Top Influencers: 101 UK CEO & Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

CEO & co-founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO & co-founder role. We have selected these CEO & co-founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO & co-founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Emre Baran

CEO & co-founder @ Cerbos

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Emre Baran is currently an executive director in charge of engineering and product management at Qubit. Emre has been involved with information technology since 1999. He was a Senior Product Manager at Google before leaving after 4 years working on various AdWords and AdSense related products & building large scale artificial intelligence and analytics systems to scale and automate operations. Prior to Google, Emre was the co-founder and CTO of, Turkey’s largest social network. He also has 5 years of experience in IT consulting for telecommunications and federal & local financial systems industries in the United States. Emre holds degrees in Economics and Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and an MBA degree from INSEAD. Learn more about Emre Baran on Crunchbase…

Cerbos is a software company that makes user permissions and authorization simple to implement and manage. Read more about Cerbos on Crunchbase…

Salim Dhanani

CEO & Co-Founder @ BigPay

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Salim Dhanani is CEO & Co-Founder at BigPay Learn more about Salim Dhanani on Crunchbase…

Read more about BigPay on Crunchbase…

Anil Stocker

CEO & Co-Founder @ MarketFinance

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Anil Stocker is the CEO & Co-founder of MarketInvoice.Whilst working in financial services (Lehman Brothers) in his early twenties and spending time with many company CFOs, Anil realised how difficult it was for small businesses to raise the funding they needed to drive their business forward. His ambition was to use technology and data to completely reinvent how businesses go about financing their growth, and breathe fresh life into outdated financial products. Anil has led the growth of the company, team and its culture since launch. He was named in Forbes Magazine’s ’30 under 30′, and was recently invited to speak at No. 10 Downing St as a part of HM Treasury’s Fintech Week. Learn more about Anil Stocker on Crunchbase…

MarketFinance is a FinTech company providing business finance solutions that help companies grow. Read more about MarketFinance on Crunchbase…

Dmitri Lipnitsky

CEO & Co-Founder @ Gismart

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A leading developer and publisher of entertainment-focused apps and games. Read more about Gismart on Crunchbase…

Francesco Simoneschi

CEO & Co-Founder @ TrueLayer

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Francesco Simoneschi is the co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TrueLayer. In three short years, Francesco and his co-Founder Luca Martinetti, have built TrueLayer into one of the world’s leading providers of financial APIs. Their mission is to grow the Open Banking economy by creating a truly global platform for companies to develop new financial services and products. His leadership has enabled TrueLayer to negotiate integration partnerships with most of Europe’s major banks, winning a host of leading companies as clients, sign a global partnership with Visa, and secure investment from companies including Tencent and Temasek. Over the last decade, Francesco has founded, managed, and grown a number of successful tech companies in the US and Europe. Prior to founding TrueLayer, Francesco launched the angel fund Mission and Market in San Francisco in 2014. Mission and Market provide capital for entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries including healthcare, fintech, biotech, and education. Under Francesco’s guidance, the fund invested in more than 50 startups. Before this, Francesco founded the analytics platform in 2012. The startup was later acquired by mobile game developer Playhaven. Following’s acquisition, he joined the mobile marketing platform Upsight where he was promoted to Product Owner and Tech Lead. Francesco has also served as VP of Strategy at FOVE, who built the world’s first eye-tracking virtual reality headset. He has a degree in Information Management and Economics from the London School of Economics and a degree in Computer Engineering from La Sapienza University Rome. Learn more about Francesco Simoneschi on Crunchbase…

TrueLayer is a fintech platform utilized to build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions. Read more about TrueLayer on Crunchbase…

Sari Anabtawi

CEO & Co-Founder @ Snupps

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Responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction. Sari has 25 years of experience in banking and venture capital. He was Executive Director of Abraaj Capital and previously a founding partner in Sivana Holdings. He served on the board of several startups including Century Exploration, Learningbyte, Advantiv. Sari started his career at IBM and Andersen Consulting. He later held senior positions at Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley. Sari holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College and an MBA from Georgetown University. Learn more about Sari Anabtawi on Crunchbase…

Snupps helps people organize, share and discover the stuff they own and value. Read more about Snupps on Crunchbase…

Alex Algard

CEO & Co-Founder @ Hiya

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Alex advises Ekata on strategy and product development in his role as Chairman. He is currently the CEO of Hiya and Chairman of Whitepages, which he founded in 1997. He holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Engineering, both from Stanford University. He was selected as Software Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Learn more about Alex Algard on Crunchbase…

Read more about Hiya on Crunchbase…

Brian Harrison

CEO & Co-Founder @ Swoon Editions

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Brian Harrison is CEO and Co-Founder of Swoon Editions. Brian was formerly a senior executive at kgb inc, and served as Global CEO of kgb deals and CEO of The Number UK LTD (118 118). Previously he was the executive responsible for digital strategy at Telegraph Media Group, which is where he first worked with co-founder Debbie Williamson. Learn more about Brian Harrison on Crunchbase…

Swoon Editions is a design-led furniture brand. Read more about Swoon Editions on Crunchbase…

Tom Valentine

Marketplaces CEO & Co-Founder @ Secret Escapes

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Secret Escapes has seen explosive growth since its formation in 2010, with turnover forecast to hit £100m in 2014. Tom Valentine, alongside his co-founder and CEO Alex Saint, has catapulted Secret Escapes into a well-known and respected brand in the UK, with a 60% net promoter score and 95% post-stay satisfaction. Much of the company’s success is down to a robust digital and TV acquisition framework, built and managed by Tom, which has allowed the company to confidently spend over £10m annually at a consistent, predictable and positive ROI. This has led to a profitable UK business and huge confidence in international expansion. Tom has scaled the team from less than 30 to over 100 across the UK, Germany, Sweden, Poland and the USA and recently secured GBP39m from Google’s venture arm to fuel global expansion plans. Learn more about Tom Valentine on Crunchbase…

Secret Escapes is a members-only travel club offering discounted rates on luxury hotels and holidays in the UK. Read more about Secret Escapes on Crunchbase…

