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Technology and education have already come into a “collision course” as their fusion makes headway for a more inclusive and better future. The union of these two factions will make learning more streamlined, fun, and easier while giving students a voice. 

With the exponential advancements in technology, educational startups have begun emerging everywhere. These startups are now improving their products to accommodate more students. Some of these startups are used frequently by students, such as the writing help sites that help students to solve the question “How to write my essay correctly?” and prepare them for the college admissions essay. Here are the top startups for you to consider furthering your education.



Kyt is an EdTech startup in its early stages that’s building a world-class academy online for various extracurricular courses. Its design involved the participation of the best teachers from all over the world and it offers live classes for different age groups. 

The designers believe that we shouldn’t consider hobbies and interests “extras,” but essentials to the holistic development of students. Nurturing the interests of your students outside the academic world equips them with important life skills. 

Also, their access to respected instructors and reputable institutions will pave the way to a love of learning. Kyt encourages students to sign up for classes on subjects they’re interested in to pursue their interests wholeheartedly. 


Immerse is an EdTech startup that offers a combination of learning language and virtual reality. This platform allows students to hone their language skills by practicing through structured learning experiences. 

Students will use a VR headset and use avatars to practice their English and communicate through various themes and topics. Immerse recently completed its Series A investment round. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have shut down and the alternative to this is to learn from home. According to the co-founder of Immerse, in a time where staying home keeps us safe, giving learners a connection is very important for learning and mental health.

Online learning can only become successful if language learners have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in a language and in places where using language has relevance. 

Also, fully engaging in conversation with others can happen spontaneously and this allows educators like you to observe language progress and development. Immerse is a breakthrough startup that provides synchronous English learning to all types of learners.

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DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning is extremely dependable when it comes to eLearning. It is a very exciting and intuitive online educational platform. It is unlike any other learning startup in the sense that it uses Adaptive Learning technology, which isn’t common in EdTech. 

Rather than providing comprehensive learning like other educational startups, DreamBox Learning uses technology for teaching mathematics. The combination of education technology and authenticity makes the learning of this basic subject progressive and easy. 

In addition, the students can learn the different subjects in the comfort of their homes. DreamBox Learning first needs to understand a student’s level of knowledge and from there, it will recalibrate their courses to address the issues the student faces in a better way. 

DreamBox Learning supports administrators and teachers too with standards-aligned data to monitor growth, keep track of use, and inform instruction to ensure solid implementation. 

This company delivers immediate professional development that’s actionable and relevant. They also offer live webinars, on-site instruction, and more to provide content that is learner-centered and focused on the individual needs of each student.


Blackboard is one of the largest EdTech startups today that works hard to help teachers provide quality education to their students. Although there have been many startup mistakes, this is not one of them. 

This is one of the few companies whose goal is to disrupt online education. Blackboard tries to strengthen teacher-student engagement by digitizing the world of teaching. 

One of the major goals of this company is to help K-12 communities learn, communicate, and teach with confidence no matter what the situation is. Blackboard connects the community efficiently and simply. 

It also partnered with clients of higher education around the world to improve educator and student success through robust data and analytics capabilities, superb in-class services, and an integrated technology stack. They help institutions thrive in many aspects.


Differ came out in 2015 with the main purpose of improving social inclusion in universities by making it easier for new students to connect with others and establish friendships. However, 2021 has changed the educational landscape as schools have imposed social distancing on campuses. 

This means that virtual socializing has become very timely. Differ’s data has shown that social inclusion has reduced drop-out rates, improved the engagement of learners, and enhanced the experiences of students. 

The design of Differ helps students break the ice by using chatbots that will create opportunities for group conversations and one-on-one informal chats. It can also help students locate other people with who they share common hobbies and interests in community groups. 

Differ isn’t limited to student use. As an educator, you can also use Differ to create communities for your courses and establish informal lines of communication with your students.


Technology knows no bounds and the educational system benefits from this. Today, there are thousands of exciting ventures with the potential of helping millions of learners adjust to this method way of learning. Each of these applications has its own approach that brings a new vision to the educational world.

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