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YouTube is one of the most popular destinations for consuming videos online, and it’s easy to see why. With people from all over posting their own content on this platform–whether they are involved in performing arts or everyday life scenes –there are endless opportunities waiting just around every corner. YouTube is a treasure trove of information for those looking to get started in the crypto markets, whether it’s a starter program like Bitcoin Era or Kraken. The list below will hopefully help you make your way into these complex waters with confidence, knowledge, and courage.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a motivated and educated YouTuber that has a channel that provides great insights on finance. He does deep-dive fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, as well as gives investment advice with his honest perspective in the market; fans normally watch Kevin’s videos daily to get an idea about what trends are going around today within investing & business smarts.

Kitco News

Kitco News is a leading provider of precious metals news, with extensive coverage on both silver and gold. They not only cover the economic trends related to these assets but also bring you interviews from experts who offer insight into what’s happening in markets around the world today as well as specific information about how it relates specifically for investors looking at investing their money here at home or abroad where different laws might apply depending upon which country they’re located currently.


Hashoshi’s YouTube channel is a great resource for getting insight into different blockchain projects from an experienced programmer’s perspective. The videos summarize the most important aspects and compare them against each other, which makes it easy to understand what they all have in common as well as how they differ individually. Whenever watchers want more detailed coverage of cryptocurrencies or general things related to crypto-related technology, this is always the first stop.

Andrei Jikh

The Millenial Money Show is a channel that features hosts who are all millennials. One of them, Andrei Jikh had this to say about crypto investments: “I wouldn’t say I’m the most technical investor like these guys but boy do we try,” he said in an interview with Cointelegraph last year. His insights into market analysis and fundamental investing can be easily digestible for those not as tech-savvy which aligns well within today’s mainstream view on cryptocurrencies. “It might sound goofy or whatever when you’re coming from someone my age telling people our generation will invest heavily.”

Watch out, Millennials! This finance Millennial is onto something big. He usually will show you his BlockFi account and does many more videos on crypto than his Millenial Money counterparts–and who doesn’t love seeing some magic tricks while they watch? Andrei Jikh definitely has our vote for the most interesting person in cryptocurrency right now.

Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden is a macro analyst who has an incredible understanding of how all the parts work together to form an economic machine. Her analysis includes providing must-read investment advice that you can’t afford to see or hear. It makes sense considering her background as a controls engineer because she knows what order means for our world today. We recommend checking out Lyn’s videos on YouTube if you’re interested in knowing more about an investor’s perspective.

A Few Honorable Mentions

Benjamin Cowen

Not only is Ben’s cryptanalysis spot on, but he also provides insights into the future of cryptocurrencies that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it be his mathematical models or video tutorials with coding examples for those who want to learn more about this hot topic – he AND his channel are worth checking out!


He’s always very positive with his outlook on Bitcoin prices. Plus he gives some great insights into how you should be interpreting charts- even showing what million-dollar trades he was making just last week (he had 3!). And for good measure there’s DaVinciJ15 who does an awesome job giving people a perspective from both sides; as somebody that makes their living trading bitcoins or holding them as a long-term investor? You really can’t go wrong when listening in. If this channel has anything at all related to cryptocurrency markets, they’re not only informative but also quite entertaining.

Cryptos R Us

George Tung started his own channel back in 2017, which has over 300k subscribers to date – proof that people are interested in what he has to say about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin mining tech or trading strategies (especially if they’re easy enough for beginners). Even though there’s always a ton going on during each show time-wise so be sure not to miss it by checking out.

 People have been really into crypto lately and there are so many channels that are watched every day. The ones you should be watching if you want quick trades, like The Moon or MMCrypto – give great advice for short-term investors with their cycles perspectives on cryptocurrency investments. Benjamin Cowen at CryptosRUs brings it all together in one place by sharing his HODL mantra along with information about what’s happening within this space. Whether you watch or listen, it’s important to remember that the information being provided is yours. You can choose which channel will work best for your needs and wants in this new digital world we live in.

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