Cem Savas

CEO & Co-Founder @ Plentific

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Cem Savas is the chief executive officer & co-founder of Plentific. Learn more about Cem Savas on Crunchbase…

Plentific is a SaaS platform that provides smart property management solutions for landlords and property managers. Read more about Plentific on Crunchbase…

Alexis Richardson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Weaveworks

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Alexis is the co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks. He is also the chairman of the TOC for CNCF, and the co-founder of the Coed:Code meetups. Previously he was at Pivotal, as head of products for Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Tomcat and vFabric. Alexis was responsible for resetting the product direction of Spring and transitioning the vFabric business from VMware. Alexis co-founded RabbitMQ, and was CEO of the Rabbit company acquired by VMware in 2010, where he worked on numerous cloud platforms. Rumours persist that he co-founded several other software companies including Cohesive Networks, after a career as a prop trader in fixed income derivatives, and a misspent youth studying and teaching mathematical logic. Learn more about Alexis Richardson on Crunchbase…

Weaveworks simplifies operating Kubernetes workloads and provides a developer-centric operating model for cloud-native applications. Read more about Weaveworks on Crunchbase…

Onyekachi Izukanne

CEO & CO-FOUNDER @ TradeDepot

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Onyekachi Izukanne, CEO of TradeDepot, has built and managed several tech companies over the last 17 years. Before TradeDepot, he founded C2G Consulting, and bootstrapped its technology consulting practice to become the leading SAP Partner in West Africa by 2013. Learn more about Onyekachi Izukanne on Crunchbase…

Read more about TradeDepot on Crunchbase…

Matthew O’Riordan

CEO & Co-founder @ Ably Realtime

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A serial entrepreneur and seasoned developer with over 15 years of hands-on development experience. Matthew co-founded Econsultancy (, a global digital marketing publishing, training and research business, with Ashley Friedlein and exited via a £25m trade sale to Centaur Media plc in 2012. Matthew was Co-founder and Technical Director of Aqueduct (, a leading digital agency in London and Founder of easyBacklog (, a SaaS agile backlog management tool. Matthew was also founder of Lemon Studios in 2016, a serviced office for digital marketing and technology companies in London. Learn more about Matthew O’Riordan on Crunchbase…

Ably is the platform to power synchronized digital experiences in realtime. Read more about Ably Realtime on Crunchbase…

Simon Heawood

CEO & Co-Founder @

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Bricklane harnesses technology to unlock investment in residential property at scale. Read more about on Crunchbase…

Vytautas Karalevicius

CEO & Co-Founder @ SpectroCoin

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Serial fintech enterpreneur, founder of SpectroCoin (all in one solution for cryptocurrency) and Bankera (banking for the blockchain era) companies. Learn more about Vytautas Karalevicius on Crunchbase…

Read more about SpectroCoin on Crunchbase…

Ross Mackay

CEO & Co-Founder @ Daring Foods

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Ross Mackay is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Daring Foods. Learn more about Ross Mackay on Crunchbase…

Read more about Daring Foods on Crunchbase…

Sten Saar

CEO & Co-founder @ Zego

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Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider that powers opportunities for businesses to self-employed drivers and riders. Read more about Zego on Crunchbase…

Matteo Berlucchi

CEO & Co-Founder @ Healthily by Your.MD

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Matteo’s digital career spans 20 years, during which he has conceived, built and launched several successful companies and services both online and on mobile. Most recently, Matteo was Chief Digital Officer at Northern & Shell, the largest independent media company in the UK,where he grew traffic and revenues 4-fold in just 12 months. Matteo was also the founder and CEO of aNobii, the ebook platform funded by Penguin Random House, HarperCollins which was acquired by Sainsbury’s in 2012. Matteo founded Livestation, the leading service for live TV news online and the first company in the world to stream live TV on iPhones. Livestation is also the winner of the Guardian Digital Innovation Award 2008. Prior to this, Matteo was CEO and co-founder of Skinkers, a software company, which defined the market for desktop widgets and the winner of several international innovation awards in the digital space. Matteo started his career by launching the first online property system in Europe in 1995. Learn more about Matteo Berlucchi on Crunchbase…

Healthily is the world’s first medically approved self-care app designed around you. Read more about Healthily by Your.MD on Crunchbase…

Jeremy King

CEO & Co-Founder @ Attest

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Jeremy King is the CEO & Founder at Attest Learn more about Jeremy King on Crunchbase…

Attest is a consumer research platform that delivers consumer data that drive predictable and repeatable growth to businesses. Read more about Attest on Crunchbase…

Christoph Rieche

CEO & Co-founder @ iwoca

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Christoph Rieche is the CEO and Co-Founder of Iwoca. As CEO, he oversees the day-to-day operations, finance and strategy for iwoca, always with an eye on the long-term vision. After bagging a degree in Management from HEC Lausanne and the London School of Economics, Chris went on to become a VP at Goldman Sachs where he advised corporate and institutional investors on risk management. Learn more about Christoph Rieche on Crunchbase…

Iwoca offers credit financing services for small businesses. Read more about iwoca on Crunchbase…

Khoa Phan

CEO & Co-Founder @ Backbone Labs, Inc.

