…

Anthony Hammersley

Director and General Manager @ TEV

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TEV specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) products. Read more about TEV on Crunchbase…

Peter Eales

Director and General Manager @ Dorset Business Angels

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Read more about Dorset Business Angels on Crunchbase…

Mitchel Dwyer

General manager @ 7Bone Burger

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Mitchel Dwyer has been serving as a general manager of 7bone Burger since January 2017. Learn more about Mitchel Dwyer on Crunchbase…

7Bone Burger is a fast casual restaurant concept focused on bringing high quality burgers to the UK regions. Read more about 7Bone Burger on Crunchbase…

Hugh Daly

General Manager, Message Automation @ Broadridge

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Read more about Broadridge on Crunchbase…

Keith Johnson

General Manager @ Beatgrid Media

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Read more about Beatgrid Media on Crunchbase…

Paula O’Reilly

General Manager Procurement Marketing, Print & Post and Supply Chain @ BT

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Paula O’Reilly Since July 2016 Paula has been the GM Marketing Procurement, pan BT (including EE and Plusnet), with an active and exciting role in developing and driving central BT Procurement strategy. In the newly merged company, Paula leads the Marketing category Procurement team who manage spend across all BT lines of business, now including EE, with a total spend of circa £0.5bn per annum. Prior to joining BT in 2011, Paula had a previous Commercial Media role at Mars and Senior Marketing roles in the financial services sector. Learn more about Paula O’Reilly on Crunchbase…

BT provides communications services to consumer and business sectors worldwide. Read more about BT on Crunchbase…

Fred Jones

VP & Regional General Manager | Northern Europe @ TIER Mobility

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Fred Jones is the VP & Regional General Manager | Northern Europe at TIER Mobility. Learn more about Fred Jones on Crunchbase…

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Adrian Quayle

General Manager UK @ pliXos

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David Byron

SVP Global Alliances and New Markets and General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing @ CUBE

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CUBE is a global RegTech provider empowering regulated financial institutions to meet compliance challenges head on. Read more about CUBE on Crunchbase…

Jean Hiley

General Manager @ Barchester Healthcare

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Jean Hiley is the General Manager at Barchester Healthcare. Learn more about Jean Hiley on Crunchbase…

Barchester Healthcare is one of the biggest independent care providers in the United Kingdom. Read more about Barchester Healthcare on Crunchbase…

Ashley Warburton

Group General Manager @ Truemans

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Truemans is your one stop shop for frames, glass, panels, composite doors, conservatory roofs, trims, silicone, fixings, cleaners and tools. Read more about Truemans on Crunchbase…

Jon Martin

General Manager and UC Professional Service @ BT

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Jon Martin manages their One Cloud Microsoft portfolio. Jon’s IT career has been focused on designing, delivering and managing IT and communications solutions. He has managed a number of consulting organisations covering a broad spectrum of IT-related areas including, security, service management, telecoms billing, contact centres and unified Communications. Recently, his focus has been on unified communications, cloud services and specifically Microsoft applications. Jon engages with our customers at a senior level on unified communications strategies and roadmaps. Learn more about Jon Martin on Crunchbase…

BT provides communications services to consumer and business sectors worldwide. Read more about BT on Crunchbase…

Dickie Armour

General Manager @ Fibranet Services

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Dickie was elected to the Board in May 2011 and re-elected in 2013. An internet entrepreneur, author and speaker, Dickie has extensive experience of the internet services and domain name market, having set up, run and sold two successful hosting businesses. He is currently General Manager of Fibranet Services Ltd, a domain name registrar and software development company, and MyBrandEmail, a software service that helps brands offer personalised email addresses. Dickie is a regular participant at ICANN meetings around the world. He is chair of the Investment Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee. Learn more about Dickie Armour on Crunchbase…

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Neil Maycock

Chief Marketing Officer & General Manager Playout @ Grass Valley

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Robert Arnold

General Manager @ Helical Levity

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Mark Harries

Executive Vice President, MillenniumIT and General Manager, Technology Services, LSEG @ MillenniumIT

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Mark joined the London Stock Exchange in 1997 and has been involved in a number of the major projects and strategic initiatives since then. Following the acquisition of MillenniumIT in October 2009, he is currently responsible for the LSE Group – MillenniumIT interface and splits his time between London and Colombo. Mark is a graduate engineer and prior to joining the LSE worked as a consultant project manager in the engineering, construction and financial services sectors. Learn more about Mark Harries on Crunchbase…

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Stuart Moir

General manager @ Forest Holidays

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Stuart Moir has been serving as general manager of Forest Holidays since March 2008. Learn more about Stuart Moir on Crunchbase…

Forest Holidays offers luxurious woodland cabins, many with private hot tubs, set exclusively on Forestry Commission land. Read more about Forest Holidays on Crunchbase…

Melissa Burnand

Vice President & General Manager, Europe @ Illuma Glass

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Kathie Bishop

General Manager @ Digital Innovation Group

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Digital Communications & Technology Group Read more about Digital Innovation Group on Crunchbase…

William Gilpin

Owner / General Manager @ Gilfresh Produce

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Gilfresh Produce is a company that grows and manages the growing of over 2,500 acres of field vegetables and salad crops. Read more about Gilfresh Produce on Crunchbase…

Emma Becker

General Manager @ Breteau Foundation

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Emma is the Foundation’s General Manager responsible for implementing the Foundation’s strategy and leads our global education program. She guides our technological innovation and ensures the efficient running of the Foundation necessary for success on the ground with learners and teachers. She brings to the Foundation a wealth of experience in education and technology. Emma has previously worked for 6 years as an Education Consultant in a wide range of schools throughout the UK and she is an expert in the strategic, operational and technical implementation of whole school education technology solutions. Previous to this Emma was a teacher for 6 years in secondary schools in Australia and the UK championing the use of technology in the classroom. Emma has a Bachelor of Education and a BA in Geographical Science and English at the University of Queensland. Learn more about Emma Becker on Crunchbase…

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