Top Cyber Security Consultants Safeguarding Small Businesses

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4 years ago

As breaches and attacks increase in frequency, it’s beginning to be a requirement for small businesses to protect their data and image. Thankfully, many attacks can be avoided with the right steps. And that’s exactly what cyber security consultancies offer, at accessible rates for smaller businesses.

Expertise and up to date practices are key to a robust level of protection. Once a consultant provides you with the right steps to securing your business online, that insight will stay with you. So it was time to provide the consultants whose advice is most valuable to smaller businesses specifically.

We reached out to cyber security professionals and long standing experts of the field for recommendations on quality consulting services that will make a difference to your business’ security. These are the services you’ll need to shortlist before choosing one (and we know every small business needs one to grow safely).


This product was recommended by Brett Downes from HaroHelpers

AppTrana has been a win for us from day one. It analyses the risk posture of application patches any vulnerabilities immediately and on-demand. It provides site acceleration which improved my website performance. With proactive not reactive defence against emerging threats/DDOS continually I have peace of mind knowing my site is safe and secure at all times. Particularly suited to Finance and E-Commerce we have complete trust its functionality and suitably.

Vulnerability Assessment

This product was recommended by Colton De Vos from Resolute Technology Solutions

At Resolute, we always suggest businesses get a vulnerability assessment before investing in other security products or services. A vulnerability assessment will scan your network, connected devices, firewalls, antivirus policies, and other security measures and then output a report detailing areas of risk to your business. You can then use this data to prioritize which items your team should remediate first based on risk to business, effort required to remediate, and overall cost. This allows you to close gaps and mitigate hidden threats to your business. You can partner with a security consultant who has access to a vulnerability assessment tool and expertise or purchase one to use in-house if it makes sense for your business. A vulnerability assessment is a great starting point for investing in cybersecurity and can curtail into developing your IT security roadmap and overall security strategy.


This product was recommended by Brandon Avina from Superior Data Solutions

I’m recommending them because they provide all of the security solutions you’d expect (anti-virus, recovery solutions, etc.) but they also provide dark web monitoring which typically isn’t available in small business packages.


This product was recommended by Jack Naglieri from Panther Labs

The platform is cloud native, self hosted, and open source, with support for advanced detection logic in Python. This gives cost and time savings and allows for quick scaling.

IARM Information Security

This product was recommended by Priyadharshini.S from Skylarkinfo

IARM, Trustworthy Partner forever, focuses on Information / Cybersecurity services and solutions across all verticals. They are few companies in India to focus exclusively on End-End Information Security solutions and services. Expertise in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability assessment services, Network, Mobile, Cloud Security & Secure Monitoring and their constant endeavours to stay abreast of security trends have made them the primary choice of their customers in Information Security Solutions.

Security Awareness Training

This product was recommended by Chelsea Brown from Digital Mom Talk

90% of data breaches can be traced back to human errors in your workforce. Fraud rates rose 400% from Feb 1, 2020 to March 14, 2020. Decrease your risk of being hacked by knowing what to look for. Educate your remote work force to be the best 1st line of defense your business has. Our job is to be worked out of a job someday.

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