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Khoa’s entrepreneurial spirit and engineering experience drives the strategic vision of Backbone Labs, as well as the development of its products. Before he launched Backbone Labs, Khoa founded a successful marketing agency specializing in search, content and social media ad campaigns for acquiring customers and users. He has also co-founded an indie mobile game studio. When he’s not building companies, Khoa is an avid collector of rare sneakers. Learn more about Khoa Phan on Crunchbase…

Read more about Backbone Labs, Inc. on Crunchbase…

Cameron Parry

CEO & co-Founder @ Tally Money

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Serial founder and Chief Executive of listed fintech and natural resources public companies, including the world’s first blockchain company to IPO on a recognised stock market (Dec 2015). Co-Founder and CEO of Tally® – the standalone digital banking and gold currency monetary system and first in the world to offer individual bank accounts for a non-government issued currency. Joint CEO and major shareholder of FCA-licensed 33-year-old London Stockbroking firm, First Equity Limited (FCA Licence No. 124394) and a Financial Conduct Authority approved person (FCA Ref No. CJP01234). Created the vertically integrated gold company Lionsgold Limited (LSE: LION). Founded and was inaugural CEO of London Stock Market AIM-listed natural resources investing company Metal Tiger PLC (LSE: MTR) and co-Founded and built Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX: COIN) as Executive Chairman. Learn more about Cameron Parry on Crunchbase…

Tally® is a NeoBank and Challenger Currency provider with a standalone digital banking platform and physical gold monetary system Read more about Tally Money on Crunchbase…

Sekip Can Gokalp

CEO & Co-Founder @ Coda Platform

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Şekip Can Gökalp is the founding partner of Mobilike, a mobile advertisement network. Gokalp’s previous experience includes his time as a regional business development manager of Netlog and a part-time interactive marketing lecturer. He also contributes regularly to publications related to his field. Learn more about Sekip Can Gokalp on Crunchbase…

Coda Platform is a publishing platform to enable free-to-play and casual mobile games to go to market. Read more about Coda Platform on Crunchbase…

Ines Djelassi

CEO & Co-Founder @ AirBetter

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Read more about AirBetter on Crunchbase…

Enrico Faccioli

CEO & Co-Founder @

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Enrico Faccioli is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seedata. Learn more about Enrico Faccioli on Crunchbase… is a cybersecurity platform that helps companies mitigate data leak incidents and crime threats. Read more about on Crunchbase…

George Graham

CEO & Co-Founder @ Wolf & Badger

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CEO & Co-Founder of Wolf & Badger. Learn more about George Graham on Crunchbase…

Wolf & Badger is a multi-channel retail platform for the finest independent, ethical and unique brands from around the globe. Read more about Wolf & Badger on Crunchbase…

Steve Domin

CEO & co-founder @ Duffel

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Steve Domin is the co-founder and CEO of Duffel. Prior to co-founding Duffel, Steve served as the head of platform engineering at GoCardless. Learn more about Steve Domin on Crunchbase…

Duffel provides an online platform that allows users to search, book, and manage flights from multiple airlines. Read more about Duffel on Crunchbase…

Hamish Grierson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Thriva

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Hamish Grierson is the CEO and co-founder of Thriva. Learn more about Hamish Grierson on Crunchbase…

Thriva offers a personalized at-home finger-prick blood test which enables individuals to easily track and improve health. Read more about Thriva on Crunchbase…

Mathijs Eefting

CEO & Co-founder @ Moteefe

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Print-on-demand and retail expert. Co-founder and CEO of Moteefe. INSEAD MBA 2014 Learn more about Mathijs Eefting on Crunchbase…

Moteefe is an e-commerce platform that allows anyone to sell customized merchandise through social media. Read more about Moteefe on Crunchbase…

Daumantas Dvilinskas

CEO & Co-Founder @ TransferGo

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At the age of 28 Dvilinskas has already founded several companies and is currently heading TransferGo, a high-growth purely-digital global money transfer service. He is a well-known advisor in the fintech scene and was part of the Innovative Finance delegation at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016. Learn more about Daumantas Dvilinskas on Crunchbase…

TransferGo offers international money transfers for both migrant workers & businesses using their digital account-to-account business model. Read more about TransferGo on Crunchbase…

Nadia Sood

CEO & Co-Founder @ CreditEnable

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Nadia Sood has more than 20 years of emerging markets debt and equity investment experience. Through her career she has successfully executed and managed complex investments ranging in size from several million $USD to several billion involving a range of investors and financiers such as IFC, Citibank, ICICI, IDFC, ADB, the largest of which was the establishment of an USD 8 billion JV with Tata Power in India. Nadia has founded and built a number of successful businesses including Impact Investment Partners LLP. In 2018 Nadia was admitted into the Young Presidents Organisation, and in 2019 received a runners-up award at Techpreneurs Women in Tech Awards. Nadia holds a BSFS from Georgetown University and a MIA from Columbia University. Learn more about Nadia Sood on Crunchbase…

CreditEnable provides data analytics, deep learning, AI and technology to build solutions to financial challenges. Read more about CreditEnable on Crunchbase…

Martynas Gudonavicius

CEO & Co-Founder @ Trafi

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Martynas Gudonavičius is CEO and co-founder of Trafi. Joining the company at an early stage, Martynas has since then spearheaded global expansion and focused on the commercial side of the business. Before joining Trafi, Martynas was Head of Emerging Markets at InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network and tech platform. Previous to that, Martynas acted as Sales Director for Central and Eastern Europe for Adform. Learn more about Martynas Gudonavicius on Crunchbase…

Read more about Trafi on Crunchbase…

Matthew Scanlan

CEO & Co-Founder @ Naadam

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Read more about Naadam on Crunchbase…

Vincentas Grinius

CEO & Co-Founder @ IPXO

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Vincentas is a passionate and goal-focused entrepreneur seeking to make things better than they are now. His inspiration comes from over a decade of experience in the hosting industry and believes the more he learns: the clearer the picture gets. There are a lot of things that need to be simplified for better results. Learn more about Vincentas Grinius on Crunchbase…

Read more about IPXO on Crunchbase…

Vadim Toader

CEO & Co-Founder @ Proportunity

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Proportunity is a financial services organisation made possible by technology. Read more about Proportunity on Crunchbase…

Abdullah Albeyatti

CEO & Co-Founder @ Medicalchain

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Dr Albeyatti graduated from Imperial College London as a doctor in 2011. He has always had a passion for innovation and problem solving and has developed solutions to inefficiencies he found whilst working in the UK National Health Service. In 2016 he co-founded Medicalchain, initially as Discharge Summary – an application used in hospitals to generate accurate medical reports on patients, before they are discharged. Dr Albeyatti’s career in medicine started with surgical training in London and has moved on to general practice with a view to continuing his ENT passion and furthering his management aspirations. He continues to work in Accident and Emergency to sharpen his clinical skill set. Learn more about Abdullah Albeyatti on Crunchbase…

Medicalchain is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data. Read more about Medicalchain on Crunchbase…

Duncan Johnston-Watt

CEO & Co-Founder @ BTP

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Duncan Johnston-Watt co-founded Cloudsoft Corporation Limited in 2008 and serves as its the Chief Executive Officer. Duncan Johnston-Watt co-founded Enigmatec Corporation Ltd. in 2002 and served as its Principal since 2000. He served as the Chief Technology Officer of Enigmatec Corporation Ltd. until December 2008. He is a serial entrepreneur and industry visionary with over twenty years experience in the software industry. He also has experience developing technology for the financial services industry specialising in the development of large-scale systems including the global FX and Money Markets data delivery infrastructure for BNP and the Fixed Income analytics infrastructure at UBS. In April 1998, Duncan Johnston-Watt joined the Reuters Group subsidiary, Instinet Corporation where he led the development of new Fixed Income brokerage platform that was launched in March 2000 and served as Managing Director, Fixed Income Technology since May 2000. At Instinet, he pioneered the use of Java enterprise technologies in Financial Services. He serves as a Director of Cloudsoft Corporation Limited. Duncan Johnston-Watt has been a Non Executive Director of Enigmatec Corporation Ltd., since December 2008 and previously served as its Director until December 2008. In recognition of the work, he was nominated for a Computerworld Smithsonian Award in April 2000. Duncan Johnston-Watt holds MSc in Computation from Oxford University and a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Leeds University. Learn more about Duncan Johnston-Watt on Crunchbase…

Blockchain Technology Partners is an enterprise blockchain company. Read more about BTP on Crunchbase…

James Smith

CEO & Co-Founder @ Elliptic

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James sets and communicates the strategy to lead Elliptic to success. James has a Computer Science PhD from the University of Oxford in Natural Language Processing, as well as a Computer Science MPhil and BA from the University of Cambridge. Learn more about James Smith on Crunchbase…

Elliptic makes cryptocurrency transaction activity more transparent and accountable. Read more about Elliptic on Crunchbase…

Radhika Rao

CEO & Co-founder @ Lucidient Limited

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Ms Radhika Rao is an innovative technology leader in various prominent industry verticals related to Big Data, information security and machine vision applications. She did her Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from India with honours. She has always been fond of solving difficult engineering challenges and in bringing cutting edge technological solutions into practical industrial and commercial usage. She is a pioneer in Big Data sciences, statistical theories, fuzzy logic and high-end programming logics. Being a Data scientist she is also keen on data forensics and information security. Arising from her passion in information technology and innovation, she co-founded Lucidient Limited which deals with Social media analytics, data security and big data applications. She is an ardent serial entrepreneur who believes in innovative entrepreneurship and has co-founded as well as been a director of Visio Ingenii, VisioTropics and Visio Securitas limited dealing with high-tech next generation technology solutions. Learn more about Radhika Rao on Crunchbase…

Sharp and Clear innovations in Web, Cloud and Mobile technologies. Read more about Lucidient Limited on Crunchbase…

Sam Browne

CEO & Co-Founder @ Let’s Do This

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Sam Browne mainly work on hiring and developing relationships with distributors. If you’re a Javascript engineer I will definitely buy you dinner! I love races in the wild from ultras to adventure races and I used to be a race director at an expedition race series. Learn more about Sam Browne on Crunchbase…

Read more about Let’s Do This on Crunchbase…

Sergei Nossoff

CEO & Co-founder @ Teslasuit

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An international hands-on senior executive, private equity and investment banking professional with over 20 years of experience. Creative, with clear strategic vision, excellent interpersonal, negotiation and problem-solving skills, with a proven ability to manage and build winning teams. Committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence and credibility. Currently focused on New Technologies (VR/AR/MR) and MedTech sectors. Learn more about Sergei Nossoff on Crunchbase…

Teslasuit is a team of talented developers and designers, creating innovative products for XR and MedTech. Read more about Teslasuit on Crunchbase…

Salvador Garcia

Co-CEO & Co-Founder @ Ebury

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Salvador has led the creation and growth of Ebury. His passion and expertise in Financial Services has enabled Ebury to become one of Europe’s most successful fintech businesses, offering SMEs the financial products required to grow across international boundaries. Learn more about Salvador Garcia on Crunchbase…

Ebury is a financial services company designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses that want to trade internationally. Read more about Ebury on Crunchbase…

Myles Stephenson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Modulr

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Myles Stephenson is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Modulr. Learn more about Myles Stephenson on Crunchbase…

Modulr is a fintech company that provides Payments as a Service API for digital businesses. Read more about Modulr on Crunchbase…

Nick von Christierson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Woven Science

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Nick von Christierson is the CEO and Co-Founder at Woven Science. Learn more about Nick von Christierson on Crunchbase…

Read more about Woven Science on Crunchbase…

Chris Ganje

CEO & Co-Founder @ AMPLYFI

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Chris Ganje is co-founder and CEO of AMPLYFI, a company that has developed the world’s first business intelligence platform to combine leading artificial intelligence, surface and deep web harvesting and decision support visualisations within a single integrated, user-friendly platform. Learn more about Chris Ganje on Crunchbase…

AMPLYFI is a privately held company that provides software platform capable of intelligently harvesting open source data from the internet. Read more about AMPLYFI on Crunchbase…

Katrin Herrling

CEO & Co-Founder @ Funding Xchange

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Katrin Herrling is the CEO and Co-Founder of Funding Xchange. She is a former Principal and Manager at Bain & Company. Ms. Herrling received an MSFS in Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Learn more about Katrin Herrling on Crunchbase…

Funding Xchange is transforming and connecting the SME funding eco-system through digital eligibility and affordability assessment tools. Read more about Funding Xchange on Crunchbase…

Chris Blackford

CEO & Co-founder @ Sky-Futures

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As COO, Chris drives the strategic development of Sky-Futures’ operational and technology frameworks and the development of new partnerships with leading companies across a range of markets. Chris combines extensive drone experience with a strong understanding of the technical and operational complexities and, indeed, the capacity of drones to provide cutting-edge solutions across industries. Learn more about Chris Blackford on Crunchbase…

Sky-Futures is a provider of drone-based inspection and data services to the industrial inspection market. Read more about Sky-Futures on Crunchbase…

Julian Bourne

CEO & Co-Founder @ Sellar

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Sellar is the new trade ordering experience for breweries selling beer directly to trade customers. Read more about Sellar on Crunchbase…

Digby Vollrath

CEO & Co-Founder @ Feast It

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Feast It is an online marketplace that allows its customers to book independent caterers for their work or social events. Read more about Feast It on Crunchbase…

Paul Haydock

CEO & Co-founder @ DueCourse

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Paul Haydock co-founded a number of start-ups and raised multiple rounds of investment from Angels, VCs, Funds & Family Offices. Over the years he’s built up an extensive global investor network and knows the ins-and-outs of every phase of the fundraising journey. Paul now applies all this experience into helping other founders raise investment and get the best deal for them and their business. Learn more about Paul Haydock on Crunchbase…

DueCourse helps small businesses get paid on time by creating & sending ‘smart’ digital invoices to their customers in seconds. For Free. Read more about DueCourse on Crunchbase…

Brendan Gill

CEO & Co-Founder @ Opensignal

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Prior to co-founding OpenSignal in 2010, Brendan spent over 10 years building solutions to help people understand and improve mobile service and experience. In 2007, he was part of the team that launched RepeaterStore, which provides signal boosting solutions to improve wireless cell and data reception in buildings, homes and vehicles. Brendan was named in the Telecoms Business Power100 in 2017. He holds a Physics degree from Oxford University. Learn more about Brendan Gill on Crunchbase…

Opensignal is a mobile analytics company. Read more about Opensignal on Crunchbase…

Sacha Nasan

CEO & Co-Founder @ Blindlee

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Sacha Nasan is the Belgium-based child prodigy behind the free downloadable video sharing app called Talenty, and is a one-man tour-de-force who has also become an ardent supporter of start-ups: “I’m passionate about start-ups because they are usually innovating in some way. I believe that, in today’s world, we have to keep innovating and modernizing. Start-ups provide new solutions to common and usually simple problems and continuously develop new technologies. By doing so, they contribute to the well-being of mankind.” At 14, Sacha launched his first mobile app which sold 83,000 downloads in only 2 days, and which was ranked as the #1 top overall free app in Belgium and France for those two days. At 16, Sacha built Talenty, an app-enabled social network that invites people around the world to upload videos which showcase their skills and talents. To join Talenty, please go to: Learn more about Sacha Nasan on Crunchbase…

Tired of swiping? Blind speed dating over 3-minute blurred video calls. Read more about Blindlee on Crunchbase…

Elomida Visviki

CEO & Co-Founder @ Weav

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Elomida Visviki is CEO and Co-founder at Weav and Cute Little Apps Ltd. She used to work at TEDxAthens ad Ambassador and Vice President at NGO Aniksi. Learn more about Elomida Visviki on Crunchbase…

Read more about Weav on Crunchbase…

Gerard Keeley

CEO & Co-Founder @ Vidsy

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Vidsy is the creative technology engine powering mobile video ad creation for brands. Read more about Vidsy on Crunchbase…

Adam Ward

CEO & Co-Founder @ Airtime Rewards

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Adam is the co-founder and CEO of Airtime Rewards Ltd. Learn more about Adam Ward on Crunchbase…

Airtime Rewards is an innovative loyalty platform pioneering unique rewards solutions with mobile operators. Read more about Airtime Rewards on Crunchbase…

Vinita Rathi

CEO & Co-Founder @ Systango

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Vinita, Ex Vice President Goldman Sachs, London and now founder of IT agency which helps and hand holds founders, especially, with no technology background to build their product and get it out of the door just like an in-house team would do. She has successfully put together a team, handpicked her members that work in sprints, agile and work shoulder to shoulder. When the time is right Systango then helps start up build local team and transition seamlessly. Vinita recently helped a founder who was struggling in building his product despite of having a fantastic idea. The company now has a working product, team of two in-house developers and Vinita jumps in as and when deadlines are more aggressive than what their in-house team can handle. In her community time, Vinita is Director of London Chapter. She is also founder of – an initiative to increase women developer’s footprint in open source & non profit projects. It has more than 200 women developer volunteers and about 5 non profits registered to work with. In her spare time she also runs CodePunt.Today – a daily challenge website in alpha to keep developer’s developer by heart. When she is not doing one of the projects above, she is probably playing with her 4 year old son! Learn more about Vinita Rathi on Crunchbase…

Read more about Systango on Crunchbase…

Maggie Sanchez

CEO & Co-Founder @ myCircle

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myCircle is a U.K.-based SaaS and data company that provides merchants with analytics and mobile financial app services. Read more about myCircle on Crunchbase…

Hal Watts

CEO & Co-founder @ UNMADE

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Hal Watts currently works as a freelance designer and engineer for several companies. He also works as a speaker talking about his work, environmental issues and innovation more generally. Hal spends the rest of his the time working on commissions and his own projects such as Esource. In 2013 he founded a design and engineering studio with Ben Alun-Jones called Searu which led to a second company, Knyttan. Founded with Ben and Kirsty Emery Knyttan is a technology startup pioneering the use of digital manufacturing technics to revolutionise knitwear production. This is now his main focus. Learn more about Hal Watts on Crunchbase…

Unmade provides customizable design through industrial manufacturing. Read more about UNMADE on Crunchbase…

Sylvana Ward Durrett

CEO & Co-Founder @ Maisonette

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Whether you’re shopping for yourself, for your groceries, or for your dog, there’s some sort of curated, online, one-stop shopping solution,” says Maisonette co-founder and CEO Sylvana Ward Durrett. “We as parents–my co-founder and I–sort of scratched our heads when we realized this didn’t really exist in the kids world.” A former assistant to Anna Wintour and one-time editor at Vogue, Durrett has made it her mission to streamline the process of shopping for children’s luxury clothing. Learn more about Sylvana Ward Durrett on Crunchbase…

Read more about Maisonette on Crunchbase…

Naveed Parvez

Global CEO & Co-Founder @ Andiamo

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Read more about Andiamo on Crunchbase…

Marcelo Barreneche

CEO & Co-Founder @ TuTasa

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Marcelo eats, sleeps and breathes business. He was born in Uruguay – moved to London in 2010 to set the company, complete his MBA and form a beautiful family. Following his serial-entrepreneurial instincts, he transformed the company from a digital agency into a Fintech Group to better lead and finance all the projects he looked forward to build, notably Moneybaba (t.a TuTasa in LatAm). Learn more about Marcelo Barreneche on Crunchbase…

Read more about TuTasa on Crunchbase…

Christophe Mallet

CEO & Co-Founder @ Bodyswaps

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Innovation Strategist with 10 years experience across social media, digital and immersive technologies (VR/AR). Chris got his Masters from HEC and started his career as Employee #1 (Head of Strategy) of social consultancy Carve that later got sold to a large advertising group. After co-founding Immersive Tech agency Somewhere Else with Julien and running it for over 3 years, Christophe co-founded BODYSWAPS with one mission: unlock human potential in the workplace with the help of immersive technologies. Christophe is an industry thought leader, international speaker and regular podcaster on VR and learning. He has recently delivered talks for the International Labor Organisation, the European Training Foundation and the European Immersive Computing Summit. Learn more about Christophe Mallet on Crunchbase…

Bodyswaps is a B2B immersive learning platform (VR SaaS) designed to deliver effective and scalable soft skills training. Read more about Bodyswaps on Crunchbase…

Nyasinga Onyancha

CEO & Co-Founder @ SimbaPay

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SimbaPay is a B2B SaaS for banks in Africa that enables their customers to send money abroad using mobile money or e-banking. Read more about SimbaPay on Crunchbase…

Ted Nash

CEO & Co-Founder @ Tapdaq

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Ted Nash built his first business aged 12 and eventually became the first teenager in the world to achieve 1 million app installs. He’s slightly crazy. FUN FACTS Ted is a talker, but he doesn’t get everything his own way. Ted currently holds the record for the fastest fail in a UK motorbike test – 3 seconds (he crashed into the starting gate). Learn more about Ted Nash on Crunchbase…

Tapdaq helps mobile developers to maximise their revenue with unbiased ad mediation, and retain their most valuable users. Read more about Tapdaq on Crunchbase…

Brad Goodall

CEO & Co-Founder @ Banked

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Brad is a seasoned Fintech and consulting industry entrepreneur, having spent over 17 years building disruptive teams and businesses that challenge the status quo. As COO, Brad is leading the 10x business strategy development and building an exceptional team of transformation specialists to deliver the 10x vision. Learn more about Brad Goodall on Crunchbase…

Banked provides an account-to-account payment software platform. Read more about Banked on Crunchbase…

Steven Hunter

CEO & Co-Founder @ 9fin

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Mr. Steven Hunter is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at 9fin Limited. Learn more about Steven Hunter on Crunchbase…

The leading data, news and predictive analytics platform for debt capital markets Read more about 9fin on Crunchbase…

Donald Andrew Gillies

CEO & Co-Founder @ Passfort

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PassFort is a turnkey compliance solution for onboarding customers in regulated markets. Read more about Passfort on Crunchbase…

Leon Ifayemi

CEO & Co-founder @ SPCE

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SPCE connects the higher education community with University specific, student rental properties, near campuses. Read more about SPCE on Crunchbase…

Joshua Powe

CEO & Co-Founder @ LinkIt!

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Read more about LinkIt! on Crunchbase…

Lara Mazzoni

CEO & CO-FOunder @ Bodi.Me

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Fashion Fit Technology Innovator – UNIQUE AND AN EFFECTIVE SaaS CLOTHING SIZE SOLUTION FOR BRANDS & SHOPPERS Read more about Bodi.Me on Crunchbase…

Bassel El Koussa

CEO & Co-Founder @ Quiqup

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Bassel El Koussa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Quiqup. Learn more about Bassel El Koussa on Crunchbase…

Quiqup is a provider of on-demand, same-day, and scheduled delivery solutions to retailers and restaurants. Read more about Quiqup on Crunchbase…

Orla Shields

CEO & Co-Founder @ Kamma

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Orla left behind her homeland and background in accountancy at the Irish Central Bank to manage a £650m logistics budget for the London 2012 Olympics. After then moving into the digital agency world for a number of years, she left to found GetRentr. Learn more about Orla Shields on Crunchbase…

Kamma provides data-driven technology solutions to simplify the complexity of Property Licensing in the Private Rented Sector Read more about Kamma on Crunchbase…

Debbie Bestwick

CEO & Co-Founder @ Team17 Software

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Debbie is an industry veteran with over 27 years in the games industry, and one of the founding members of Team17. Starting by heading up the Sales and Marketing department, she went on to become responsible for all of the Commercial and Legal aspects of the business – working globally with top tier games distributors, publishers, developers, and license partners. Team17 has released over 70 games across 30 platforms and won numerous industry publishing and developer awards, as well as being the owner of the legendary Worms franchise. Debbie has pioneered Team17’s leap into digital publishing working with a large number of Indie studios globally, and is the majority shareholder of the business. Learn more about Debbie Bestwick on Crunchbase…

Team17 is one of the world’s fully independent video game developer and publisher. Read more about Team17 Software on Crunchbase…

Nicholas Oliver


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FORTYEIGHT develops software and online tools that track what various websites get from personal accounts. Read more about FORTYEIGHT on Crunchbase…

Matt Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder @ Bare Conductive

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Matt Johnson is CEO and co-founder of Bare Conductive Ltd, an award-winning startup based in East London, UK. Bare Conductive designs and manufactures a unique set of electrically conductive materials and hardware that provide low cost, modular sensing for multiple applications. Matt earned an MA/MSc in Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art/Imperial College London in 2009. Before studying at the RCA, Matt studied economics and worked as a professional mechanic for sports racing cars in Colorado, USA. Learn more about Matt Johnson on Crunchbase…

Bare Conductive is a design and technology company that uses printed electronics technology to integrate electronics into the environment. Read more about Bare Conductive on Crunchbase…

Douglas Lloyd

CEO & Co-Founder @ Azoomee

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Azoomee / Da Vinci is a kids’ global media company and app development studio with offices in London, Berlin, Istanbul and Luxembourg. Read more about Azoomee on Crunchbase…

Darcey Croft

CEO & Co-Founder @ Barenaturals

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Co-Founder & CEO of Barenaturals on a mission to impact the world through conscious consumerism & replace lost habitats by planting trees. Lots of trees. Digital Evangelist and social marketing expert. Learn more about Darcey Croft on Crunchbase…

Barenaturals is a world friendly and candle company. They make natural candles & organic skincare balms with nature’s greatest ingredients. Read more about Barenaturals on Crunchbase…

Andy Cockburn

CEO & Co-founder @ Mention Me

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Andy co-founded Mention Me with Tim Boughton in 2013 to enable brands to realise the potential of the referral marketing channel. They bootstrapped the business and spent the first two years proving out the model. Between 2015 and 2018 they have grown from a team of two with 20 clients to a profitable, fast growing business of thirty five people with more than 250 clients. Andy was previously UK Managing Director of HomeAway where he managed the UK team of 120 employees running the and businesses as part of HomeAway Inc. through the successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 2011. HomeAway launched in 2005 and raised over $400M in Venture funding in order to acquire 14 leading holiday lettings companies across the world. It was one of the Wall Street Journal’s top three venture-funded companies in 2010 before successfully floating on the Nasdaq in the summer of 2011 for a valuation of over $3B. Prior to this he founded an internet start-up, Wigadoo, in the online travel & leisure and financial services sector, pioneering the Social Purchasing space. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and has an MBA from INSEAD Business School in France. Learn more about Andy Cockburn on Crunchbase…

The referral marketing platform fuelling growth for businesses around the world. Read more about Mention Me on Crunchbase…

Hellen Bowey

CEO & Co-founder @ Alcove

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Alcove is an internet-of-things powered care technology ecosystem pioneering independent living for older and disabled adults. Read more about Alcove on Crunchbase…

Sara Venturini

CEO & Co-Founder @ Climalia

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Read more about Climalia on Crunchbase…

Jeremy Gidlow

CEO & Co-Founder @ Netacea

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Spoiler title
Jeremy is actively involved in Intechnica and splits his time between the general management of the business, designing client solutions, and leading consultancy projects for digital transformation and IT due diligence. Learn more about Jeremy Gidlow on Crunchbase…

Smarter Bot Management using Intent Analytics™ powered by machine learning. A sophisticated approach for sophisticated threats. Read more about Netacea on Crunchbase…

Phillip Snalune

CEO & Co-founder @ Codio

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The evidence-based learning platform for Computer Science & tech skills education. Read more about Codio on Crunchbase…

Paul Bojarski

CEO & Co-Founder @ Sceenic

Follow Paul Bojarski on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Building the ultimate co-viewing experience for OTT and TV #WatchTogether. Born in Poland, raised in London, lived in Israel, Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Chile. Don’t drink coffee – don’t need it to “wake up”. Product guy. Innovator by observing human behaviour. Building startups since 1998 age 17. Top 20 entrepreneur in VOOM Richard Branson competition 2016 and Winner of the Hype Foundation & TEAM SKY UK Finals Aug 2016. Started Skipworth, first startup in London in 1998, age 17. Secured distribution deals in the US, Europe, UK and in Japan (JV). Most recently CEO of SayYeah, an award winning company of the HYPE Foundation and TEAM SKY UK Competition 2016, Winner of the Wolves Summit ‘Pitch’ Competition, Semi-finalists in the Telefonica “Global Innovation Awards” 2015 and Semi-finalist Top 20 in the Virgin Media #VOOM Pitch to Richard Branson 2016 UK Competition. Previously the Head of MTV LATAM Digital Ad Sales based in Argentina, responsible for double digit % year on year growth and hitting multi million dollar budget, previously MTV London. Also an expert in Ad Ops and Product from AOL UK back in 2004. Learn more about Paul Bojarski on Crunchbase…

Watch Together” software technology for media companies Read more about Sceenic on Crunchbase…

Nick Lukic

CEO & Co-Founder @ Digital Vega

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Spoiler title
Nick has 20+ years in FX, derivatives, ecommerce, technology and consulting. Nick was a founding member of Atriax, the first FX ECN where he was responsible for product development and bank relationships. He went on to form worldflow, an e-commerce specialist software and consulting firm where he worked on setting up new ecommerce businesses for banks including several FX and retail CFD businesses. Nick was global head of FX and Interest Rate Derivatives technology at Chemical/Chase Manhattan Bank where he ran the quant analytics and risk management teams. He was also global head of FX and FX options IT at Citibank where he helped start the Citi FX e-commerce business. Learn more about Nick Lukic on Crunchbase…

Digital Vega is a privately held company operating the Medusa FX Option trading platform. Read more about Digital Vega on Crunchbase…

Simon Kampa

CEO & Co-Founder @ Senseye

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Simon is the CEO of Senseye, a company exploiting the Internet of Things with advanced analytics and machine learning. Senseye’s vision is to enable everyone to benefit from such technologies, not just large organisations. Their product is currently undergoing beta testing within the agriculture, renewable and manufacturing sectors. In his previous position, he was the Managing Director of Critical Software, an advanced software engineering company serving the aerospace and defence industries. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in the Semantic Web. Learn more about Simon Kampa on Crunchbase…

Senseye is a cloud-based software for predictive maintenance. Read more about Senseye on Crunchbase…

Matthew de la Hey

CEO & Co-Founder @ inploi

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Spoiler title
Matthew is co-founder & CEO of inploi, a recruitment marketing platform built to connect great employers with the future of the workforce. With employer branding at its heart, inploi empowers companies to speak to candidates as consumers of workplaces, helping them to tell their stories with captivating videos, images, and written content in order to engage active and passive candidates. When actively hiring, inploi’s software is a powerful recruitment tool incorporating job post creation and distribution, applicant tracking, CV-parsing, candidate-job matching, proactive talent search, video profiles, instant messaging, video calling, file sharing, programmatic job advertising and more. For jobseekers, inploi provides a beautiful professional presence making it easy to access career-related information, apply for job opportunities, and connect and communicate with employers, and with each other. Matthew is a Mandela Rhodes Scholar and a two-time Weidenfeld Scholar. Learn more about Matthew de la Hey on Crunchbase…

inploi is the future of talent engagement and job discovery. Read more about inploi on Crunchbase…

Charles McIntyre

CEO & Co-Founder @ IBIS Capital

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Charles’ experience has been in building businesses in a number of industry sectors including financial services, media, media tech and most recently edtech. He co-founded IBIS Capital in 2003 in order to create a flexible, boutique investment bank that could both invest in and advise companies and their shareholders. 12 years on and IBIS Capital has evolved into a leading specialist asset manager and investment banking operation with over 60 successfully completed transactions. Charles also sits on the boards of a range of entrepreneurial companies in the media and education sectors. In 2013, Charles started focusing on the e-Learning and edtech markets and was responsible for a number of key industry initiatives including co-founding EdTech Europe, an annual summit for strategic players and investors interested in the online education market. Charles began his career with the investment banking arm of Apax Partners, one of the leading independent private equity firms in the UK where he helped build the company’s media franchise. In 1998, together with other senior management, Charles spun off the investment banking arm of Apax Partners to form Altium Capital. Over the next two years the business was built up into a pan-European investment bank operating with offices in 7 countries with 140 people, before being sold in 2000 for $225m. Charles was the Managing Director responsible for European media investment banking and was involved in a wide range of fundraising and M&A transactions. Learn more about Charles McIntyre on Crunchbase…

IBIS Capital is an investment and corporate finance advisory group focusing on Media, Education, Training, and Health sectors. Read more about IBIS Capital on Crunchbase…

Nitzan Yudan

CEO & Co-founder @ Benivo

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Spoiler title
Nitzan Yudan,36 , Israeli in London, MBA at London Business School, and 12 years’ experience in tourism, IT, and finance. Nitzan is the founder of Flat-Club – the marketplace for medium term stays – from a few weeks to a few months. Nitzan is a popular speaker about entrepreneurship and business schools, and he also serves as a mentor at London Business School for entrepreneurship. Nitzan won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013 by JC & Investec Bank, and selected to Silicon 60 by the Evening Standard. Learn more about Nitzan Yudan on Crunchbase…

Benivo is an award winning HR tech helping employers make every employee welcome Read more about Benivo on Crunchbase…

Stuart Bungay

CEO & Co-Founder @ Tully

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Spoiler title
Stuart has over a decade of experience in leadership and analytical roles in retail banking – including working in and leading international teams at Barclaycard and TDX. He joined TDX in 2007 and, as well as managing our Spanish and Latin American operations, has also held roles in the development of new ventures, debt sale and advisory. Stuart prides himself on developing individuals and teams focused on international markets and data analysis. He is passionate about converting data into information that is meaningful and making complex challenges simple. This is a skill that he applies outside work as well – as he dabbles as a part-time economist and share-trader… in between cricket matches. Learn more about Stuart Bungay on Crunchbase…

Tully exist to help everyone with debts. Read more about Tully on Crunchbase…

Brittany Harris

CEO & Co-Founder @ Qualis Flow

Follow Brittany Harris on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Qflow is a cloud-based tool that automates the capture, digitisation and analysis live construction data. Read more about Qualis Flow on Crunchbase…

Daniel Berg

CEO & Co-Founder @ NextUp

Follow Daniel Berg on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Spoiler title
Daniel Berg joined NextUp Comedy as CEO & Co-Founder in 2016. Learn more about Daniel Berg on Crunchbase…

The home of stand-up, showcasing all the wonders of live comedy worldwide. Read more about NextUp on Crunchbase…

Marjella Alma

CEO & Co-Founder @ Datamaran

Follow Marjella Alma on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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Spoiler title
Marjella Alma is the CEO and co-founder of Datamaran – a technology scale-up HQed in London. Marjella believes that the application to AI to corporate sustainability is a game-changer, and partnered with former Wall Street trader and big data expert to drive her vision. As a technical expert in the field with in-depth knowledge of non-financial disclosure and responsible investing, Marjella provides the strategic direction to the team and leads the business development efforts. Datamaran is in its 4th year of growth and has gained great traction amongst both the corporate and investor community globally. They are the “Bloomberg of ESG” – and differentiate themselves by providing a data-driven approach to non-financial risk management and by providing access to their data analytics platform that allows for ongoing monitoring of (material) issues. Additionally, in recognition of Marjella’s leadership and vision for the future, Marjella is part of Telefonica’s Sustainability Stakeholder Advisory Group. Prior to founding Datamaran, Marjella was the head of the New York office of GRI (the Global Reporting Initiative) – the most widely used standard for measuring and managing Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. She joined the GRI headquarters in Amsterdam in 2007 where she successfully set up the services department. She became the youngest female Director for the GRI at age 30. Marjella holds a MA in International Relations from the University of Groningen and has a large and impressive international network in the field of reporting and transparency. In her career to date, Marjella has worked with governments, regulators, international organisations, businesses, civil society, labour, the accountancy profession and the media – she continues to attract new audiences to this space with her diverse global team of experts in technology, risk management, finance, law and ESG. Learn more about Marjella Alma on Crunchbase…

Datamaran is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful semantic business intelligence tools. Read more about Datamaran on Crunchbase…

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